• Bishop David Oyedepo at Mid-week Communion Service, Week of Spiritual Emphasis for July 2021.
    Shall we give the Lord a big hand of praise. Please lift up your two hands and give God thanks for the privilege to be a partaker of this month’s Spiritual Week of Emphasis, magnify Him and celebrate Him. There is no one like our God. Give Him glory, give Him praise. Thank You Jesus, in Jesus precious name we have given thanks.
    I got a very clear mandate from God of stopping the tears, the groaning and the mourning of women and men on the earth. Faith is obeying God to prove that you believe Him. Faith is not God will do this, faith is this is what God says to do and I obey Him believing that He does it.
    A woman had five daughters, none was married. She kept saying “I know my change is coming”, and after her 50th birthday, Jesus made it happen. The youngest got married, she was so excited. This thing does not work by “Papa lay hands on me”. I don’t know any of them. Faith is about walking in delightsome obedience to His commandments. Just don’t think what He says you shouldn’t think and don’t say what He says you shouldn’t say and then you’re committed to His integrity.
    My prayer for everyone here is that you will see your change this month. It’s our month of power. The power that made a virgin conceive and bring forth the greatest creator. That power will overshadow you this month.
    A woman serving God wholeheartedly even though she was buying groundnut and sugar to soak garri and drink. She later got a job of salary just below 100,000, another one 200 percent above, and then while she was still doing that she got another job as a managing director. Some others would have withdrawn, but she kept on. Even while going for the interview in another country she was still winning souls. It’s an addiction.
    Sir, I can’t help you outside obedience. Please forgive me, I don’t have the capacity. Whatever He tells you to do, do it. Can I be saved for you? No. If you’re too big to be saved, good luck. Stay unsaved. If you’re too small to believe God for your healing, stay sick. I can’t help you outside your faith.
    Lift up your two hands everybody and receive afresh upon your life the Spirit of obedience that will keep you walking in delightsome obedience to God. That’s the key to it. There’s a breaking forth of power tonight.
    Lord Jesus endue me afresh with the Spirit of obedience so I can keep working in delightsome obedience to your commandments in my life. So help me Lord. Thank You Jesus. Amen.
    Lord Jesus visit us tonight as You have said, set the place for this week of Spiritual Emphasis tonight and let no one return without an encounter with your power in Jesus precious name.
    The prophetic word for the month is: EMPOWERED TO GO ABOUT MY FATHER’S BUSINESS
    Our Father’s core business on the earth is to seek and to save that which was lost. We saw it in
    Ezekiel 34:11-25
    We saw it repeatedly in the New Testament, He wants all men saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. My Fathers business.
    2nd Peter 3:9
    The Father’s core business on the is the salvation of the souls of men.
    Psalm 74:12
    That’s the Father’s core business, every other thing is, “It’s okay”. Some are preaching because they like preaching. Without a heart for God and what He loves the most, you’re not about your Father’s business. All these dramatic change of story came with me going about my Fathers business. The curse was lifted, the stroke was over, testimonies, humbling ones. He’s no respecter of persons nor titles. Thank You Jesus. Amen.
  • You’re going places. Now watch, this your eyes will not shed tears again. You know why? You’re seated with God in Heavenly places and the culture there is laughter. They laugh only there. The culture of Heaven is laughter. So everyone seated in here by redemption is ordained to possess the culture of laughter and laughter alone. When you’re on a mission for God, you always return with joy.
  • This month will not be over until your full scale laughter is restored supernaturally.
  • That concern, you will laugh over it this month as you take advantage of divine visitation.
  • This visitation must result in your open wide laughter as you choose to take advantage of it.
    Now we’re talking about power. He only empowers men on the go for Him. You can’t empower people on the go after the devil. He empowers men on the go for Him to be empowered into next levels.
    Very quickly, our teaching series for the month in our Midweek services is captioned: UNDERSTANDING THE PERSON AND MISSION OF THE HOLY GHOST
    Please note that the mission of the Holy Spirit to the believer begins with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That is our spiritual initiation into the school of power. Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?
    Acts 19:1-6
    That’s where the journey in the school of power begins. Interestingly it is the automatic gift of God to everyone that is saved. It is not what to beg for. Amen.
