UNDERSTANDING THE POWER OF THANKSGIVING- Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr at Mid-week Communion Service

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Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr at Mid-week Communion Service.

Lift your hands to Heaven everybody and let’s give glory to God from the depth of our hearts. Give Him praise, give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration. Celebrate Him from the depth of your heart, He is worthy of praise. He is worthy of glory. He is worthy of honour. He is worthy of all adoration. Thank Him and thank Him. Bless the Holy name of the Most High God.

Father we have come to give praise, Father we have come to give glory, Father we have come to give honour, Father we have come to give adoration.

Thank You Mighty God, blessed be Your Holy name. You are worthy of all the praise, You are worthy of all the glory. You are worthy of all the honour and You are worthy of all adoration. Thank You mighty God, in Jesus precious name we have given thanks.

Our Father this Evening, we have come to give glory to You. We thank You for all that You have done for us. Your faithfulness is everywhere. We give You all the praise. We give You all the glory. Accept our thanksgiving this evening in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Lord, our eyes are upon You tonight, we ask that You’ll speak to us by Your word. Let Your word transform each one of our lives. Thank You for doing it Lord, in Jesus precious name we have given thanks.

Tonight, we are going to begin looking at God’s word in this teaching captioned:


Psalm 47:7
The effectiveness of our praise is determined by the understanding with which we engage. In this Kingdom, nothing is outstanding without understanding and praise, being one of the simple mysteries of the Kingdom is loaded with untold power but the power that emerges from praise and thanksgiving is determined by the understanding with which we engage

Ephesians 1:17-19
There is a demand for understanding that triggers the manifestation of God’s power in our direction.

That is why it is so important that we explore this subject, so that our thanksgiving can continue to provoke unusual manifestation. That will be your experience in the name of Jesus Christ!

1). Thanksgiving is what we owe God, both as individuals and as a church. It is a debt that we owe (Luke 17:17-19). Every act of God in the direction of any man, puts that man in debt to God and that is why we must understand that when it comes to this action of gratitude, it is the payment of a standing debt (2 Thessalonians 2:13).

There is no time you are not in debt to God. You may be out of human debt but you can never be out of divine debt. That is a permanent debt that you will keep owing God, both on earth and you will still be paying that debt in Heaven. Why do I say so? When you pray, prayer continues on the earth and there is a memorial. The Bible tells us that there are stores of prayers in Heaven. So, you can pray so much that your prayer will still be stored in Heaven. But you can’t thank so much that there is storage of thanksgiving in Heaven.

So, that debt of thanksgiving, you can’t finish paying it here. But you must pay a good chunk of it here so that you won’t get to Heaven too far in debt. You know debt is in categories. There are different levels of debt. There is a dimension of debt that you go to, that they must not meet you.

Every encounter is an embarrassment. There is a type that you can still go to the office and discuss and explain and say, “You see, you should try and understand. I’m working on it. After all, I have paid some last time. I’m working on it, just have patience.” That’s the type you should have with God, not the one that you will be dodging, even in Heaven.

It is a bad thing when the person you are owing is always seeing you and the Bible says, God does not sleep nor slumber and if you get to Heaven, you are always there. There is no night, there is no day. There is no need for sun, so there is nowhere to hide. So, it is a debt that we owe and you can never be out of that debt. That is why you must always continue to pay for that debt. Thanksgiving is actually not only a debt that we owe, but we can never out pay because we are still owing debt as we are paying it.

Psalm 150:6
Your breath is given to you by God for which you must praise God. What do you use to speak? Breath!

So, you are using debt to pay debt.

You can never come to the point where you are out of it (Psalm 34:1). There is no time that is not thanking time. At every point in time, keep giving glory to God (Ephesians 5:20). We must keep giving thanks because we owe Him thanks.

2). It takes thanksgiving to provoke the stretching forth of the hand of God upon our lives (Psalm 100:4). Instigating God in your matter requires thanksgiving and praise. Involving God in your matter requires thanksgiving and praise. God’s servant, our father has always said, “You cannot be grateful and not be joyful. A grateful man is a joyful man.”

