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  • Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo at COZA Sunday.

Father, thank You because You are doing mind-blowing things in our midst today.
No one under the sound of my voice will remain the same. Everyone watching actually, virtually, globally, all over the world let Your mighty and strong hand do the unusual.
Thank You because You have kept the best until now and we decree and declare that nothing will tamper with the best in our lives.

Please be seated.
Ephesians 3:9 (MSG).
The God we serve operates in the secret and He works behind the scene. Child of God I don’t know what you lack, I don’t know what you are dealing with, I don’t know the burden in your heart, I don’t know the calculations of hell that has made you tempted to doubt God a little bit, the things that challenged what you have always believed, I don’t know what it is but I am here to admit to you that that is the ministry of the devil but also God has a ministry, His ministry is that He works behind the scene.

God will never leave you nor forsake you. That is one assurance I can tell you to take to the bank. Every time you see satan do something, it is because he already knew that God is going to do something. He doesn’t move except he has picked it on the radar that God is about to do something.

There is a “just before miracle” trouble. The Bible says in Joel 2, in the last days I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and it is going to be unique that it is not going to be Prophets alone that will prophesy, your sons, your daughters will prophesy. \

I will turn you people to strange beings.
Satan says, ‘okay?, What does the Bible say in first Timothy 3, ‘in the last days, difficult times will come’. Any time you see the enemy pulling in difficult things, it is because he knows God will do something so he brings contradictory circumstances, so that you will despair and stop following.

God doesn’t care because everything He has made and He has promised is for those who believe in Him. The reason why the devil is bringing trouble and trying to impeach the credibility of God’s counsel in your life, in your marriage, in your family, over your children He knows God have moved ahead to overcome the world. I showed you a Scripture on tuesday that I want you to think about throughout today.

God said, ‘Moses, what is that in your hand? He said a rod. He said, throw it down. He threw it down satan moved in. God said take it by the tail. When I tell you “take that thing” is a picture that is static because I said ‘take’ and God said, ‘take it by the tail’. Why? Because God already moved behind the scenes and He already bruised the head of the serpent. God will never tell His child to take a snake by the tail if the head was not bruised.

You know what the snake did?

The snake moved to tell Moses, ‘I am not your rod, I am alive and I will bite’.

The first thing the Bible talked about was when the rod became snake, it was a dangerous snake. Moses fled from it, God said, ‘common, get back ‘. Do you know that the first thing God teaches you is dominion.

He puts confidence in you. If you refuse to learn it you can’t move to the next class, He can’t achieve much with you.

So satan’s ministry is to make sure he paints contradictory circumstances that will impeach God’s agenda, in your mind you will say, ‘ I heard the sermon in Church but let’s talk reality. When you start talking like that you are a loser already because without faith, you can’t please God, you can’t achieve anything with God.

The Bible declares in the book of Hebrews, ‘when we are enlightened then we were afflicted’. So you heard a sermon about prosperity, you believed it, that next week you had the worst time in your life about finance, you said, ‘it seems this Pastor doesn’t understand what is happening on the street. He is just making us excited. Hebrews 10:32. After revelation came there was a great fight of affliction because satan will not leave you to believe it.

In Mark 4, the Bible says after the seed has been sown satan comes, when? Immediately, he cannot afford for that thing to have a root in you because if it has a root in you, you will bear fruits, go and ask Cocoa farmers, after the first time Cocoa brings out its fruits you don’t need to water it again. It starts bringing every time. Satan can’t afford for you to get it and the thing is rooted in you. Anybody you see around you with a shining head, they worked a lot to make it shining and because our fear is in-grown, it’s rooted, when you scrape it, it will come up again.

So the trouble that comes after you have been illuminated is to challenge and impeach the truth of God’s Word. I am here to let you know no matter what you are going through, God is never too late, He is working behind the scene. Do I have four, five witnesses in this place?

In the book of Matthew, Jesus was talking about something else and He said, ‘my appointed time is come’. Jesus had an appointed time. He couldn’t die at any time He wanted, there was a specific time for Him to die.

Do you know many times they caught Jesus and they were to kill Him? They took Him many times to go and push Him down the cliff of the mountain but because it wasn’t His time He unlocked the power of God within Him and walked in their midst. He turned before they realized, what were we here to do?

Because His time had not come. God attaches time to every of His agenda on the face of the earth. Ecclesiastes 3:1. A time is attached to every intention of God under Heaven.
When it is time, it is time.

I have seen it in ministry, there were things I prayed for years and years that didn’t work. And now I am not praying about them and they are working. Sometimes I think about something the next day somebody brings it to me because it is time. Listen to me, there is a test of time.

You know Rahab the harlot? The Spies told her if she put the scarlet by the window, we will save everybody within this confines of your home. Rahab must have thought when they came from Jordan into the land, they will just go hit the gate and come in and hit the gate but instead, they went round sheepishly blowing nonsense trumpets, they went back home. The second day, the third day, by the fourth day she would have removed the scarlet from the window and said nonsense but there is a test of time. Anything you say you believe will be tested.

