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-Pastor David Oyedepo Jr at CHoP

Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank You today for the blessing and the privilege of being in Your presence. Thank You for always hearing us, always answering us, always manifesting among us. We give You the praise and the glory. For the testimonies we have heard, we say thank You and now this morning, our eyes are upon You. We ask that You speak to us. Let Your Word transform our lives. We give all the praise and all the glory to You, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

From scriptures, the pattern of God’s working is made clear.
Isaiah 42:9
God is in the habit of speaking ahead of His performance. That is what we refer to as prophecy. Prophecy is God declaring the end from the beginning – Isaiah 46:10
God is in the habit of declaring what He intends to perform. That declaration is what we call prophecy and it is clear from scriptures that whatever God’s mouth speaks, it will take God’s hand to perform.
1 Kings 8:15
God is in the habit of declaring before He performs but whatever God’s mouth declares, only God’s hand can perform. It means therefore that it is impossible to see the fulfillment of prophecy by the energy of the flesh.

It will always take the performing hand of God to see prophecies fulfilled. It means that until we know the covenant pathway to securing God’s hand, we cannot see prophecies fulfilled.

From scriptures we discover that one of the covenant requirements to see God’s hand stretched out for the fulfillment of any prophetic Word is the covenant requirement of thanksgiving. Where thanksgiving is absent, God’s performing hand is absent.

That is why you will discover that there are many today that carry prophetic words in their hearts. Yet there are no proofs in their hands, because until thanks is given to God, fulfillment is not available to man.

It is thanksgiving that procures for you and I the covenant code to see to the fulfillment of any prophetic Word.
1 Thessalonians 5:18
It means when we give thanks, we are now positioning ourselves for the will of God as it concerns us. Thanksgiving is personal because the outcome of it is personal.
Hebrews 10:36
Prophecies are always as it were, the presentation of heavenly promises based on particular conditions. When the conditions are fulfilled, the promises are delivered. That is why we say that our God is a covenant keeping God.

A covenant is always simply a spiritual deal that is based on well defined terms and sealed with an oath. When a man begins to follow a divine protocol, he secures the available promises.
The Word of God says, “after you have done the will of God, you will receive the promise” – Hebrews 10:36
And the will of God that secures the promise is the engagement of the mystery of thanksgiving. That simply means that prophecies will not be delivered until thanksgiving is genuinely offered.

That is why it is important for us to understand that thanksgiving is not just about what has happened, but it is a covenant platform to make things happen. It is a trigger point for provoking desired manifestations.
Habakkuk 3:17-19
Everything looks contrary to what has been promised, yet I will rejoice – Habakkuk 3:17-18
According to God’s Word, the condition may be contrary but if God will be involved, if God’s hand will be engaged, if our story will be changed, then the pathway of thanksgiving must be put to work. Thanksgiving is that covenant trigger, that catalyst that brings about the full delivery of every prophetic Word.

That is why this week, we are going to be looking at this exhortation captioned:


This morning, in particular, I will like us to be reminded that every prophetic scripture is settled in Heaven forever – Psalm 119:89
That is why the Word of God is referred to as the incorruptible seed. What does that mean? It means that cannot die. It is continuously potent. It is settled in Heaven forever.
If you carry a physical seed, you and I both know that inside that seed is the tree but the seed can also be destroyed. That is why you discover that anywhere they keep seeds, they try to make sure certain things are not permitted. For example, there are certain insects that they don’t allow to go near the seed because if the insect gets to seed, the seed can be killed. But the Word of God is not like those seeds, the Word of God is a seed that cannot be killed. It carries inside of it, an indestructible life to fulfill whatever it says. That means at every point in time, whatever you find in God’s Word, it is fulfillable in your life. Whatever you discover from what God has said is available for your taking.
Matthew 24:35
Everything God says is settled forever. It is settled. That simply means if you and I can position ourselves to take delivery of what He has said, it is available for the taking.
-I have good news for you, whatever God has said, even concerning this year, it is available for the taking.

