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Some years ago, I was waiting for a dear colleague in a church when I overheard a conversation between a preacher and member.

She had a 3 miscarriages after a particular dream.

The pastor told her there is no problem, it’s her believe system.

Don’t believe in such hoax, there is nothing spiritual about the dream.

In those days I used to be something else compared to now that I have become a gentle pastor.

I stood up and went to the pastor, I told him if he will allow me to attend to the woman, he smiled and told me to go ahead.

When she got married, it took her few months before she became pregnant but exactly 6months she had a dream, someone gave her okro soup and amala(a local food for us in South West in Nigeria).

She ignored the dream until she was having stomach upset, she went to her pastor who told her to cook the same food she saw and eat it.

She did and had miscarriage immediately.


Months later she got pregnant again, exactly 6months she had the same dream, she followed the same recipe the pastor gave her, that same day, she had miscarriage.

For a year she didn’t get pregnant, the new pregnancy grew, exactly 6month she had a dream where she saw many women, all nursing their children and being fed that same diet.

When it was 8months, she had the same dream, ate the food, she went to see her pastor, he told her not to bother herself it is nothing to be worried about.

Go home, cook amala and okro soup, enjoy yourself.
She did and had still birth that same day.

She is pregnant again, that same morning she had the same dream just like before she was told not to worry.

I asked her if she is born again, she said yes, I told if she knows that the same Jesus who saved her can deliver her, she said yes.

Glory to God.
I led her into prayers, as I lay my hand on her, she fell and started vomiting.

She vomited okro and amala.


Mind you she didn’t eat it in the physical.

It was so much that one will start wondering if one single person can eat food that much.

My dare colleague whom I was waiting for that day could be reading this as well.

Glory to God, that woman gave birth to a baby girl and she had another after that event.

Are you still here?

When that precious sister got married, she refused to eat the food that they welcome their wives with in that family.

Which is expected from every believer but she didn’t pray to deal with the powers incharge of that family.

Whenever I hear that spiritual warfare is an hoax, I laugh at such super arrogant ignorance.

We have all victory in Jesus, it’s our job to enforce our victory.

We are born again to be responsible not to fold our alms and allow the devil plummet our lives.

You go to the hospital to treat ailments and refused to call Jesus when you begin to notice unholy pattern.

Papa Oyedepo told us he was asking God why the church was not growing, the Lord told him to go outside the church and looking he saw a thick dark cloud on the roof, he declared its immediate removal.

Suddenly there was great turn around.

Jesus didn’t deny the presence of spiritual warfare, the epistle didn’t, where do you get your own gospel from?

Faith doesn’t deny the reality, it only enforce our divine reality on it to have victory.

We shall not be unfortunate in the name of Jesus.

May we not be smarter than Jesus.

It’s a strange gospel to deceive brethren with sweet talks and sugar-coated gospel.

Anyone who denies spiritual warfare is under a serious attack from the pits of hell.

We are more than conquerors doesn’t mean the devil is on holiday.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 1 Peter 5:8

The man who wrote the above scripture was with Jesus everyday for three and half years.

May God forgive us for misleading God’s people.

If our fathers are this reckless, there would nothing like the church on earth again.

Glory to God for all He did for us.

Continue to soar on the wings of supernatural grace for unlimited victory in the name of Jesus.

A.T Joel.

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