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-Pastor W.F Kumuyi at Divine Solution For All, Abuja Global Crusade
Day One

Praise the Lord!
I welcome everyone here tonight in Jesus’ name. All of us here on ground, divine solution has come; power from Heaven, all possibilities for you and that solution you’ve been waiting for, this is your hour in Jesus’ name. And for those online, I’m here specially for you; I want to get there to your room and get there to your sitting room. Anywhere you are and then as you connect together with me here, divine solution in your life in Jesus’ name.

We thank the Lord tonight because of what He has started doing already and I’m sure you know that God is here; His power is here and His presence is here and His glory is here and because of His glory and His grace and because our God can never fail, the same yesterday and today and forever and that power is coming upon your life right there.
– Divine glory upon your life, divine possibilities and any problem, whatever the name, everything will bow tonight.

Tonight, I’m going to read a story to you and that story, I want you to personalize it and as you personalize that story, all the goodness there, all the power there, all the supernatural things there, the great miracles there will come upon you in Jesus name.

Let’s have a word of prayer together:
Father, we thank You today. We thank You because here is Your plan, here is Your purpose and here is Your idea; You brought us together so that divine solution can come to everyone of us and I’m asking tonight for everyone without exception here, everywhere, all the Nations, everywhere people are looking up to You now, I pray that divine solution will come to everyone in Jesus’ name. Salvation for everyone, healing for everyone, deliverance for everyone, miracle for everyone, signs and wonders for everyone, power from Heaven for everyone tonight in Jesus’ name.

Lord You’ll give solution to everyone and no problem will resist Your power coming from Heaven tonight in Jesus’ name. Confirm Your miracle in every life, in Jesus’ name we have prayed.

Tonight, we are looking at the story in Mark 9:17-27.
This man, having an only son and this only son had a challenge, an epileptic challenge and the man had gone everyone, did everything he could do like maybe you have done. You have gone everywhere, here and there and you are looking for solution. But he missed out one solution – divine solution. But thank God, his time came and thank God your time has come. He went everywhere and then he heard about the disciples of Christ and he felt that would solve my problem and he went to the disciples, at that time, Christ has gone to the Mount of Transfiguration with three of His disciples; Peter, James and John. And this man brought the son to the nine disciples remaining, lo and behold they prayed, they did everything they could do but there was no solution and the man was disappointed but he didn’t go away.
– You will not be disappointed. Power from Heaven will come upon your soul tonight in Jesus’ name.

As Jesus appeared, he came to Jesus and said, Lord, I brought my son to Your disciplines and they could not heal him and Jesus then asked how long the problem had been. He said from a child. Maybe you too, you are having a problem from birth, a disease or an infirmity, today as you meet with Christ, our Saviour, our Lord, the great miracle Worker; solution has come, salvation has come, deliverance has come, the power that makes all things possible in your life has come today in Jesus’ name.

The man said something, he said, Lord if You can do anything, help us and Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe; if you believe tonight, that incurable problem will vanish away. That sin will be forgiven and that yoke will be broken and the power of God will be manifested in your life tonight in Jesus’ name. On the singular word, believe; if thou canst believe, all things are possible. Anywhere you are, as you connect with that name; the name above all names, the mountain moving name, the power exhibiting name and the wonder working name and the name that subdues everything under His authority, that name tonight will take your problem away.
– You are free!

The Lord said to him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth and then the man said Lord, I believe. That’s what the Lord is waiting for tonight, if you believe that God who created the Heaven and the earth and the God who is able to save the vilest of sinners and the God who is able to heal every sickness, every infirmity; if you just say tonight I believe, power will come to your life and the Lord is going to set you free.
Say “I believe”. It is done in Jesus’ name on the grounds that you believe and on the grounds that you know that Christ will do and can do all things in your life; I bring the message to you tonight:

Tonight, there are three things we are talking about:
1. The previous failure.
2. The present faith.
3. The personal fact.

1. The previous failure without divine solution. Mark 9:17-18 – that’s the previous failure of that man and the previous failure of that boy to get any solution to his problem and the failure of the disciples tells us something:
a). Religion fails to give us a divine solution. Divine solution cannot come to religion. It might be a good religion, a beautiful religion, a longstanding religion and you are devoted to that religion, religion by itself cannot grant you divine solution. The children of Israel, they were as religious as any religious man could be. Religion alone cannot give you the victory over the battles in your life.

Joshua was a leader and he was expecting that they would have divine victory, but you know what? They failed, they were defeated and the Bible mentioned that Israel could not stand before their enemies. They could not have the victory. It happens to everybody, it’s not just religion. You see people that have human power and they say that all that surround them will grant them the victory and yet all that human power, human knowledge cannot give divine solution but tonight, as we turn away from trying by yourself and doing what you want to do by yourself and you rely on the only name that gives us divine solution, today solution has come. Power from Heaven has come and the breakthrough has come for you in Jesus’ name.

Hezekiah had a battle in Isaiah 37, you’ve come to a time in your life, in your progress in life and you say “I’m going to bring forth” and then your power fails you and because everyone is like that, all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God; human power, knowledge, ability, effort will always fail and you say “what am I going to do now”?
I praise God that you are here tonight, you are turning away from yourself and you are turning to the Lord and His power; solution and your salvation will come because it is only in that trust in the Lord, power of the Lord, ability and possibility flowing from Heaven – that is what will give all that you need today.

Isaiah 46:2
Maybe there is a burden in your life and you’ve tried all you could all the days of your life, everything you have tried failed. Don’t give up, tonight is the night of your breakthrough. What you couldn’t achieve in your own strength and power, the Lord has come tonight and divine solution has come to you in Jesus’ name.

Understand that no matter who you are, no matter where you are and no matter what power you depend upon, everything on earth here will fail to give you the solution you are looking for. It is not here on earth, it comes from Heaven, that’s why God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, will not perish. I invite you to light, to salvation, to possibilities tonight and possibilities will take place in your life tonight in Jesus’ name.

Human power will fail, human intelligence will fail, human connection will fail, but there is a God in Heaven, the God who loves and the God who had brought you today and the God who has brought us solution. The moment you believe, every failure of the past will be cancelled and a new life in Christ will come unto you and that solution you’ve been looking for will be settled tonight in Jesus’ name.

Romans 8:3
What you have not been able to accomplish by yourself, as you link up together with the Lord tonight, you will have solution in Jesus’ name. There are people that do not understand that for us to make it on the final day, you know over here now, to even solve earthly problems, we cannot without divine solution and to have any breakthrough here, we cannot without divine solution and to be able to even keep our families together, our lives together, to keep anything together here on earth, we cannot except there is the Lord because without Him we can do nothing and now to even get to Heaven, there is no one who by himself can get to that Heaven without a divine Saviour, without the One that came from Heaven and He wants to take us to Heaven. Are you going there?
Without the Saviour, how can you get there?

Hebrews 3:19
All things are possible in your life, family, business, anywhere you are , your prayer request, all joy, peace and all possibility – all things are possible as you believe tonight and I thank God, I see you believing this. That means you are trusting the Lord, all things are possible. You are connected to the Lord, all things are possible.
– Salvation will come to you, forgiveness will come to you, redemption will come to you, the power of the Lord will come to you anywhere you are in Jesus’ name.

2. Faith. When you say I believe, that’s faith. I trust, that is faith. I have confidence, that’s faith.

I know tonight, my problems will go because of Christ who is going to take all the problems away, that is the faith but it is a personal faith.
Remember what the Lord said to that man: if Thou (you in particular) canst believe… It is that personal faith that will bring divine solution to your and all diverse sicknesses, everything will vanish away in Jesus’ name.


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