But the Word of God makes it clear to us that if we are going to take it, we must look at the pattern of those who actually got it.
How did they get it?
How did they take delivery of what God has said?
We are given an example in scriptures – Hebrews 12:2
He (Jesus) got it. The question is, “How did He get it?” That scripture gives us a clear picture but we want to take a human example on the earth. How did He do it when He was on the earth?
We saw how He got the ultimate throne, “who for the joy that was set before Him” and by that, the Bible says, “He despised the shame, He did not allow anything get to Him, He maintained His joy and He got it by sitting on the right hand.”
But how did He attain fulfillment of prophecy when He was on the earth?
John 5:25 – He spoke a Word into prophecy. This was a prophecy. It is true that we have seen miracles in the life of Jesus before this time.
John 2 – He turned water into wine.
We had seen different dimensions of the miraculous but as at this time, nobody had been raised from the dead and Jesus made a statement here, “the hour is coming and now is when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God and they that hear shall live.”
Somebody say, “Prophecy.”
That was Jesus speaking of what was to come and by chapter 11 of the Book of John, we know this, the Bible tells us Lazarus was dead and Lazarus had been dead for 4 days. Between (John chapter 11), verse 40 and 44, we saw the fulfillment of the prophecy.
John 11:40-44
He had prayed, there was no response. But He turned to thanksgiving. Suddenly He cried out, “Lazarus come forth” and he that was dead came forth – John 11:43
He said, “the dead will hear, the dead will be raised.”
How did it happen? By the protocol of thanksgiving.
I don’t know what case may look dead, what case may look closed, what matter may look beyond recovery, God says that the pattern is simple: Give Thanks.
Jeus gave thanks at the edge of a closed matter.
The Bible says, they said, “by this time, he stinketh” – John 11:39
Maybe there is already a stinking situation, it has been buried and forgotten, but God is saying that there is a catalyst for reversal and that is the force of thanksgiving.
Jesus engaged that force and Lazarus came forth. He kept engaging that force until He sat on the right hand of the throne of God. It is the same force that God has given to you and I to engage in order to see the fulfillment of every prophetic Word.
-The good news is this, concerning you, no prophecy will fall to the ground.

The good news is God never runs out of time. Whatever He says is settled. The good news is that as you engage this catalyst, that settled Word will deliver your settled testimony.
So the responsibility is simple. What is it? Give thanks. Very simple.
At every point, thank You Jesus. Continuously. Make it an addiction and you will see your life will never lack additions. He will keep adding to you, keep decorating you, keep changing your level, keep elevating you. That shall be your experience.

Prayers: From the depth of your heart, begin to give thanks unto Him. Give Him thanks always unto God. I have come again this morning to thank You. I have come again this morning to celebrate You. I have come again this morning to adore You. I have come again this morning to honour You. Give Him quality thanks from the depth of Your heart.
Your faithfulness is everlasting, you have continued to do well unto me. You have continued to bless me, you have continued to advance me. I celebrate You Lord. You have been my strength, You have been my shield. You have been my buckler, if I had a thousand tongues, it is insufficient to give you adequate thanks but I have come this morning with a voice of appreciation to say that I am grateful, to say that I am thankful, to glorify Your holy name, to celebrate Your faithfulness. You are worthy to be praised. You are faithful in all of Your ways. You abide faithful, you cannot deny Yourself. I have come this morning to celebrate You Jesus. I have come this morning, to glorify You Jesus.
I celebrate You Lord, I glorify You Lord. You are worthy of all the praise. Thank You mighty God and blessed be Your holy name. In Jesus precious name we have given thanks.
The Word of God declares, “In God, I will praise His Word. In the Lord, I will praise His Word” – Psalm 56:10
Every Word that you have received, that you are holding on to, as a prophetic Word, you keep thanking Him for it, you keep celebrating Him for it.
The wisdom of a farmer is that when he sees seeds, he does not see just seeds, he sees his plantation. Because he discovers that inside that seed is everything that he will require. That is why they defend seeds with all that is within them, because inside that seed is the future they desire.

Every prophecy is a carrier of the future. Keep celebrating God for it. It is a Word that has come from God, inside of it is the tree that you are waiting.
Simply keep celebrating Him and as you keep celebrating Him, He will keep performing His Word.
-No Word of prophecy will fall to the ground concerning you.
-It will deliver fully in your life, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

-Now in the name of Jesus, this day is declared blessed.
-Every benefit loaded inside this day is commanded to be delivered into your hand.
-As you go today, you will go under the covering of Heaven.
-Your going out is declared blessed. Your coming in is declared blessed.
-This week is commanded to open up on your behalf, in the name of Jesus Christ.
-Nothing is permitted to stop working for you.
-Everything works for your good this week, in the name of Jesus Christ. So shall it be.
-All through this week, no disappointment!
In the name of Jesus Christ. So shall it be in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
…Congratulations: You are more than a conqueror. God bless you.


CHoP is an acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer

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