Top 10 Best Companies to work with in the U.S

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The United States of America is undoubtedly the world super power with a very buoyant and stalwart economy. The tenacity of the US in all ramifications has made her exemplary among the nations of the world.

The US, with a GDP of $18.56 trillion, have fulsome sources of revenue: oil, industrialization, to mention a few.

This has made the US currency, dollar, very valuable as it is used in international transaction between two nations or individual.

The US is a place that everyone has an eye for, both old and young, for various reasons. The standard of education therein has made everyone affirm the US as a citadel of learning.

The standard of living over there has made all and sundry crave for a chance to abode in this nation. There is a common myth that the U.S possess jobs for all occupants, albeit to some extent, it is true.

There are several menial jobs one can take up to earn a living over there, however, to get a corporate job can be somehow complicated especially for someone with little educational profile.

Working in the US can be so lovely especially with extravagant remuneration, but it takes more than a certificate to fit in for a job there. Your individual sagacity and dexterity in your respective field is very important, what you can make from your profession is what most employers sought out for. There are myriad of companies with gigantic structure and astonishing performance record in the US. These performances are therefore used as yardstick to rank each company. Below is the list of top ten (10) best companies in the US that you can work for, if you eventually have your feet on her door, provided you have excellent result and you can put your knowledge into action:

10. Eli lilly

Eli Lilly is an American based pharmaceutical company situated at Indianapolis, Indiana. This company deals with the production of drugs to improve human health; they produce drugs like: Prozac for depression, Cialis for erectile dysfunction, Methadone for opioid addiction. This company offers her staffs fascinating experience, with handsome take home and vacations. The staff of this company are implored to engage in humanitarian services during their vacation. The staffs enjoy two (2) weeks paid vacation to any impoverished countries, to provide support and enlighten the occupants on health care, education and charity.


The staffs of this company do give a juicy remark about this company and their experience in the company.

9. Adobe

Adobe is one of the American based top notched companies; Adobe is a brand that offers digital marketing and media. Part of the contribution of Adobe, and the most prominent, to humanity is the development of an application that helps to download PDF files. Adobe records an annual revenue of $2billion to $5billions, thus, Adobe is a great place to work.

8. Microsoft

This is a giant tech company located at Redmond, Washington. Microsoft is a software company owned by the world richest man, Bill Gates. This is a computer technology company that designs various software for computer users, it has become an enigma in this business as virtually all Microsoft software are used on a daily basis. This company is flexible and offers friendly environment to employees as they are allowed to work from home and offers fully paid twelve (12) weeks parental leave for men and women working in the company. Microsoft is undoubtedly one of the top companies with handsome remuneration and warm welfare package.

7. Chevron

Chevron is one of the most prominent and successful company in the world. The multi national oil and gas company is a choice for all and sundry. With over 61,500 workers and nearly half in the US, the company headquarter is situated in California but has branches in 180 countries. Just like every reputable company, Chevron also engage in humanitarian and volunteering services; the existence of Chevron Humankind is a major inkling to her servitude to humanity. In 2014, the company donated $20 million to non profit and charity, with 350,000 volunteer service hours to humanity.

The company has contributed greatly to the development of the humanity especially in the educational sector.


6. Johnson & Johnson

Situated in New Brunswick, New Jersey is a pharmaceutical company with over 130,000 employees in 60 countries of the world. Johnson & Johnson is a stalwart pharmaceutical company that offers a work friendly environment with enchanting welfares package for her employees; this has made it one of the most sought after companies in the world. The primary aim of this company is the staff well-being, this company offers several health services, this has made it one of the best places to work in the US.

5.  NetAop

NetApp is one of the prominent tech companies in the world; it is a data storage and cloud management company situated at Sunnyvale, California. This company has several mesmerizing benefits for her employees, these include: gourmet food, on-site fitness centers and training programs for workers. This company offers huge sum as remuneration to her staffs, thus, making young chaps laud for a position in the company.

4. Facebook

The is the world largest social platform and has been dubbed as the global village where all and sundry connect and relate. The 12 years old social media cum tech firm, with headquarter in Menlo park, California, has grown tremendously to the level of being one of the most reputable companies in the world. This company offer several mind-soothing services to her employees, which include: gourmet food courts, on site-doctors and chiropractors, laundering and dry-cleaning services, 4 months of paid parental leave and many more. These services with fat salary have made Facebook a choice of workplace for everyone.

3. Symantec

Symantec is a cyber security software company, they provide highly reputed cyber security software to protect computer users. Symantec has over 21,000 employees with adequate knowledge on computer programming language, java being the most popular. Symantec also pays a mind blowing remuneration value especially for top officials like the principal software engineer.

2. Bristol-Myer Squibb

Brjstol-Myer Squibb is a giant bio-pharmaceutical company based in the US, it is one of the reputable pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company manufactures drugs that cure critical health issues like: Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Cardiovascular diseases and others. The company has 54% female employees and 46% male employees across the eleven ( 11) branches in seven (7 )states.

This company is one of the top paying companies in the world with conducive environment and flexible policies to aid effectiveness of staffs.


Do not be surprised to see the world largest and most visited search engine ace the list of the best companies you can work for in the US. Google is a top notched brand in the world, they contribute greatly to the information technology and have been seen as a prominent resource base, where all kinds of information can be gotten. The working environment of Google is such an enraptured one; it offers several gleefulservices that make the employees joyous always. These services include: free gourmet food, uninterrupted tech support, on-site massages, free fitness classes, luxurious vacation and many more.

With the headquarter situated in Mountain view, California, Google grow yearly and increase job opportunities for job seekers yearly, with laudable remuneration. You are indeed fortunate if you find yourself in this kind of workplace.

Being employed is a very delighted achievement but enjoying the work environment is more delightful.

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