Now if we leave it to ten years, if you are a lady can I convince you that you are a man? Time will not make you change your mind because you are convinced about who you are. Are you all still here?

To everything a time is attached to it. Look at verse 11 everybody, everything is beautiful in its time. That is why two houses can hear the same news and have different reactions. A lot of people go for things that become sour in their mouths. The Bible says when you steal bread, it will become gravel in your mouth, stolen water may be sweet but it will become sour later. Are you following what I am trying to say?

He makes all things beautiful in its time and the Bible says He has placed eternity in our hearts. The only way we can know an appointed time of something is when God speaks to our heart through the Holy Spirit or God uses your Pastor to speak to you. By a prophet He brought, by a Prophet He established them, they didn’t change their clothes for forty years and they did not need a boutique, by a Prophet two point five million people drank water.

They were not sick. When it was time to move, it was a prophet that told them , you have circled on this mountain for too long, turn this way, go this way, go that way.
John 16:13, there are Christians that attend Churches when their Pastor says this is the season for this thing, they don’t believe.

Even when the Holy Ghost tells them in the place of prayer, they will say, ‘my mind deceives me, I don’t like putting my mind on things because I don’t like to be disillusioned. You will not see much out of God.

The Holy Ghost is in the business of telling you what will happen next year. He is in the business of telling you at the beginning of the month how that month would be.

If you believe everything I tell you then I am not teaching right. You don’t receive anything from your head, it is with the heart.

The head can’t contain, it is too much for the mind to contain, it takes the Holy Ghost to make you receive it. You know you don’t get pregnant in your stomach, you eat to your stomach but you get pregnant in your womb. If it is with your head you are receiving with, you will never see results, it is in the womb of your spirit called the heart.

If everything I am teaching you, you can figure it out then I am not resting on the power of God. Am I talking? My desire is that your life will be so Supernatural, that doesn’t mean you will seat and fold your arms, no. You can see from our diligence in this Church, from our excellence, the way we operate. If you come for our workers’ training, you will know that you didn’t know COZA, you will see the back end, the way It works.

When you see a worker outside you will salute them, the back end is crazy. What we do in one hour is planned in four days, everything is planned. So don’t think I am teaching you to be lazy but trust me leave a space for the God factor.

There are things the Holy Ghost must tell you else you won’t know because in the middle of anything God is working. When you see the enemy moving things negatively, God is up to something. Can somebody shout hallelujah?

So except the Holy Ghost tells you or a true Pastor who picks things from God tells you, you will not know. People lived in Nazareth who did not know Jesus came. Everybody looked at him like, ‘this guy is just crazy, what is wrong with Him? They saw twelve miserable guys following Him every day, they didn’t know that that was the solution to the world. They had no idea, they had no idea, they had no idea.
THE Shepherds were watching their flocks by night and one angel came and announced the coming of the Lord Jesus and the Bible says suddenly there was a Host, a crowd of angels and they were jumping. Jubilation was happening at the back end and nobody knew at the city. You know the shocking thing?

When they got to the venue, it was not a classic house as they would imagined, it was in a smelling manger and you know what shocked me? The baby was not opened, it was wrapped. Everything God does is wrapped in revelation. Are you all still here? If you were not told, you will not understand. Praise God.

I perceive in my spirit that since 2021 started it is time for your lifting. I believe in my spirit that what you are going to see between now and the end of the year will blow your mind away. Pastor Biodun, ‘you don’t even know what is happening to me’. ‘All my clients are turning off as down, I have never seen a Christmas like this. The business I do this is our season.

Read my lips, if I am a true man of God, you are watching me on the internet, I prophesy to you and not only prophesy, I guarantee you that God kept the best for the last for you. He says He will crown the year with His goodness.

The last thing a king wears is his crown therefore in the Name of Jesus, as many whose hearts are connected to the grace upon this house, this year will not round off until someone tells you congratulations.

You and your spouse very soon, particularly you have people who do not believe, they will tell you I now believe because God will blow your mind. Your path will drip fatness. If you believe it let your Amen show it.

John 12:20-23. Point to your neighbor and say to him, ‘there is such a thing as the set time’ – A time set by Jehovah. You don’t fight seasons, you adjust to seasons. Every demon in hell will have to adjust to this your new season. Every hater around you will need to adjust to this your new season.

You are that person that has not been responding to these prophecies, I hope it will not be too late when you will need them. When the angel came to Mary, the word Mary said was, ‘let it be unto me according to your word’. Where will a virgin be pregnant? How? What her mates never got, what people like her should never have gotten, she got it receiving a word of prophecy.
She didn’t have the baby the next day but a process started. I prophesy to you everything that has been tormenting you will respond to this Word. They will not have a choice than to let you go. If you believe it roar Amen like thunder.
You remember that Abraham and Sarah were barren without children for so many years. See the way God operates, Genesis 17:21. God already established a covenant that they have been pregnant with.

