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-Pastor David Oyedepo Jr at CHoP

Our Father, this morning, we thank You and give You praise for all You have done. The answers You have given to our prayers, the testimonies You have given for our engagement. We give You all the praise and the glory to You. This morning, our eyes are upon You, we ask that You will speak to us and that Your Word will transform us our lives. Thank You mighty God, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

All through this week, we have been looking at this line of exhortation captioned:
One of the discoveries we made from scriptures is part of a divine design as our experience as the Redeemed is to walk in blessings – Ephesians 1:3
We are ordained for blessings – Galatians 3:13-14
We are redeemed for blessings, but blessings are in degrees – Romans 15:29
Blessings are in degrees; blessings are in measures and God’s design is for us to keep going from one measure of blessing to another; one dimension of blessing to another; one level of blessing to another.
So God’s design is that you are never less blessed today than you were yesterday. The design of God is that you keep advancing in the experience of blessing.

We must come to understand according to God’s Word, when we talk about the blessing of God, the blessing of God is made manifest via the operation of the Spirit of God.
Isaiah 44:3
When you talk about blessing, you are talking about the manifestation of the Spirit of God upon the life of an individual – Galatians 3:13-14
You can’t talk about the blessing without talking about the Spirit. What we discover from God’s Word is if we are expected to keep going from level to level, it simply means that we must keep going from level to level in the Spirit. That simply talks about manifestations of the anointing. We discover from scriptures that we move from level to level in the anointing by thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the catalyst that transitions you from one level to the other in the anointing.
Please hear this and hear it very well, every believer requires the manifestation of the anointing upon his or her life. To keep moving from one level to the other, that individual requires thanksgiving. We know from scriptures when a man becomes born again, he has his first experience with the Holy Spirit – Galatians 4:6-7

When a man becomes born again, that new creature that is born in him is instigated by the first operation of the Holy Spirit. But then the man becomes baptized in the Holy Spirit. That is, as it were, an initiation into the School of Power, that is the anointing – Acts 1:8, Acts 10:38.
Every believer requires the anointing but where you start you are not permitted to stay. God’s design is that you and I keep going from one dimension to the other.

How do we make that transition? It is through the instrumentality of thanksgiving.
Psalm 92:1-2, 10
When you find a man or woman who is continuously at addicted to thanksgiving, they will continuously advance in the anointing. Continuous advancement in the anointing is a product of continuous addiction to thanksgiving.

The more addicted we are to giving thanks, the more anointed we will be in our lives.
The question really is, when we talk about the anointing, what really is it?
The anointing is a supernatural enablement. That is, a man operating with the ability of God. That individual being enabled by God, that individual being empowered by God, that individual being strengthened by God, that individual being able to operate in the intellect of God.

That is what it means when you talk about the anointing of God: operating with divine ability.
According to God’s Word, we are made to understand very clearly that when it comes to this subject of the anointing, it is God’s design for you and I to operate in it.
Ephesians 6:10
So you are a person, but you are operating in the might of God. You are a human being but you are commanding the power of God
Zechariah 4:6-7
When a man is operating by the ability of God, he does not know obstacles, he continues to operate in practical dominion. But like we said, it is in levels. The ability is available but we are able to draw on it and increase the measure via the instrumentality of thanksgiving.
Every time you are thanking God, you are charging up.
Every time you are thanking God, you are building up.
Every time you are thanking God, you are growing up, as far as the anointing is concerned.
That is why to be thankless is to be powerless.

If you are going to enjoy an increasing adventure in the power of God, then you and I must continue to draw on it via the instrumentality of thanksgiving.
Ephesians 3:20
His ability is unlimited, but in your own life, it is limited to how much of that ability you have drawn into you. To draw that ability into you, you must be addicted to thanksgiving.
Living a life of unlimited gratitude is ploughing your way to unlimited power.
Living a life of consistent gratitude is ploughing your way to realms of unlimited power. There are so many people who are struggling in their pursuit of power but this is the cheap access route: a life of continuous gratitude, giving thanks always.
Check every man of power, you will see them as men of gratitude.

Paul, the Apostle, a man that even devils began to announce the fact that he was recognized: hell knew him – Acts 19:15
Who was Paul? Paul was the man who was continuously addicted to thanksgiving. A man who said in everything, give thanks. No matter what is happening, give thanks – 1 Thessalonians 5:18
A man of consistent gratitude became a man of unlimited power.

What about Peter? It was Peter that the Bible tells us he was walking, then demons, sicknesses were jumping out of people, just by the appearance of Peter’s shadow.

Unlimited power, but he was a man of consistent thanksgiving.
Even when they took them and beat them, the Bible said, “they rejoiced: Thank God they were counted worthy to suffer that for Christ.” There was no way to humiliate them.
They locked Paul and Silas in Prison, they turned it to Praise and Worship session. They began to celebrate God. Unlimited power answers where consistent thanksgiving is available.
What God is showing to you and to me is this? If nothing can stop your thanksgiving, nothing can stop the flow of God’s power in your life.
Ephesians 5:20
There is no time that is not thanksgiving time. Make it a habit that at every moment in time, you will find words of gratitude flowing out of your mouth: thank You Jesus, I glorify You, You are worthy of praise, You are worthy of glory. I celebrate You. You are too good, You are too faithful. Never let it dry up
Hear this and hear it very well: the moment gratitude dries up; power will dry up.
It is the vital link towards maintaining the free flow of God’s power.

