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In Nigeria, laziness is not allowed, Nigerians are hard working people, and i am sharing this story today, to encourage the remaining Nigerian youths out there, who are probably not employed yet and are looking for Jobs out there, there are many things you can do in the meantime before you get a Job or if you are a passionate person about solving problem, you can actually turn your Business venture into a mega company, by discipline, dilligent, hardwork and the help of God.

This is the story of a Nigerian man, he shared the story on facebook and i was so impressed, he makes Party Jollof rice for a living. I was impressed when i saw it, because the common thing is for us to see people make such venture only for ladies, guys do not cook for commercial purpose, but his passion as made him successful and he is known for it, he makes good money doing this.

I strongly believe if he can do this, then anyone else can do it too, your own line may not be party Jollof rice, but sit down and think of what you can do, the rate at which our population is growing as a country is quiet enormous and we must begin to thin out of the box, look at the volume of students that gain admission and go for NYSC annually, there is no guarantee anywhere that they will all be gainfully employed, it it time for the youth to think outside the box.

Find a problem and solve it, that is what Leadership and entrepreneurship is all about.

Look at his picture below;

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