Top 5 Lucrative business in India

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India is one of the world most populous countries in the world, with over 1.2 billion people; India is the seventh largest country in the world today.

There are several opportunities that abound this south Asia country. Initiating a business there is a very promising idea, the clout of the population is a great success factor.

One of the factors to consider before establishing any business is the environment, chiefly the size of the occupants of such location. When this figure is economical, the business will surely thrive.

The economy of India is a very buoyant one, with a GDP of $2.3 trillion; the major providers of such humongous figure are the service providing companies, agriculture and infrastructural industries.

If you reside in India and thinking of a means of livelihood, then this article is for you; though, these businesses am about to reel out may look clandestine but looking at them critically from the economic angle, they are lucrative businesses for anyone. These businesses are:

  1. Restaurant business

You will definitely agree with me at the end of this analysis that restaurant business in India is a very lucrative business. The population of india is fulsome; people have to eat but not everyone has the time to cook, they opt for fast food outlets to eat early in the morning. The unemployment rate in India is very negligible; virtually everyone is engaged with one or more economic activities. Cooking at times looks tedious, especially after a herculean work schedule at work place, no one has the strength to prepare food to eat. If you have a restaurant in India, you will surely make a lot of money as you are serving a lot of people too. Especially if you have a good cooking skill and you have a warm environment that beacons customers always, you will surely break even in India.

  1. Education and tutorial business

Education is key, everyone values education. The level of development in the world today gives no room for ignorance, everyone must contribute to the development of the nation. Only an educated individual is relevant in the society, the percentage of skilled labor in India is very large; this compels everyone to learn. Running an educational business in India is also a very lucrative business, the market is there by the virtue of the large population of the country. Busy parents will want their wards to be engaged, only an educational center can serve this purpose better.

  1. Custom made goods store

One of the prides of every nation is the products from the nation. The consumption of a nation’s goods increases its internal revenue, thus, boosting the nation’s economy greatly. One of the factors that contribute to the huge figure of India GDP is the consumption of their locally made products. Products like household materials, clothing, utensils and other valuables, that are locally made are of have good economic advantage. They are well appreciated and citizens are ready to spend more on them. You will be financially upright if you have a custom goods store in India, especially if you are very creative. Custom goods are very attractive and promote the country culture.

  1. Event management

As a well cultured and developed nation, India have a good sense of merriment. Events and festivals are always glamourous and valued, it is part of their culture. Event management in India is a very lucrative venture, what you need is some touches of professionalism. There is a need for such business in a society, especially in a developed country like India. Aside from social functions, business functions like product review and advertisement also need a good management to exhibit some forms of development. There are several companies in need of event managers, also, the large population of India proffers a favorable business environment for event managers. If you are planning of having such business in India, do not change your mind, it is really going to feather your nest. All it requires from you is good organization skill and proper business network; with these in place, you will surely break even.


  1. Sales of computer accessories and smartphones.

This is a very promising business in any corner in the world, in as much as the clout of technology prevails in such area. The world is now going digital, the use of computer and smartphone is the latest trend in the world today. These two gadgets are needed for daily economic activities of all nations, the two are inseparable twins as their possession really makes work easy and fast. As technology increases the sophistication of these gadgets increases, so also the users increase on a daily basis. The sales of computer accessories and smartphone in India is a lucrative business, all you need is an accessible outlet for buyers to outsource your goods and watch your business grow exponentially.

These are lucrative businesses one can venture in India. These businesses are very relevant and needed in the country, the marketability of each business is very explicit owing to the high population of this country and the level of development.

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