The power bank is unlimited with God but the power drawing force is gratitude.
As you keep thanking Him, you keep building up.
As you keep thanking Him, you keep growing up in power.
As you keep thanking Him, you keep showing forth His power.
-I see that becoming somebody’s experience in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we conclude this morning, please take note of this and this is very important, a word of caution. God views our not responding in thanksgiving for His goodness in our lives as pride. When a man is not thankful, God sees that man as prideful. When a man is counted as prideful to God, that individual begins to bear a cost that is insurmountable.
The cost of ingratitude is insurmountable – Jeremiah 13:15-17
You are not giving glory, He said, “I will count it as pride.” Their liberty is turned to captivity, simply because of ingratitude.
Malachi 2:1-3
Most of the time we only focus on the fact that He said, “I will curse your blessings.” That is not all, not only did He say He will turn the blessing to a curse, but He said, “I will send a curse too.”
In other words, areas that were not even touched before, curses will now land on those areas.
Why? Because of ingratitude. The key is simple: give thanks to God and as you do so, you avert the curses of life and you live under the canopy of divine blessings.
-No one here will be excluded from that canopy of blessings

Prayers: Give thanks unto the name of the Most High God.
Refuse to be counted among the proud and you can register your name among the humbled by being grateful.
Give glory to Him. I cannot take Your doing for granted, You have been too good to me. Your faithfulness has been evident to me. You have been my Supplier, You have been my Healer, You have been my Strengthener, You have been my Provider, You have been my Protection, You have been my Defense, You have been my Helper. You have been my Lifter, You have been the glory and the lifter of my head. You have been my Shield. You have been my Buckler. You are everything to me.

Give thanks unto Him from the depth of your heart. That one leper returned and with a loud voice, he gave glory unto God.
With a loud voice this morning, give glory unto Him. As you are thanking Him, you are building up power. As you are thanking Him, you are moving forward in the anointing.
As you are thanking Him, you are increasing, you are growing, you are expanding in the power of God.
Father, thank You. I bless Your name, You are worthy of all the praise; You are worthy of all the glory; You are worthy of all the honour; You are worthy of all the adoration. I celebrate you, I glorify. You are worthy Lord.
Are you thanking Him? Perfect your thanksgiving in the Holy Ghost this morning.
I don’t take any of your doings for granted, You are too faithful. You are too good. Your lovingkindness is everlasting. Your mercies are new every morning. I celebrate Your faithfulness, I celebrate Your goodness, I celebrate Your lovingkindness. You have been good, You have been faithful. You have been awesome, I have never lacked Your touch, never lacked Your hand, day by day. From the start of the year, to this last point of the year, You have continued to remain faithful. You have never denied Yourself. Whenever we call, You answer.
When I cry out, You say, “here am I.”
I have come this morning to celebrate Your faithfulness. Thank You Father. You are worthy of all the praise. You are worthy of all the glory. Accept our thanksgiving, in Jesus name we have prayed.
-From this day onward, you will never run dry of His power.
-No blessing in your life will ever be turned into a curse and no curse will ever rest upon your life, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
It is done.

The task is simple: Keep giving Him glory, keep giving Him thanks. Don’t let anything stop your gratitude. Keep celebrating Him and He will keep decorating You, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Speak to the day right now and make your declarations today. Whatever you decree and declare, God will deliver. Speak to it right now.
Blessed be Your holy name, in Jesus precious name we have given thanks, in Jesus precious name we have declared.
-Whatever you have spoken forth into the day becomes your lot and portion today, in the name of Jesus Christ.
-The entire day is declared blessed. No evil comes near you or anyone connected to you today.
-Your going out is blessed, your coming in is blessed, in Jesus precious name.

Don’t forget tomorrow is our Special Communion Service. Come ready, come for an encounter, come set for God to visit you.
Don’t say, “the year is ending, all the visitations have finished.”

No. God keeps the best for last, it is the nature of God, it is the pattern of God. Come with high level expectation. As the year is concluding, God is perfecting testimonies and blessings.

So ensure you are there. Make sure your converts are there. Never get tired of continuously driving after the matters of the Kingdom.

Remember God’s Servant has always told us, spiritual vacation is a risk. You can take physical one but not the spiritual one: spiritually, remain hot, remain fervent, remain passionate, remain driving, never relent and God’s blessings will never be drawn back.

-I see each one of us experiencing unusual deluge of the blessings of God in this conclusive part of the year, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. So shall it be, in Jesus precious name.
-Be blessed, in Jesus name.

Don’t forget, WSF holds across our various locations. 5pm is the time. Be blessed as you go in Jesus name.


CHoP is an acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer

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