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Things you should Know before using Postinor to avoid Pregnancy!

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If you are a single lady, please hear me loud and clear stop taking tablets or injection to prevent pregnancy, when you are still dating, how could you involve yourself in family planning when you are still single.
Don’t you know that family planning is made only for the married couples who are no longer interested in having more kids.
Some ladies always take injection that last 6months or 1yr, One thing you don’t know about these drugs is that they are only made to kill your eggs and immobilize your hormones and it weakens your circles,
if you would believe with me that since you started taken it , you have noticed that anytime you are to see your menses, it won’t be as regular as it use to be,
sometimes these drugs will hold your menstruation for up to 3 to 4months before it will normalize again, You know exactly what am saying my dear.
I know some ladies may have been living this type of life for over 6 or 10yrs now.
You are single and in school but you prefer going into family planning when you know you are not married, my dear sister, you are calling yourself into a seriously Barrenness to come and take over your life in the nearest future.
And by that time your chewing gum boyfriend won’t be there again for you, by now he will be going home with his new wife and children while you run from pillar to post in search of a child.
Superglue yourself. Even as am writing this now ,there are still millions of single ladies who are in the Universities carrying out Family planning ropes inside their womb. Just because I want to be the happening Girl in the campus.
Shame shame shame, such life does not last, am sorry to have exposed you but I have to tell you the truth.
Ladies, protect your eggs, protect your womb and protect your fetus.📣📣🚮🚔 We also have medicine that cure completely without surgery.For people with the following:
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*👍weak flow of urine,
*👍having a hard starting or stopping urination,
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