THIS IS WHAT KILLED ABACHA -Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries



-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries Home of Success| Sunday Service

It is impossible to be proud and be grateful, proud people believe they made it by themselves and not God, that the first sign to know that you’re proud is that you don’t see God as the one responsible for anything you do, you think that you made it by intellectual and expertise .

That was the problem of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4 He was so proud that he said: the Kingdom which my hand has built not God.

A man called Ahithophel. 2nd Samuel 17:23. He committed suicide because he was so proud, his counsel was rejected and he killed himself, he was the wise man in David’s counsel team and his counsel was rejected and he committed suicide.

He was so proud, there is no future for the proud.

A man called Herod, Acts 12:21-23, the oration that was made on his birthday was that “this is the voice of a god”. You know men can sing you praise and kill you.

God said he will deal with him, because he didn’t give God the glory. He was not born again, whether you’re a sinner or not it’s irrelevant and he was eaten up by worms and he gave up the ghost. God can’t share his glory.

Do you know what killed Abacha? This was what killed Abacha.


Abacha was a one time Military ruler of Nigeria. I told my wife and some people that Abacha will die, I said this before he died. I told them that he will die. I saw that he died, Sani Abacha. I saw that a palm tree fell on him when they were holding a meeting.

I said that this man will soon die. Most of you are young, you don’t know Abacha. This man, before they read network news, then they do read network news at 7am, they would sing for him 🎼🎼Everybody testify you’re good, you’re good Abacha, you’re good, Everybody testify you’re good, you’re good Abacha, you’re good🎼🎼

They will sing this song before they read the News. I said this man is a dead man. God can never share his glory. I also sang
🎼🎼Abacha, when they carry you from Aso Rock, you go know say you no good🎼🎼. Truly, they carried him with his casket.

Please, avoid pride, pride makes you to be high minded.


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