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  • Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP
    Thank You Jesus. We serve a story changing God. You are about stepping into a year of changes that will cause you to keep crying uncontrollably.
    -Many will be at the prison to the Palace. From begging to super surplus. From weakness to strength. From sickness to health, it has started already.
    Prayers: Give God thanks. Give Him glory and praise, in Jesus precious name. Father thank You again, the year is winding up but You are still on duty. You have vowed to crown our year with Your goodness and cause our paths to drop fatness. Let no man miss his portion. In this crowning week of the year, your portion shall be fully delivered and the name of the Lord shall be glorified. Thank You Jesus, in Jesus precious name. Speak to us this morning, let Your Word move us forward again, in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Let’s start by recognizing that every Word of scripture is prophetic and so none of them will see the light of day without a commitment to a lifestyle of thanksgiving.
    Psalm 56:4, 10
    It’s the Word you appreciate that comes to pass in your life. It’s the Word that you are thankful to for such an encounter that is made manifest in your life.
    When we think of prophecy, we don’t just think of a Prophet of God making declarations. Yes, but the most assured because you have limited capacity to interpret accurately at all times, it is the prophecy of scriptures. The Bible calls it the more sure Word of prophecy – 2 Peter 1:19

Our God knows the end from the beginning – Isaiah 46:9-10
Believe it, engage with it and be thankful as you do and then you will find it fully delivered in your life. You know those who do know their God, they shall be strong, it is not all this ‘buru buru’, you need a working knowledge of God to make the most of your adventure in the Kingdom. We need a working knowledge of the Word. Things don’t come to pass just because you have read it, you have written it down, maybe you have even preached it. They work because:

  1. You engaged with it. You line up with His demands and then you are thankful as you do. When you receive the seed, the seed is planted; when you give thanks, it is watered. No matter the quality of any seed, if it is not watered, it will die.
    The reason why many things won’t come to pass in many believers’ life is that their seed is planted without watering.
    Paul must plant, Apollos must water, before God will bring the increase – 1 Corinthians 3:6
    Every water free seed will die. When there is no rain, seeds die in the ground. That is why no scriptural prophecy will come to pass without a commitment to a lifestyle of thanksgiving. Very important.
    We have the example of Hezekiah. The prophetic Word went forth, “that I have added 15 more years to your life” – Isaiah 38:5
    God sent it to him through Isaiah and you heard him say, “because the Lord will heal me, therefore we will sing my songs” – Isaiah 38:20
    He just understood it from his father David: God was set to heal me, I will sing to see it as reality, to take delivery of it as reality.
    That’s why in the days of ‘Claim it’, many have got nothing to claim because they don’t know the process of seeing God’s Word come true in a man’s life.
    -May the light you are receiving now add colour to your Christian adventure.
    -May it add colour to your Christian adventure.
    The more thankful we are, the more of prophecies we see come to pass in our lives. A prophecy went forth, “a time cometh when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of man and they that hear shall live” – John 5:25
    That is okay, it came from the mouth of Jesus and He was face to face with the grace of Lazarus after 4 days, “Father, I thank You.” Lazarus, came forth – John 11:39, 42
    It is a process. If you don’t embrace the process, you will never have the product. It’s a process.
    Now, watch: every healing goes through a process of recovery. So when you see a change, give thanks to provoke the next change and one change after another and after another, your wholeness is restored.
    That’s why that man, “in the name of Jesus, rise up and walk”: He first leaped. Leaping and praising God. Then the ankle bones were strengthened as he was praising God. It all begins with healing and recovery is a process which is engaged with in thanksgiving.
    “Go, show yourself to the priest”: Then the healing began. He said, “wait a minute, I will go and say thank you first.” He said, “Thank You”, then he accessed the realm of wholeness.
    The reason why many people are discouraged is that, “I came here to be healed” and then the pain has reduced and he knew it.
    “It is complete healing I came for, I didn’t come for reduction.”
    Response: Okay, go and add the remaining!
    We run a Kingdom agenda that is called little by little; little by little – Exodus 23:30
    You don’t experience wholeness until you appreciate the first little. It will attract the second little and then the third little and then the fourth little and then the wholesome.
    I heard from God, direct, live on how to keep the Church growing and it didn’t jump up one day:
    “Father, thank You: 3 people today” (speaking in tongues)
    Then 4 tomorrow and then 6 tomorrow. Then after that powerful encounter, 4 whole months after, we were only 90 people.
    🎶🎶Everybody rejoice in the Lord, Jesus conquered satan. Hallelujah 🎶🎶
    Somebody might be wondering, “what has He conquered?” Can you conquer what He has conquered? Okay.

People don’t embrace this Kingdom policy of little by little, yet it applies to all areas of life.
Somebody will emerge a heavy weight champion tomorrow: he is not a feather weight. He is a baby weight when he was born, they can’t wrestle at that time, he can only wrestle with feeding bottle, nothing else.

Yet, there is a heavy weight agenda packaged into that system.
So much is packaged into your life but the first little you saw, you despised it.