Preparation and expectation are the mothers of manifestation.
God needs your faith to work that is why He is telling you ahead of time. God is never too late. Hallelujah?

God is never too late. If you think He is too late then you don’t really know God. When your testimony is delayed, it is because He is about to bring to you the latest. Other people got their own in 2018 and you are getting your own in 2022, don’t you think it is the latest one God will bring to you? And you know what? This is the season God tells me about the next year.

Two years ago I went for a wedding at Kaduna. I was not praying, I was in someone’s car and we were gisting and like a sound, God told me what the year after will look like. Very early, I think September, I said what? I just kept quiet, the person was talking to me I didn’t answer. I came back home I told my wife that God has spoken to me.

Remember the function of the Holy Spirit in your life is to tell you things to come. Believe me, if He is not telling you, you are the one that is not listening or you are living in sin or you are not consecrated. He should tell you things to come, things should not happen and you are totally surprised. 1 Timothy 1:18, that is why God tells you before they happen so that you can fight a good war, so you can win with it because He knows the devil will bring a contradictory circumstances. You will say, ‘no, satan, that is not it’.

Genesis 21:1-2. I prophesy to you, God has kept the best until this time. Receive the best in your life. Anyone that wants to stand against this best, anyone who said over their dead body, may they be buried for It. A three-fold Amen somebody.

In the Name of Jesus, open your hands everybody, the Bible says and God opened His Hands and gave every living creature their heart desires, receive your heart desires. May God help you, may God help you, may you stand out.
Psalm 102:13.

You know the doctors told us that my wife and I will never have children. People will laugh with you in the Name of Jesus. And then we had the first-child. The space between Ayomikun and Shindara is barely a year, maybe one and the half. Thank God my third daughter is not here, that girl by-passed contraceptives.

God said because the devil wanted to try you why won’t you have extra. I named her Omotara, I said no and then I was on a train in London and then my wife woke up one day and said she heard a cry of a baby, I said stop it and then a Prophet called me from nowhere and spoke to me. Praise God.
Then one day I was meditating and I heard God say to me, ‘I did not promise you son and daughters. I promised you sons and daughters’ . Praise God.
It is never too late. I don’t care the letter you received on Friday, I don’t care the news that is ringing in your heart, this season will teach you lessons. I am telling you the truth. I am not a visiting Pastor that comes here one Sunday bamboozle you and run away.

This season will teach you lessons that you are not as wise as you thought, that you are not as powerful, that your conclusion is not always right. God will surprise you. Now, where you are God takes away all impediments in front of you. By all means, God will put joy in your heart.

John 11. They said your friend, Lazarus is sick and Jesus said, it is not unto death. What has God told you that didn’t happen the way it was said because two days later Lazarus died.

You said it is not unto death but he died. Please I beg you when the matter is still negative is not when you should draw the conclusion. If it is not inline with Scriptures, that Is not the conclusion.
In John 9, the guy was blind, he was not just blind, there were no eyeballs in his sockets. They asked Jesus to explain the case, Was it the guy that sinned or his mother or his father. This is a sorry case. Jesus said nothing like that happened. He said this case is to glorify God.
It is never too late. Man’s extremities are God’s opportunities. With God, never say never. He has a way of making it up, He knows what to do.
God can place an anointing in your life that your adversaries will need, that you will not be able to explain. Enter into the unusual, enter into the unusual, God will surprise you.
Well, my assignment is very tiny, God has asked me to announce to you that your time is here. He held back the best until now, I announce your set time for your wedding, for your lifting. For somebody, your set time for your expansion, for somebody the set time for your lifting, for somebody the set time for God to put a smile on your face. I don’t know what it is but it is your set time for something.
Now I prophesy, let angels move in this direction. May you win all your battles in the Name of Jesus.


  1. You must be a friend of God: satan understands God, he knows what God hates. God hates sin. So he wraps what God loves with what God hates. You know all the life of Jesus, you will never hear Jesus call God, God. Not once, my Father, my Father. Please train your children about this. Jesus was consumed with the agenda of His Father. They brought food for Him, He said no I must do the Will of my Father. That was why the Father exalted Him.

Satan knows what he can do to you now that you can grieve the Holy Ghost. He will dangle anything around you for you to grieve the Holy Ghost.

When my wife was pregnant, she woke up one morning and told me she had malaria and they were about to inject anti-malaria into her but one doctor said please let’s just do a test before we inject her with the anti-malaria. In those days chloroquine may have aborted that pregnancy at the early stage. And they did the pregnancy test and doctor asked me what can God do that you will know He is with you. I didn’t think of pregnancy, he said your wife is pregnant. Hallelujah somebody.

Not that I wasn’t expecting it but it was so soon.
This season is your set time for Iyanu. Iyanu means opening your mouth without words.
In the Name of Jesus you will open that mouth and they will be no words. God will surprise you .
If you are the one I am sent to receive it where you are.

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