Psalm 92:1-2
When you are truly grateful, there is a tone of joy inside of you. Gratitude leaves you with joy. You cannot be grateful and not be joyful. You cannot be joyful and not be praiseful. When joy is authentic, praise is the evidence (James 5:13).

So, the authentic proof of the validity of joy inside of a man is the potency of praise emerging from that individual. You cannot be praiseful and not be God-full (Psalm 22:3).

You cannot be God-full and not be wonderful (Psalm 114:1-7).

You cannot carry God and lack wonders. Everyone that is praiseful ends up God-full and those that are God-full end up wonderful. Their lives become fountains of wonders.
– For somebody, that will be your own experience!
– Your life shall become a fountain of wonders in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Let’s be reminded this evening that a man can receive nothing except it be given unto him from above. Whatever you have, it is has been given. We are not achievers in this Kingdom, we are receivers. No matter what is in your hand, it is not by power nor by might that it got there, it is the hand of God that delivered it to you.

Therefore, if we have received it, then we have a responsibility to celebrate the One from who we received it (1 Corinthians 4:7). You and I must understand that we have a debt to pay in celebrating God and as we are doing so, His hand is stretched forth on our behalf and we must understand that any good thing you have seen in any department of your life, it is not by you but by Him and as a result of that, we must return the glory to Him.

We must continue to acknowledge God for His goodness and His mercy in every department of our lives, in other to retain His blessing (Psalm 136:1-3, Lamentations 3:22-23). There is no day that you don’t partake of God’s mercy. It is the same road that you take, that others died on and you passed the road everyday. The mercy of God covering you, the grace of God preserving you. It is not because you are smarter than others. There are deaths that you could have died that you are not aware of, that the mercy of God shielded you from.
Romans 9:16.

God’s servant has always said, it is what happened that you know. What could have happened, you are not aware of. If God could open your eyes to see the various occurrences in the realm of the spirit that He blocked without you being able to be aware, you will understand the necessity of gratitude.

You woke up in the morning, you are about to go out, you have a nudging in your spirit; “Don’t go to where you are trying to go” and you still go and you told yourself; “But I went, nothing happened.” You don’t know how many things God block that day, because in that error, you should have been destroyed.

So many of us don’t have any clue of what it is that He delivered us from. If anyone has the opportunity to be consistently aware, it can run the person mad. How many can you pray against?

How many can you defend against? It is not only in the night, satan attacks different times, different ways, different agendas but yet, look at yourself; this is December of 2021. Every single day, the mercy of God has never failed.
Will you lift your hands and say; “Thank You Jesus.”

1). For all His benefits, including forgiveness, healing, deliverance, continuous supplies and total well-being (Psalm 103:1-5). There are some people here that have never landed in the hospital from January till date. Are you smarter than others? Are you stronger than others? It is the doing of the Lord. He sustained you, He healed you, He forgave you and He supplied your needs.

It is important that we must understand that if you look around your life and it looks like you have things that you require, it is because there are things that you did not need to demand that He supplied for you. That is why you are still here to have other desires. So, we are thanking Him for His numerous benefits.

2). For His wondrous works in our lives and for triumph all through the year (Psalm 78:42-55). It is dangerous not to acknowledge the wonders of God. It is amazing how many things we forget. As far as the wonders of God are concerned, if you look at your life from January till date, the wonders are numerous and we must give quality thanks for His wonders in our lives.

Deuteronomy 6:12
One of the very disturbing traits of man is the speed of forgetfulness. Tell a person, take this sheet of paper and write all the things you are thankful to God for. You will see the person cracking brain. Then say, take this sheet of paper, write what you are expecting from God. He will be asking for more; “please another sheet”. I remember one year, God’s servant told us, your expectation card is one. Because there are some people, they will staple it, not just the expectation card but with proper A4 paper. Why? They are expecting, God must perform. During the last month, while we were doing one thing at a time. Some people had serious problem. “My issue is more than one ooo.” When it comes to man, expectation is plenty but appreciation is minimal.

