Uebert Angel puts his Island for sale, a whooping $4.7million USD


Ambassador Uebert Angel puts his Island for sale, a whooping $4,7million USD for the piece of land in fresh waters of Africa.

Multi-Millionaire Businessman and serial Philanthropist HE Ambassador Uebert Angel mainly known for his effervescent desire to help the needy and assisting students with tuition in Zimbabwe, has put his Island in Lake Victoria for sale with interest of investing more back home in his homeland.

The Island valued at $4,7million Usd is almost 200 acres in space, located in the Largest fresh water body in Africa, the Lake Victoria. It is the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the WORLD, being also the source of the river Nile. The Island is only 30 minutes from the main land.

With the Harare Hippodrome, a multi million dollar project nearing completion, The Mozzart Hotel, the 1st transit Hotel in Zim under renovations, and the Beet Hoven hotel under construction too, Ambassador Angel is slowly becoming a force to reckon in the property sector in Zimbabwe and has stuck to his guns to bringing investment home.

At the point of going to press he is said to have availed a million USD towards his charitable deeds this year in Zimbabwe under his charity arm, The Uebert Angel Foundation!

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