Top Best 10 Lucrative Business Ideas for Teens

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The current economic situation has warranted both young and old to source for sustenance. Nothing is too small to invest in presently, no matter how little the income is, half a loaf is better than none. Recently, businesses and other financial empowerment endeavors are restricted to the old, the parents. During the good days, it was very applicable but now, all hands have to be on deck to ensure the family financial obligations are met and surpassed.

It is now very glaring that to make money, one has to start the preparation from the teenage age, no matter how little the input is, one just have to get one’s feet wet. The teenagers are now encouraged to be creative and invest in what materializes as they grow. History has it that, the most successful businessmen and businesswomen started their source of income from their teenage age; they groomed it and now they are enjoying their effort and labour. The likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many others started very little at their tender age and nurtured their individual dreams till it became an enigma. You do not need a university degree or get old to get rich, all you need is a dream and a framework. The notion is just that nothing good comes easy.

The world is now explicit and there are several business opportunities that abound it. Making money now seems very easy but for the tenacious type only. Teens of nowadays are not ready to put themselves to work; they crave for shortcuts to success, making them engage in nefarious activities to earn a living. This is not the type of creativity or idea needed to make your financial life awesome, this would rather put you in eternal trouble and you would never be celebrated as Bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs are celebrated today. Success comes from legitimate ideas and not illicit ones.

As a teenager, there are several business opportunities you can optimize to make you financially buoyant for the rest of your life, provided you truly believe in what your are doing. Everyone dreams but not everyone’s dreams come to pass; this is because many lack the ability to focus on their dreams.

They gave up on little mishaps, which are supposed to be their strength but rather, they fell for the pranks and threw in the towel. Time and tide wait for no man, every moment in life has to be productive, here are some business opportunities you can trap to feather your nest right from your teenage age:

  1. Petty trading

Yes! It sounds ridiculous but very profitable; you do business that appease your environment. As a teenager, you have friends that need some petty items to make their day. Items like: stationeries, chocolates and other confectionaries, to mention a few. All these will sustain and make you financially stable at your tender age. This business is very plausible, you make your sales on a daily basis and increase your stock. You can make sales from your school or neighborhood; try to see to this opportunity and make good use of it.

  1. Tutorial classes

This is another business opportunity for a prudent teenager; most parents love to get their kids engaged in extra after school tutorial. Truly, there may be tutorials around but you can stay above board by beating down the price to make yours more affordable. Of course, you have less responsibilities compare to your competitors; the little you will make from it is surely going to be sustainable. You can make use of your apartment tentatively, just ensure you attend to the kids as required and keep them engaged.

  1. Video Game center

You will unarguably agree with me that teenagers love games and they cluster at anywhere they find this opportunity. After tight-scheduled hours at school, teenagers crave for a spot to chill out and reduce pressure, making them lively again. Game center is one of such spots; even adults love games and always love to participate if the opportunity comes up. Having a game center as a teenager will surely make you financially stable than your peers, you earn on a daily basis; you can start from your home and if you have the opportunity to rent an outlet, it’s also as good as gold for the business.

  1. A laundry business

As a business-minded teenager, everything you have should be productive to you, so also your strength. You can make use of your strength and offer laundry service to some people in your neighborhood, the outset may look herculean but as you progress you make the business pleasing by probably getting a washing machine for the job. And if you are fortunate to have the resources to get a washing machine, you are good to go. Not everyone loves to wash, probably due to their health reasons or personality. None is useful to you, the service and the money you are about to earn should be your focus.


  1. Baking and selling of cupcakes.

Part of the empowerment program to get teenagers and youth engaged is the baking of cupcakes, if you have the opportunity to learn this, please make good use of the opportunity. Cupcake is a fast food for all, not only for teenagers but for all. Making this fast food will make you financially buoyant.

  1. Starting a teen magazine business

This is a very creative and lucrative business opportunity. As a teenager, you know what your peers love; gist and news that thrill your mates. If you can put this into writing and publish on a monthly or weekly basis, you will not make only money but also have fame. By doing this, you are doing a lot of goodness for yourself; you broaden your intellect and your purse becomes fattened. It may look capital intensive but at the long run, it’s a promising business. Rome wasn’t built in a day; you can go far, if you have the zeal and spirit.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is another innovative way of making money for teenagers, most of the successful bloggers today started right from their teenage age. You can invest your time in blogging and within few years, you earn enormously from it. Blogging is a cool business for a teenager, the information you get from social media is enough to help you with your blog; instead of wasting your time online, you can start a blog now and earn later.

  1. Sale of recharge card and data bundles

This is a very lucrative business for teenagers, especially the date bundle is just as real as heaven. You make money from sale of recharge cards and data bundles; your peers are in great need of these two, they recharge on a daily basis and surf the internet on a daily basis as well. Delving into this business is a great way to improve your financial status and stay buoyant.

  1. Buying and selling products online

Online markets are believed to be very cheap, you can make a lot of money from buying item online and sell to those in need. Items like mobile devices, household gadgets and others are what thrive most among students. Hold on to this opportunity and invest your time and money in it, it really pays.

  1. Freelance services.

There are platforms online like: fiverr, upwork, iFreelance, where you can make cool money through freelancing service. Anything you are good at is a problem to some people somewhere in the world. These platforms are where people seek solutions, if you are good at any art like: writing, graphics designing, art and design, to mention a few, you can convert your talent and passion to money in any of these platforms. All you need to do is to sell out yourself in a very creative manner that gets attention of your potential clients; once you get the job, do it diligently to retain the client. From this, you can always make regular income on a monthly basis.

All the aforementioned opportunities are optimized with proper knowledge and passion, and not just mere dreams and hopes. You need to be determined and persevere to break even in any business you embark on.

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