I’ll like you to understand people of God this evening that when it comes to the wonders of God, beware, lest you forget (Deuteronomy 6:12). In thanking God, we must be grateful for the wonders and for the diverse triumphs that He gave us in the course of the year (2 Corinthians 2:14).

We are beneficiaries of triumph, so you and I must remain grateful. Look at this year, how many victories you won?

How many battles you overcame? There are times when you thought you will not make it, you thought you will not be able to come out but yet, He brought you out – triumph after triumph, victory after victory. Beware lest you forget.
– I see each one of us today receiving grace to maintain a life of gratitude!

3). For His abounding grace and continuous scaling of new heights (1 Corinthians 15:10). We are grace-made, we are not self-made. Any height you scale, it is by the hand of God (1 Samuel 12:6, Psalm 75:6-7). Don’t deceive yourself, every advancement, it was God pushing you forward. Anytime you neglect to give glory to God, He leaves you and exposes your weakness.

Every promotion, elevation, advancement has been by the hand of God, not by your efforts. Somebody shared a testimony, he said that she had been stagnated for promotion for a number of years and then, when she went to God concerning that promotion, suddenly she was called one day; “Where are you, why are you not in the exam hall for promotion?”

She was given a specific time and there was no way to go from where she was to arrive in the examination hall. Which means that promotion again has been sabotaged. She said, “I went to God at Shiloh; Father this promotion, I must get it.” Suddenly, entered into the new year and then got the promotion without writing the exam and backdated it to give her some benefits of the past. Why? The hand of God pushing her forward.

There are times that God just does certain things to show you that it is not you at all. He just moves you forward so that you can tell that it is not by power nor by might, but this is by the operation of the spirit of the Lord.

4). For His faithful in our lives. The faithfulness of God is the backbone of the confidence of man.
2 Timothy 2:13 – God is the only One that every time you call will answer. There is no human being, no matter how well-intentioned that can answer you every time. Haven’t you have missed calls before? Can you imagine if God now begin to have missed calls with all the challenges that you have?

We take for granted many things. You have a challenge now and you went into a corner and say, “Father in the name of Jesus. I call on You now to step in” and He hears you and steps in. Only God can answer every call (Jeremiah 33:3, Matthew 7:8). Make no mistake about it; never take the faithfulness of God for granted.

Some years ago, I’ve share it before, I was in church and I was ministering and I said, “many of you, you have so much confidence: If I call pastor, he will pick.” I said, there’s a day you will call, there be no network. One woman was in the Church, she laughed. Then she went home and then one day, in the course of the same week, she had a challenge in the office, she was rushed to the hospital. The ward they put her in, she carried phone to call, there was not one single bar. When she saw the phone, she said; “Hey, pastor said this thing on Sunday.” At that time, she turned to God, “Father, You must deliver me. You must set me free.” Only God could have answered that call at that time because He abides faithful. He can never deny Himself.

That is the God we serve, the One that does not sleep nor slumber. The One that give attention to every individual at the same time. Do you know how of us are calling God at the same time and He is answering each one of us the same time?

5). For the blessings anticipated. One of the secrets of securing your desires is appreciating Him in advance. Jesus took five loaves of bread and two fishes; He was expecting much more than that to feed 5,000 men minus women and children. He gave thanks in advance for what He was expecting and He received it.

He got to the tomb of Lazarus, He was not expecting to leave there and leave a dead man there. But He gave thanks in advance for the resurrection of Lazarus and He received it.

If there is a blessing that is yet to come, send the advance party of thanksgiving and the blessing will arrive. There is something you are still expecting to see happen before the year concludes, send thanksgiving ahead, it will always come back with a testimony.

For any blessing you are anticipating, starting thanking, start appreciating, start celebrating and you will see the blessing start manifesting.

Lift your hands to Heaven this evening and give thanks to God.
Father thank You, blessed be Your name. You are worthy of all praise. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.


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