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-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
*Where your obedience stops is where your change of level stops!
*God is no respecter of persons.

*Till Jesus comes, this Place must be mentioned because you can’t cancel what has happened.
*Christianity is no gimmicks, it is heaven’s lifestyle on the earth.
Everybody is going to Egypt, I want to go to Egypt – Good Bye!

Allow Him to lead you.
People that are going there, that are sent, they flourish there. People who went on their own, they keep whining there. Allow Him to lead you.
Ours was the new wave Ministry in those days and you know new things don’t stop. Other new waves are coming now.
New waves mean you don’t go to the outskirts, they go to the main town. But our own is ordained for outskirt.
You check Kaduna, we are in the outskirt.
Check Lagos: Outskirt of outskirt.
And then the farthest outskirt is here. This one is not outskirt, it is ‘out of’. My God.
People were trekking from Ikeja to Ipaja for Service.

Wake up at 4am: trekking. Father children, everybody. Your Place.
He never leads backward. He always leads forward.
When you want to scale a new height, there is a way you have to step backward again, to gain speed, so you can be empowered to scale the post. God never leads backwards. He always leads forward.


We discover that God leads through 5 major ways among others, from Scriptures.

  1. He leads us through the Voice of God behind the Word and that is called Rhema.
    Behind every statement of scriptures is the Voice of God.
    Isaiah 34:16
    Every statement of scriptures came out of the mouth of God. So the Voice of God is behind every statement of scriptures.

You will find Him say, “He has redeemed us as Kings and Queens”, then He now says unto you, “I have redeemed you as a priest and a king and you shall reign on the earth” – Revelation 5:10. Not that a Preacher told you, He said, “by His voice behind His Word.”
Nobody preached…in our time, you suffer for Christ. You don’t reign like that, but I had found it. He said it to me at that wonderful age of 16.

“I have redeemed you as a priest and a king and you shall reign on the earth.” It got through to me that if I want to go out, I would check, “will a king go out like this?”
It entered my being that I have been redeemed as a king to reign on the earth.
When provoked and naturally you want to shout: No, Kings don’t shout.
When invited to a fight: No, Kings don’t fight in their village.

Can you imagine your village head fighting and they are separating him and he says, “no, you can’t go. I will kill you.”
No, Kings don’t fight.
“Your future is in my plan, not in your plan” – He said that to me at the age of 22, 23, sorry.
Jeremiah 29:11
“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things my son that others are dying to get” – I heard it from His mouth from behind Matthew 6:33.
That is why I am addicted to it. It is not that someone preached it to me and I am trying to consider whether it is real or not, or he is trying to play on my intelligence.

45 years, I have walked that path without regrets.
God’s voice behind His Word is a booster of faith.
Romans 10:17
Faith comes by hearing and hearing from God. Faith comes automatically hearing from God because His Voice is mightier than the noise of many waters – Psalm 29:3
His voice is a destroyer of doubts.
Romans 10:17 has quite a number of other meanings:
“Faith comes by hearing and understanding the Word of God.”
“Faith comes by hearing and hearing from God.” it comes automatically: Hearing from God.

After I heard from God concerning marriage, our Counsellor asked me, “David, what do you see in your marriage?”
I said: Hitch free marriage.
It comes automatic, you are struggling, “how it is going to be like?”
From Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 1, I heard, “if thou shall diligently hearken to Me and observe to do what I tell you to do. I will set you on high above all nations of the earth.”
He said: My son, there is a place for you on top, if you are interested.

I said: I am
(God) : Then whatever I tell you to do, do it.
That is my addiction to obedience.
“Go”: You move.
“Stop” : You stop.
“Turn” : You turn.

“There is a place for you on top” – I never read it from a book, I heard it behind Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 1. I am not there yet, we are still going, but by His grace we have covered some ground.

In Church History, till Jesus comes, this Place must be mentioned. Till Jesus comes, this Place must be mentioned because you can’t cancel what has happened.
Just whatever I tell you to do, do it. I will be taking you up little by little until I set you above all Nations of the earth.

Where your obedience stops is where your change of level stops!
Somebody is involved in the Covenant Practice of tithing and investing into the Kingdom and suddenly he stops. Then your change of level that platform provides stops. It stops! God is no respecter of persons.
He leads us through His Voice behind His Word. They call it Rhema. It is one powerful platform.
Psalm 29:3
You know many waters: the Word of God.
Isaiah 55:1, 11
His Word is symbolized as waters in the scriptures.
And the voice of the Lord is upon the Word and it is powerful and full of majesty – Psalm 29:1, 4

