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A young man spoke to me many months ago, listening, I told him not to take that step.

He was serving in a big ministry, people began to bless him with money and materials.

The man God used to pioneer the ministry called him and told him to be wise as people began to bless him especially for pride and voice of confusion.

He told him, God said you must not leave this ministry until his appointed time.

Less than a month someone gave him a very expensive SUV jeep(above N100m).

The General overseer called him after the dedication to be careful, it is a trap that will take him out of God’s plan for him.

Lo and behold, he had a dream, God told him to leave the ministry.

Aside that, his boss is jealous and envying the grace on him.

He called me, this is what I told him, don’t leave that ministry, the imaginary God you saw in your dream is you not YAHWEH.


Don’t listen to your company of Rehoboam and Aithophel.

You have a good leader, stay in there till the appointed time.

He told me how many prophets had told him many things, I said those are Ahab Prophets and Balam. Don’t listen to them.

Weeks later, I was heading back to Lagos when he called me that he is convinced that God wanted him to leave.

I said, God didn’t speak to you, it’s a lie and mere hypocrisy.

I don’t argue or fight with people for a reason, God have promised to fight for me and warned me not to engage in foolish folklore.

About 2 months later, he called me to bless a 4 plot of land someone gave him and a gift of N50m.

He said when I told you God instructed me you said it is a lie can you see it now.


There are things you must never say or do to a prophet, I smiled as I saw a screensaver.

I told him what you told me is a screen saver it’s just to keep you smiling before God’s judgment.

I told him, God didnt give you that land nor the money.

He said he had it in mind to send me tithe, I told him not to worry.

Then the devil pushed him, he said he would call his former boss, I said don’t try it.

Never mock any man especially old minister of God, go and ask for mercy and repent of your error.

He said NOTHING WILL HAPPEN, prophets are not God.

I knew it’s becoming dangerous, the devil through pride just spoke from his month.

I terminated the call and refused to pick his call again.

When pride have not entered every man is redeemable.

Pride is the devil’s recruiting theatre, destruction is inevitable for a proud man.

A proud man don’t ruin himself alone, he destroys everything and everyone around him.

On my way to Ibadan weeks later, he sent a text that he called his former boss to prove to him that GOD is with him.

That’s the final stroke.

Long story short, the man who gave him money was caught in a ponzi investment scheme, he was arrested and all he gave to the pastor was seized.

He spent few months in the police custody as an accomplice before he was released.

As he narrated all that happened to me, I told him, didn’t I tell you all you were showing around were mere screen-saver.

The foolishness of a proudman is irredeemable.

I wept that night for the young man,had he listen to godly counsel, he would have been preserved.

God can’t help a proud man, a foolishman is the younger brother of the devil.

God can’t talk nor help a proud man neither His servant.

The most dangerous thing about a proud man, the whole of hell is with him to make sure he perishes.

A proud man is a walking dead, what is call zombie.

Repent says the Lord to someone reading this, kill pride, run from it, it destroyed lucifer.

Nebuchadnezzar became an animal for seven years, read it again.

God be with you, don’t dwell in the house of pride, it so beautiful to enslave even the most spiritual man.

A.T Joel.

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