    It’s the free gift of God. How free is it?
    Everyone yet to be baptized in the Holy Ghost, in this service the Holy Ghost will fall on you. Don’t fake it. This thing is real. It’s the free gift of God for every child of God, it ought to. Ignorance can keep you away from it. We’re utterly limited without Him. Every believer is utterly limited without the Holy Ghost.
    There’s no more waiting. If you’re Born again it’s your turn now. So don’t be complex, these are simple things. A woman walked up to our office in 1983 and then began to tell the story of how she’s been sorting for the Holy Ghost for a long time and how she has gone to this and that and I said “Look here, you went to wrong places”. I said “No one has capacity to baptize another. Jesus is the only accredited baptizer that if you look up to Him now as you’re before me on this table, you will be fill with the Holy Ghost”. That’s how free the gift is. You can’t be holy without Him. He’s the Holy Spirit. He’s the refiner’s fire.
    So we can’t get there without Him. Believers are dead without the Holy Ghost.
    James 2:26, Isaiah 59:19
    We’re helplessly helpless without Him and He doesn’t want us to remain helpless. So He sent the helper, they call Him the Comforter to be our fountain of help whenever we’re challenged.
    For one to be baptized by the Holy Spirit, one must be Born again. When you’re Born again you’re an automatic candidate for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
    Crave for the baptism of the Holy Ghost because you’re helplessly helpless without Him.
    John 7:37-39
    It takes craving and thirst to partake of your portion. Can I hear your amen.
  • Somebody’s story is changing.
  • Your helplessness is over.
  • The time of your helplessness is over.
    Recognize Jesus as the baptizer.
    Matthew 3:11-12
    Open up your heart to the Word on how to receive the Holy Spirit.
    2nd Peter 1:3
    What do I need to be Born again? Have a genuine thirst for the Holy Ghost. Focus your eyes on Him. Now make specific demands. “I want to be endued with the power from on high with the evidence of speaking in new tongues”. Make it a cry of your heart and you’ll take delivery in grand styles. How much more will God give the Holy Ghost to those that ask Him.
    Luke 11:13
    Expect to be filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in new tongues.
    Acts 8:17
    I never had to lay hands on that woman. She was blasting in tongues under one second that the Word got a hold on her.
  • It’s your turn.
  • You’re getting there today.
    That’s the way it works.
    Lift up your right hand where you are.
    All those who are yet to be baptized in the Holy Ghost, just say “Lord I’m set for the baptism of the Holy Ghost”. Those who are baptized in the Holy Ghost begin to thank God in tongues for the gift of the Holy Ghost at work in you. It’s not a religious emblem. It’s an empowerment from on high.
    Those who are yet to be baptized, now reach out your hands to Heaven and say “I believe the Word tonight by focusing on You the baptizer, now endue m e with Your power and let it come down to me with evidence”.
    Everybody pray. Fill me up tonight. Pray expecting, pray believing in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    Let me tell you this, the strength of your supplication and intercession notwithstanding without expectation, you have no access to answered prayer. There must be your expectation.
    Now in our growing up days in the faith, there was a lot of confusion about the Holy Ghost baptism. I was a victim of it because the Evangelicals believe that the moment you’re saved you’re filled with the Holy Ghost and then the question is how will somebody be seeking someone who you do not understand. Does that make sense? I was just using my little brain to censor God. So one day I just felt a lot of dryness. I said “Holy Ghost, if You’re anywhere fill me by Yourself”. A friend came and tapped me up for an attention and I just blew up in tongues free of charge. A thirst will deliver your portion. Expectation will make it happen.
    Don’t let this season pass you by without the raw evidence of being filled with the Holy Ghost. Don’t toil with it. It gets you drunk. It has one kind of joy that has no other source. They call Him the oil of joy. Glory to God and that oil must find full scale expression in your life. Let me hear your loudest amen.
    They don’t teach people to speak in tongues. He opens your heart to receive Him and then He gives you utterance. Your mouth is free to let the utterance flow. Can I hear your amen.
  • Many will wake up in the morning blowing in tongues like never before.
