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Talking about lucrative business of in the world today, blogging is undoubtedly one of them. Blogging, which came to light around 1999, is not a business with immediate profit but the more you keep your eyes on the ball, the greater and promising your future is, thus, patience is all you need to be a successful blogger. Greater percentage of the world population relate with a blog, directly or indirectly, on a daily basis. Everyone surfs the net daily; they source for information on a daily basis, hence, engaging in blogging. The blogosphere is so wide and accommodation but very competitive; the uniqueness of a blog, is a greatest factor every potential blogger has to work on diligently.

It is a known fact that blogging takes years for the dream to materialize; it is however not a job but an hobby or passion turned to job. You should not expect immediate return from your blog because it is not as easy as that. Rather, you should always strive to perfect your craft and let it pay afterwards. You need to put your shoulder to wheel if truly you want to make money from blogging. Blogging is a no cross, no crown business.

It is no longer clandestine that bloggers are making mind blowing income these days, they have been in the game since the days of yore and now reaping what they’ve painstakingly sown. It takes a laudable and exemplary effort to make money through blogging; as a blogger, you go through thick and thins to ensure you perfect your blog, satisfy your audience and build the reputation of your blog. This is not a year or two years job, at times, it takes a decade; the time doesn’t matter, what matters is making a good carrier from blogging.

It takes a highly tenacious and shrewd person little time to break even through blogging; it is a game of taking the horn by its bull, courage, steadfastness and determination are the three factors surrounding the success in blogging. Whatever niche you want to capitalize your blog on, you already meet some people in the game. You need to learn from them and try to perfect your own blog to stay ahead the pack.

Below is the list of great bloggers in the world; these people have shown great determination, steadfastness and courage. Today, they are great people in the game of blogging and with no iota of doubt, they are successful bloggers. Here we go;

10. Ewdison Then

Ewdison Then is the founder and CEO of one of the most resourceful tech blogs, Slash Gear. This blog provides detailed information about gadgets, especially mobile devices and mobile accessories. Talk of any latest phones, tablets, iPad and iPhone, you get the up-to-date information about them on his blog. His blog is very consistent about updates, it is the best choice for tech lovers. Slash Gear is the most successful blog on WordPress platform. His income basically comes from pay-per-click advertising, his regular and enormous audience have made him very successful. With average of $70,000 per month, Ewdison has 13 employees contributing to the success of his brand.

9. Matt Marshall

Matt Marshall is a journalist cum blogger. He launched his blog, VentureBeat, in 2006; this blog is a worldwide technology blog with fulsome niche: finance, technology, investment and other niches. This blog provides quality and relevant information on any of the above niches. He earns about $90,000 per month.


8. Gina Trapani

 Earning about $100,000 per month is a social media activist and the CEO and founder of the popular blog, LifeHacker. Gina Trapani is the only woman on the top 10 highest earning blogger in the world. Her blog, LifeHacker, is a motivational blog where followers and audience are implored to share tips and idea to make human existence easier and more meaningful. The blog basically pays attention to how and what makes life a healthy place.

7. Colin Ta’eed

Collin Ta’eed is a the CEO and founder of the blog TutsPlus, the blog offers his up to $110,000 monthly. This blog supports education as it provides learning aid materials such as: compiled tutorials, lectures, educational software. One appeasing feature about this blog is that, skilled audience can also make money through freelancing service like article writing and other services. This site is a very interesting platform to visit, you learn and earn.

6. James Dobki

The popular all-in-all blog,, is owned by James Dobki. This blog provides global information about food, art, and events. It also serves as a traveler’s guide, it provided descriptive details about geographical areas of the world. The blog fetches James up to $120,000 monthly.

5. Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes earns at least $150,000 from his blog monthly. He runs a financial intelligence blog, where you learn business tips, stock update and feasible businesses and strategies. If you are business minded person, this blog is a place you should always visit; it is a financial intelligence blog that equips its audience with productive articles to improve their financial life. Apart from his blog, Timothy is an expert stock broker; he makes about $2 million dollars monthly through stock exchange market. Timothy is indeed at the top of his game, he authors one of the most popular and high paid blog in the world. His jobs touch people’s life and change it for good.


4. Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman is the founder of Smashing magazine, a blog to aid website designing for both new and practicing designers. The blog came to light in 2009 to beacon the art of website designing, you can get the latest tips, design and tutorial on website designing from this blog; it is the most popular web design and development blog, it has pulled a lot of traffic, making Vitaly earns at least $180,000 from it monthly. His income comes mostly from advertising banner.

3. Mario Lavanderia

Mario Lavanderia, also known as Perez Hilton, is the third highest earning blogger in the world; he makes at least $250,000 monthly from his blog, PerezHilton, which has been on air since 2005. Perezhilton is an entertainment blog where celebrity news and gossips are brought to light, this calls people’s attention a lot and his blog is a place to quench the curiosity.

2. Pete cashmore

Pete cashmore is the founder and CEO of the second highest paid blog in the world, Mashable. This blog is a multi-niche blog that houses everything about world entertainment, technology, social media, business, to mention a few. Mashable is the largest, most visited, most influential and the best place to get up-to-date information about technology, social media and relevant news and gossips of popular celebrities. The blog fetches Pete at least $560,000 monthly and has made him the youngest and almost the richest blogger in the world.

1.Micheal Arrington

Michael Arrington is the highest paid and richest blogger in the world. His blog, TechCrunch is the best technology blog in the world, where technology news and articles are dished out intermittently to the universe. He was dubbed “the prophet of silicon valley” , his proficient in tech blogging has brought his to the limelight and he is really enjoying his efforts. He makes up to $800,000 monthly from his blog, making him the highest paid blogger in the world.

If you observe closely, you would notice that what makes these people rich are common things we relate with and at times we see as problems. But with steadfastness and determination, each of them has perfected and built stalwart reputation for his or her brand, that it has become a part of the routine of large number of people around the world.

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