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For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.
1 John 5:4.

Let me sound this warning before anything, don’t use my post to justify any form of rebellion, I am against rebels just as God is against them.

The world and her king is under the feet of every Christian, the devil has no bragging over any believer.

If we don’t believe this simple truth, God can not help us.

By the virtue of Jesus death and resurrection we come to the realm where we lack nothing in victory.

How then do we handle satanic affliction, oppression and possession?

There are Christians who find themselves with spirit spouse, some being oppressed by the devil.

Please, don’t tell me this is the will of God, its not, its the devil at work.

You don’t just start confessing the scripture without understanding the other part of our walk and God’s work in us.

There are thousands of believers the devil is denting with serious jab and uppercut blows.

What’s the scriptural solution to this, come with me.

You must first understand that God’s word is complete, the devil is not on holiday, he will always contest our victory like politicians after losing elections.

Knowing this, you must also understand that there are places we belonged to before coming to Christ directly or indirectly.

These 2 truths will give you the advantage in winning spiritual battles.

This is called spiritual holes, it doesn’t mean that a person is not born again, it’s something you should deal with.

Can a believer fall sick?
If yes

Can Jesus heal him?
If yes?

What is the source of sickness?
Satan right?

The devil can attack every Christian, hear me again and again, that’s the reason Apostle Peter warned us.

James also told us to submit to God and resist the devil..

How do I submit God?
One, to the Lord of Jesus
Two, to the Lordship of His word
Walk in the word of God not selective ones.

The problem of many believers today is that they select what to believe instead of the whole counsel of God.

It’s your job to first submit to God and secondly resist any attempt to steal your joy.

Having come to this knowledge, break every known and unknown covenant through the blood of Jesus, it’s your job not Jesus.
He did His part, saints do your part.

Colossians 2:14-15 gives you the right.

We are told to pray without ceasing not preach without ceasing.

Cut all satanic affiliation to your life now not later.

Are you still with me, deal with the spirit invading your life, crush them and their operations, your faith is your advantage.

What empowered them to come is a covenant they have with you directly or indirectly.

Christianity is not psychology that uses psyching, we deal with the truth.

A brother saw her mum naked, he stood their watching until the mum woke up.

The mum out of anger said the world shall see his nakedness.

He got born again and this trouble continued.

I was praying with him when the Lord opened my eyes to see it.

I told him to first go and apologise to the mum from where we destroyed the curse.

Some of us have added arrogance to new creation reality that’s why it looks ineffective in the lives of many.

If you offend a person, go and apologise.
Matt 5:23-24.

Listening to some sermon I know where it’s coming from.

We can’t be walking in dishonesty and keep shouting the devil is under my feet, no Sir, he is not, he is on your head.

When you notice the invasion of spirit spouse, apply the above approach, that is their end.

Next, we shall be dealing with the theology of curses.

I don’t like long posts, I shall continue this later.

By the power in the name of Jesus, I break off every siege of darkness in and around your life in the name of Jesus.

Arise and shine, no more obstruction and destruction of goodness in your life in the name of Jesus.

A.T Joel.

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