  • You won’t miss it
  1. God leads us through the Voice of the Holy Spirit.
    The Holy Spirit is the 3rd person of the Godhead – 1 John 5:7
    The Word is ‘Jesus’, that is why have capital letter W.
    John 1:1-2, 14
    So He (Holy Spirit) speaks.
    John 16:13-14
    He is our God ordained guide in the journey of life – Romans 8:14
    All those, “this is the place”: it is not in the Bible. It is not Genesis chapter 1, it is not Romans chapter 10. It is the voice of the Spirit.
    “Arise, get down to Lagos.” There is no Lagos in the Bible. The Voice of the Spirit, the One that guides us into all truth, into the realities of the future.
    “The harvest of Africa is now over ripe, rush in”: You know what, we had a meeting December 1994 and we decided based on facts available to us that we were not going to go out in 1995. We had a lot of hanging projects around the country, “let’s conclude that before we move.” We got home from that meeting, the Lord said to me by His Spirit, “You are going now.”
    There is no ‘You are going now’ in the Bible. The Voice.
    That was His time and He makes all things beautiful in His time. We stepped out Sir, it was Fire and then the projects were done at the same time.
    No, God is never confused. If we didn’t go that time, that was the end.
    God still speaks today, but only men of the Spirit can catch the voice of the Spirit.
    Revelation 1:10
    If you are not a man or woman of the Spirit, you can’t pick the voice of the Spirit, you will just be guessing. You will be computing scriptures to mean nonsense. There is no way to put scriptures together and come to this Place, it has to be by the Voice, otherwise the labour of the foolish wearied every one of them. How can we go to the forest? Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of your time.
    You will just conjure scriptures and miss your steps.
    …He said, “come up hither and I will show you the things that will grow tomorrow.”
    You must leave the natural realm to the spiritual realm, before you can access what tomorrow holds – Revelation 4:1
    Acts 8:29
    “…Join thyself to this chariot?”
    Can you imagine! Not excuse me, can you give me a lift, you will just climb the chariot, “what are you reading? Do you understand what you are reading?”
    That is a bush man telling a Chief Executive of his Nation, because the Spirit of the Lord said, “join this chariot” – Acts 8:29.
    The Spirit said to Peter, “Go down there, I am the one who sent them down here, doubting nothing” – Acts 10:20
    The Holy Ghost speaks to direct, to instruct, to correct, to rebuke, if you are available.
    Let me pause here this morning.
    God never forces any man to follow His leading. It is a choice to make.
    “Follow Me”: He said, “allow me to bury my father first.” He said, “Go”
    They were going to pass through Samaria – Luke 9:53-54
    They said: No, you can’t pass through here.
    He said: Sorry
    Peter (John) said, “let’s call fire now, how can you say sorry?” – Luke 9:54
    God never forces his way into anyone’s life. He shows you which way to go, you choose to go or not to go. It is just your right. It is my right to choose to follow or not to follow.
    I lay before you life and death. That is all I can do, but I appeal to you, to choose life, so you can live – Deuteronomy 30:19
    “If you will hearken to My Voice”: it is a choice – Deuteronomy 28:1
    “And observe to do what I say, no matter what You wanted to do before.”
    Following His leading is simply a choice.
  2. God leads us through the witness of the Spirit.
    No voice, no sound…but there is the Spirit of God witnessing with your Spirit, “that is the way to go. This is not the way to go. That is where to step out into. This is not what to step out into.”
    By the witness of the Spirit.
    Romans 8:16
    It is a spirit to spirit communication. It is an inward operation. The Spirit of God and your human spirit, they are in a relationship, they are in a union and so the Spirit of God sends signal to your spirit, “DON’T.”
    Acts 16:6-7
    The witness of the Spirit is as powerful as the voice of the Spirit because it is all guiding you and me into the right path to go; all guiding you and me in the right way to go.
    It checks you: No, Yes, Stop, Turn. They are all inner signals. That is why we must keep feeding our spirit man with the Word so it can be right on his feet, to pick the signals – Galatians 5:25
    Listen to your spirit when you are at a crossroad. You may not find the Word that time, you may not hear a voice that time, but you have access to the Holy Ghost with your spirit, guiding you the way to go and the steps to take.

Christianity is no game, it is Heaven’s lifestyle on the earth. Christianity is no gimmicks, it is heaven’s lifestyle on the earth.
-You will not miss your steps in the name of Jesus Christ.

  1. God leads us through access to heavenly visions – Acts 26:19
  2. His sent Prophets – Luke 4:24-27
    God leads us through prophets sent to us. Through the prophet sent to you, if you have any! Hanging around a prophet does not make you a Prophet, does it?


  1. Have a genuine crave to be led – Isaiah 48:17
  2. Open up to the revelation of the Word. – Psalm 119:105
  3. It shows you principles
  4. It corrects your doings
  5. It rebukes you
  6. It instructs you
  7. You enjoy a pressure-free life.
  8. You enjoy fullness of joy.
    The Word of God shows you the principles required to make your life meaningful.
    The Word of God corrects you when you are going off course; it rebukes you when it looks like you are deaf and it instructs you.


Every child of God is ordained as a child of destiny. Romans 8:29-30
Our redemption is a product of God’s predestination.


  1. Have a genuine heart for God and the interest of His Kingdom. Matthew 6:33
  2. Be a lover of the Word.
  • You cannot access your inheritance without opening up to the Word – Acts 20:32, 1 Peter 1:3.

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