    He is a person and not a thing. He is the third person of the God head.
    1st John 5:7
    He is a person.
    John 16:7
    He’s not tongues, He is a person. He is the custodian of the power of God on the earth. Until you’re endued with power from on high, manifesting in your life on the earth will be impossible.
    Luke 24:49
    Among others He empowers us to live the overcomers life.
    Luke 10:1, Luke 19:17
    These are all manifestations of the Holy Ghost in a figure.
    They saw His manifestation while they were with Him.
  • The last hurt you suffered is the last you will know.
  • Death shall be swallowed up in victory for many, even tonight.
  • Every verdict of death pronounced on anyone by anyone is reversed tonight.
    Remember in
    1st John 5:19
    Psalm 74:20
    There is no hiding place.
    So we’re empowered to live the overcomers’ life. Can I hear your loudest amen? The vision is clear but it will never see the light of day because there is no empowerment to make it happen.
    Until Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit, His messianic mission had no expression. The savior of the world was reduced to a carpenter until the power from on high came. That’s why you can’t play with this thing sir. Don’t try to look like it. Grab it.
    He empowers believers to live the overcomers’ life.
    Finally, He is our dependable companion, always there.
    John 14:16-17
    Wherever you are sir, when you’re sleeping, He is in you. You’re on a journey, He is in you. You’re being attacked, He is in you. My God.
    Whatever can’t stop the power of God can’t stop you from triumphing because the power that makes men triumph is in you. You need that confidence that is in you.
    One of our members was travelling from Abuja to Warri and then at Lokoja they had robbers on the road and he was wearing an earpiece, listening to a message. The earpiece just pulled out and the message was coming out. The head of the gang heard the voice and said “Who is speaking? Bishop Oyedepo? We can’t operate here”. He’s in you. You’re not looking for it. He said “Can I get this tape? Where can I get other tapes? Armed robbers, nobody is preaching to Him, the power of God hit him. That’s how God wants you loaded with power.
    We were having our time in Kaduna those days and then someone came to drop some fellows in the Air Force Base and he was a stark Muslim and part of those who mock the things of God so He wanted to laugh so he came to peep into the Church and the power of God hit him. He fell down speaking in tongues. He didn’t know how he got home. The wife said “I’m in trouble, I don’t know what has happened to him, I don’t know what he’s saying, I don’t know what He’s talking about”. The whole family got saved. Raw power. That’s what will go with you this night.
    He’s available to every believer in any level but this is how to grow in it, stay in partnership with Him. Stay on the go for Him. Stay committed to His business and He’ll keep empowering you from one level to another. You don’t get empowered to sit down. You get empowered to engage with your Father’s business so if you’re not in it, you’re not a candidate. God is not a magician. “Yes I got empowered, show it”.
    One of us gave a testimony here on Sunday in the Yoruba Church on this ground and then armed robbers picked him and then they checked his bag and in the Bible saw “I’m a Winner” sticker with my local picture in it. “Who has this bag? Stay here”. They carried the other ones like goats going to the slaughter. After putting them in the vehicle they came down, “Take this one thousand, tell them we didn’t touch you o”. There is no way to humble the wicked than to be endued with power.
    All you need is power.
  • In the name of Jesus, this month marks the end of every harassment of the wicked on your life.
  • Whatever person that’s remaining with them that is not dead yet will not wake up in the morning.
  • Everyone connected with them is gone.
    They know that this is not making mouth.
    All those children they picked from the other school, good news, we got some of them already. We’re getting all the others, latest in 24 hours and every devil connected whether in government or out of government the curse of the Lord lands on their lives today.
    We’re talking about the power of God in manifestation. Thank You Jesus.
    Our most dependable companion.
    In conclusion, active engagement in advancing the Kingdom secures our companionship with the Holy Spirit. Everyone He sent, He empowered. Everyone on the go was empowered so our active engagement in advancing the Kingdom of God secures our companionship with the Holy Spirit.
    Acts 10:38
  • It’s a brand new day for you.
    Give God thanks for the Word, you have access it unlimited realm of power and you’ve got active partnership in advancing the Kingdom of God on the earth. Thank You Father and blessed be Your name in Jesus name amen.

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