The second little, you ignored it.
The third little, you said, “I can’t wait. This is not what God told me.”
God told me, “the hour has come to liberate the world”, not to liberate a street; to liberate the world.
So why don’t I run away with, “I am sent to the world, to liberate the world, not to a corner. I can’t start in a corner like this.”
“To impact the entire world, I should be at Ikoyi (Lagos) proper.” Because Lagos was the only place that time, there was no Abuja.
How can you liberate the world from a corner of Kaduna township? It is not a city. No.
Then you now built a batcher there and that is worldwide: liberating the world from a batcher.
That is the process: You are not thankful, you are grounded.
-No one here shall be grounded any more.
Hear me, your healing will begin, your wholeness, your restoration will begin as healing. The process of thanksgiving will thanksgiving will convert it to wholeness over time. Then you are on. Understand that.
He can do it boom, but so that it won’t destroy you, He does it little by little.
If you start teaching your toddler what they are learning in J.S 1, he won’t go to school. He will say, “I am not interested.”

Why? Don’t destroy my head.
The thing you are pumping there is too much, it is poisonous. He can’t stand it.
It is all a process.

Get interested in the process, you won’t miss the end result and the process will always require thanksgiving.

You can’t move from one level to another without thanksgiving: it is not possible.
Nothing is happening: Be thankful. You won’t lose anything, He will restore the years.
Nobody changes level in the Kingdom without being genuinely thankful. Genuinely thankful! It is a necessary part of that process.
You engage with the Word: Praise God
You do what the Word says: Praise God
You pray to clear obstacles: Wonderful
But you must be thankful to change level.
-Hezekiah got his wholeness through a process of thanksgiving, you will get your own.
Deuteronomy 7:22
“…lest the beasts of the field increase upon thee, in terms of pride and arrogance.”
“See this kingdom that my hand has built” – Daniel 4:30
He allows you to go through a process to humble you where you arrive at the ultimate. To keep you level headed.
If I say now, that we had a glassy Sanctuary in Kaduna. All those who were there would say, “this man is a liar. I was there, there was no glassy anything, we were meeting in the open field. Then we had a batcher, a batcher of grass. Then God gave us some money, we had a roof on that batcher stuff and we were having a nice time.”

It was not paved, not till we left there. When rain falls and water enters, it will be flowing from the right side of the altar like in Revelation chapter 22.

We were having a great time. A great time Sir.
It’s little by little.
“You will fly in aircrafts”: Great. But you will first fly on motor bike, with zeal and zest; it (motor bike) is borrowed, so there is nothing to be proud about. The motor bike was borrowed.

Then you now fly in a Beetle: You must enjoy it or you will never fly forever. You must enjoy the Beetle, you must enjoy the trek, you must enjoy the motor bike. It is all a process. When you stop being thankful, the process stops.
You have missed my trouble for a long time, so this is the water of life being troubled: Jump in.
Prayers: Thank God for the process that has begun and the end result in view. Give God thanks.
Your turnaround began ooo, allow it to be completed. It began long ago; the first time you believed it, it began. It is now thanksgiving, intense thanksgiving to take the balance of your delivery.
Speak to the Lord in thanksgiving!!! The process has begun, let it be concluded.
God is crowning your year with His goodness, allow Him to do it. All his paths are dropping fatness for you, allow it to be. With intense thanksgiving. Thank You Heavenly Father.
God has been here, that is why things are working.
-May you succeed in keeping His presence with your life.
I was able to listen to one or two things in bits, during my being out of here and then if it is only audio you are hearing, you can’t tell who is ministering: The same life, because God is the Giver of the Word. Same order of testimonies because God is the Giver of the Word.
Allow God to be resident with you. It is what is making all the difference here and He can’t be except you are a grateful thanksgiver. His presence requires that first sustenance. Your insurance will run out when you stop giving thanks. So you are driving at your risk. Insurance will run out. Allow this insurance to run by keeping God’s presence with you through a lifestyle of thanksgiving with an intense commitment. It always works.
-You will never have anymore in your life a better last year.
-Every year shall be an obvious plus on the previous.
-The same way it has been for this Commission over 40 years, every year of your life from henceforth shall be undeniable plus on the previous.
-May the few days remaining, may each one of us receive grace to complete the process of full delivery of the balance of our turnaround package. Receive that in the name of Jesus.
When our thanksgiving is full, the rain of that balance will fall.
-So grace to fill up the cloud of your thanksgiving, my thanksgiving, in these few days, receive it now in the name of Jesus and so shall it be.
Now, grace to retain His presence with you which is what makes anyone more than a conqueror, receive it now. I curse the root of murmuring and complaining. There is no season in life that people complain than the end of the year.
“The year is running oooo. Only 4 days. Nothing can happen. Everything they said I should do, I have been doing since January. Is it only these 3 days that something will now turn? Don’t deceive me please. God, I am hurt. I am offended, I have a right to.”
satan will say, “say more”
“I have a right to be offended. Am I not your son? Why am I still at this point?”
What you are saying now is ‘Why’: you don’t appreciate nothing and so it’s your choice therefore to depreciate.
“Lord, I have a right to say it.”
“They don’t say it in our Church but I can tell You. Let me tell you, You are my friend, am I not the one that brought you to this Church? This thing is not working.”
Friend’s response: But it is working for me
“Don’t deceive yourself.”
-You will not be deceived.
We are not unaware of the devil’s devices lest he should take advantage of us. Please shut your eyes from what may appear like not working, see them as being a process, then facilitate the delivery through intense thanksgiving.
Give God thanks. Give Him glory and praise.

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