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-Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP

Give God thanks for thanking us through the first 10 months of the year and bringing us again to the 1st day of the 11th month where 11th hour miracles are awaiting us.
Give God thanks, there is none like our God. Thank Him for His covering over your life, over your family, for sound health, thank Him for provisions, thank Him for protection, thank Him for His goodness and mercy. Do it consciously, do it deliberately, don’t just watch.
Are you thankful? Are you truly thankful? Until you give thanks for the past, you are not qualified for the present.
Give Him thanks that will be acceptable to Him, let it come from the depth of your heart. Your life is an embodiment of grace, my life is an embodiment of grace. Lord, I give You thanks, I give You glory and praise, in Jesus precious name we have given thanks.
In Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Nothing changes people’s story like access to the Word of God.
Isaiah 9:8, Isaiah 60:1,3
Nothing changes people’s story like access to the revelation of the truth.
-May this month be an unusual month, for everyone of us, greater than all the past months.
We are in the crowning days of the year and He crowns the year with His goodness and all His paths drop fatness – Psalm 65:11.

What we are seeing at the Pre-Shiloh encounter services is the dropping of the fatness of heaven, it is a validation of the crowning days of the year.
-May another man not take your crown.
Lord Jesus, speak to us again, to the glory and praise of your name, in Jesus precious name.

We understand from scriptures that thanksgiving is a demonstration of our appreciation to God – Psalm 103:1-5
Bless Him with all your soul in return, for His goodness in your life, so it can be preserved, it can be multiplied and it can be perfected. As we give God thanks for what He is doing, we remind Him of whatever may remain. That man returned with a loud voice glorifying God and God was reminded of what remained. So He moved from being cleansed to being made whole: full restoration of beauty and colour as he gave thanks for what he has seen, he reminded God of what remains – Luke 17:16, 19.

Thanksgiving is more pleasant to God than any other form of sacrifice – Psalm 49:30-31
God appreciates our thanksgiving and praise more than any other thing we can offer and that is more beneficial to us than any other spiritual virtue.

You give Him the glory, He preserves the blessings. You give Him the glory, He keeps building you up.
Thanksgiving is a mystery of the Kingdom that makes all the difference at all times. Therefore, be ye thankful, it is key to continuous advancement in life.

We are looking ‘UNDERSTANDING THE POWER OF THANKSGIVING’ as our line of thought in our Covenant Hour of Prayer this week.
Get ready for the strangest order of encounters as you rear an altar of thanksgiving and praise unto God. He will manifest the crowning of the year in your life. You will see His goodness like never before – Psalm 65;11
And you find down the line, they keep shouting for joy. The end of the year brings you shouts of joy as He crowns the year with His goodness in your life. That shall be your experience.

God’s plan for His children is unveiled through prophetic scriptures and words of prophecy – 2 Peter 1:19-21
Every prophetic scripture is guaranteed for delivery. He also sends us Prophets to whom He reveals His plan. When you see those plans coming to pass, you know they are sent by God for those directives. Anybody here should know by now, that the Pre-Shiloh Service Encounter prophetic platform is real. The miracle altar of one thing at a time answers like fire. Testimonies are pouring in online of the strange acts of God.
Somebody brought as his one desire, his son who was arrested abroad in a grocery store without any crime and kept in Police custody for some time and then transferred to the Prison. Every effort of the lawyer to get him out, because there was nothing caught with him, there was nothing he did; but he brought that before the Lord last Sunday. Heaven intervened, Wednesday that followed, his son was delivered. So it answers on all counts. The one thing at a time mystery is a wave that is ordained to bring home for us the wonders of the crowning days of the year. Don’t toy with it, engage with it.
We had 2 miracle conceptions, both confirmed on the same day, 27th, Wednesday, of October. Awesome God.
-Your crowning package is in this season and you won’t miss it for any reason.

So be thankful.
Every Word of God gets confirmed in whomsoever believes it and those individuals who chose to believe it just saw the hand of God upon their lives.
Deuteronomy 18:21-2
Not everybody called a prophet by people is a prophet. Every word passed down to a prophet finds supernatural fulfillment in those who choose to believe. That woman tore the report, this is not for my children, she got angry in the spirit, she became violent with her faith and then as Shiloh got over, on Monday she went back for the test. The two children, 2 at a time, SS to AA.
Over the years, we have seen Shiloh delivering very strange order of testimonies. We have never had clouds brighter than this in the history of Pre-Shiloh encounter services. This is the brightest cloud we have ever had, indicating the heavy showers that is coming during Shiloh – Zechariah 10:1
Bright clouds always precede his outpouring.

What we are having now are the bright clouds that is preceding the heavy showers that await us at Shiloh.
-Get excited, something has broken loosed in heaven and it has broken loosed in your favour.
-You are walking into strange realms of triumph.
-You will emerge from Shiloh as ‘More than a Conqueror’

But it takes thanksgiving to provoke the fulfillment of prophecies – 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Hebrews 10:36.
It is after thanksgiving that you are entitled to fulfillment of prophecy. If you are thankless, fulfillment of prophecies will remain a daydream. It takes being thankful.
He said, “you will not need to fight in this battle, I have taken over but set up an altar of praise to demonstrate what I have spoken to you” – 2 Chronicles 20:17
As they began, God stepped in and brought in dramatic fulfillment of prophecies, they never had to shoot an arrow, He gave them raw victory and none of their enemies escaped– 2 Chronicles 20:22, 24
You want to see prophecies fulfilled, be another Abraham; giving glory unto God, then Isaac came – Romans 4:20
-Many Isaacs will be born this month. As you keep giving God all the glory with all your heart, without any reservation. Full scale celebration of God’s faithfulness over your life. Just look at what grace has brought your way and you have reminded Him of whatever may remain and He takes it over.
-It shall be the most awesome month for you.

As they shouted Hosanna, Jesus invaded the temple and cast out everything that offends and healed every sick that was there. They triggered his intervention by a shout of praise as they sang Hosanna to Him – Matthew 21:9-12
🎶🎶Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest. Lord, we lift up your name, with our hearts full of praise, be exalted O Lord our God. Hosanna in the highest🎶🎶
-That will be your shout of triumph all through the month.

Stop saying in your life, “make a noise to the Lord.” No. Shout Hosanna, shout Hallelujah, let it be meaningful. If the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, no one will get ready for war. If you check Revelation chapter 19, verses 1 to 6. It was a shout that enthrones God and moves Him to intervene on our behalf.

Gideon said, “look on me and as I do, do likewise.” Bring your handkerchiefs out, you don’t have, remove your coat.
-Your shout of Hosanna all through the month will provoke divine intervention on all issues concerning you.
-The shout of Hallelujah will make God’s rain on the earth manifest in your lives.
-Nothing goes wrong this month. Everything goes right for you, in the name of Jesus.
-This shall be a month of humbling testimonies.
-This shall be a month of ‘we have never seen it in this fashion’ for you, your family and all that pertains to you in the name of Jesus.
-The bright cloud season is here, everything goes supernaturally bright for you, bright for your family, bright for your children, bright for the works of your hands, bright for your destiny. Your destiny shines forth this month, in the name of Jesus and so shall it be.

Happy, Happy New Month one more time. It shall be happy all the way through.
-It shall be joy and rejoicing all the way through, in the name of Jesus Christ.


CHoP is an acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer.

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