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Trying to please everybody that comes your way either in the ministry, business, family, organization or in anything will lead to your downfall.

I was surprised when the Bible said God regretted making humans on earth; God’s heart was saddened” (Genesis 6:6). Not even the creator of human beings can satisfy them, he did everything he could do to please man yet the creature he created with his hand, in his power and the program of his knowledge disappointed him, they made him regret creating them. After he gave his son to remit the world to him, he later realized that the world he gave his son to die for still didn’t realize his great sacrifice for them.

They question is love and some of them term him as a wicked God, they claim if a God can be desperate enough to kill his son for the sake of love for mere mortals that means such God is wicked hence is not worthy of their service. Many still claim there is no God and the people that said they have encountered him are only under illusions or it’s their imagination that is at work, they use all kinds of scientific methods to question the existence of God.

Some even said how can there be God that is allowing all manner of evil to befall the creature he claims to love, they say there is no such God that will behold the work of his hand from being destroyed and won’t act for their rescue.

Some said their gods are more powerful than the God we claim we are serving because the God of the Christian is an invented God by the white people to put us under their slavery forever. They claim it is a scheme to bait us from serving our gods and to keep us under their governmental influence.

When I called this Generation a wicked one some chastised me, they said that shouldn’t come out from a pastor, the Generation that their creator can’t satisfy can never be satisfied by any pastor.

No prophet no matter how humble, powerful and gifted you’re will satisfy this generation, the Generation that led Moses to destruction can never be satisfied.

The Generation that hangs Jesus on the cross will never be satisfied.

The Generation that stoned Stephen to death will never be satisfied with anything.

The Generation that asked for the head of John the Baptist will never be satisfied.


The Generation that asked Paul and Silas to be chained and bound and put to jail will never be satisfied with anything you give to them.

No matter how much you want to prove Holy and Perfect this Generation will tell you it’s just a pretence to lure them into your spell to collect money from them.

No matter how much you want to help this Generation they will tell you that you’re not doing anything …

A Generation that stands against one another, a Generation of pastors calling other pastors fake and false because they could not do what he’s doing, one even told me that it will take me 40 years of flying to catch up with him even if he stops ministry and this same person has no result and no proof for the years he claims he has spent in ministry; no single person has submitted to him for mentoring yet he called me a small boy and still wants my prayer and counselling, what a prideful and arrogant Generation.

A generation that can’t attend one another’s church in love and sincerity of heart, if you invite them they will tell you they don’t go to other’s people’s church, yet they want you to attend their church …

They will tell you their G.O. is the best and only him they answer to, the Generation that fights and abuses other churches pastors because they are not serving under them…

A Generation that the fear of God has been lost completely in them, a generation of Vipers and scorpions that is far from the ways of heaven.

A tyrannic Generation with the venom of the dragon to kill and destroy, a generation that the pattern of the true sonship has been lost in them.


God himself fears this Generation, a generation of pastors using pastors for ritual, a generation of masters killing the glory of their disciples, a generation where fathers do not want the sons to grow, a generation where the sons do not want the fathers to last …

I weep a lot because I’m born to this Generation, no matter how you give them everything committed in your power to help this generation they will tell you you’re not doing well.

Papa Adeboye gave humility to this Generation they said he’s fake, they called him thief for asking for a 1 billion Naira donation, they said if not that he’s a thief how can he ask someone to give him one billion for ordinary church project.

Papa Oyedepo gave faith and prosperity to this Generation they said he’s fake and only using the ministry as a business centre, they called him bald headed fowl, a man that is old enough to be their father, a Generation that has completely lost respect for the elders..

Papa Kumuyi gave holiness and righteousness to this Generation they said he’s fake and he’s only pretending and brainwashing his followers from enjoying the things of this world.

Papa Olukoya give deliverance and fire to this Generation they said there is nothing like spiritual warfare and battle because the blood of Jesus has redeemed us from every battle of life …

Papa Orimolade came to this world with the spiritual revelation of prophetic works and mystery, they said he is a white garment herbalist.

They said the pastors are only after building mega churches that they cannot use their money to build factories, the same Generation that praise Davido , Burna boy and the rest for using their money to buy luxury houses and Rolls-Royce and even tap from their blessings are the same Generation that castigate the fathers of faith and want to teach them how to spend their money; they are the same Generation criticising them for buying jet ..

They can contribute to support their favourite BB Naija house mate but they are against tithe and offering; they can buy Benz for Dorathy, Tacha , Laycon and the rest but they are happy their pastors are using the leg to walk to church with his family; they are happy their pastors are still struggling after danfo every Sunday morning.

They bought houses for people that have got no impact on their life, people that only entertain them with their nudes on TV, yet they cannot pay their pastor’s house rent, the man labouring for them night and day.

How then can this generation be satisfied, if you want to satisfy this Generation they will end up killing you, they did the same to Peter, John and the rest of the Apostles …

Those you’re dying to pray for have many prophets numbers on their phones, they don’t care if you die or live because they had many prophets they will jump to instantly when you pass on, my father in the Lord mistakenly entered a woman’s contact list and was surprised seeing prophet A-Z on this woman contact list, this was the same woman that said she can die for his ministry. ..

Men of God sir, you cant satisfy this Generation, do your best and don’t let their praise or discouragement discourage you or kill your passion for the work God has committed you to do, if there is anything I leant from Jesus, it is disproving the praise of his Generation because he knew their true intentions…

Happy first Sunday of the month, it’s my month of birth; 19/12 is the code.

Evangelist Eritunmise.

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