– Bishop David Oyedepo
Day 17, Evening Session,
21 Days of Prayer and Fasting (10th to 30th January 2022) Communion Service


Just like we have fake currencies the word ‘vision’ has been so grossly abused. It is actually reduced to mind reading, somebody telling you where you must go and what you must do. What is a vision from a biblical perspective? it is the unfolding of God’s plan by God as it relates to you. A vision is not somebody saying that you are going to die tomorrow, that is not vision. That is soothsaying.

A vision does not require any human confirmation. Any true vision is self confirming. In those early days, everything God tells you, you want it confirmed by people. ‘Brother John has confirmed it, Bro Ezekiel confirmed, Bro Daniel confirmed it, you know out of the mouth of three’.

If Daniel confirms that 2+2 is 5. Ezekiel also confirms it, does that make it right? 2+2 is eternally 4. That is how worthless human confirmation can be. A blind man asked another blind man to confirm whether he is on the right path and he is going there. What a confirmation and then 10 blind men are going there. Blind man directing you where to turn to and you turn because he confirmed it. That is why light is coming by the word to show people what it is. We must come out of this childish realm of the faith.


Vision is not a gift, it is the right of access or every child of God. Every sheep of His flock is entitled access to His plan. It’s not that Pastor has a gift of vision, there is no such gift. You know what the gifts and fruits of the Holy Ghost are, where is vision there? Just like prayer is not a gift of the Holy Spirit, is prayer a gift of the Holy Spirit? Except if you have another Bible, prayer is not a gift of the spirit, it is the responsibility of every believer who desires divine intervention. So vision is not a special gift just like prayer.
– You will enjoy the remaining days of your life, you won’t suffer any proselyte persecution again.

Habakkuk 2:1-3.

Make it plain, let it be clear enough. If it is not clear, ask again and then take steps, pursue after God not the prophecy. This is where the undoing of many believers are. As one taught very early by God, I wrote my first book on vision in 1991. You know before things come into a book, it has gone through a process. One lady said God has called them to leave school and go into ministry. She was in Benin, so suddenly she appeared with us in Owerri.

I told my associate ”do you have a copy of the book Understanding Vision? Give it to her and ask her to see us tomorrow”. By tomorrow when she came she said “Sir, I am going back to school. I have found the answer”. No discussion. You know a car they call End of Discussion. God spoke to her from that book, I didn’t know her when I wrote it, she just found it there.

He said prove all things including vision. There are ways to prove a true or false vision in scripture. So you are not left in doubt.

Don’t tell me God said you should go somewhere and you are the one bribing people for VISA. When God tells you to go, He clears the way. You are not guessing. I have stopped praying for people whether they are right or wrong, you should know. I am also jealously guarding what God is saying to me, I cannot now carry your own, He should tell you yourself.

If you say you are going to Jamaica, I will pray for you. I don’t want to start asking whether you are supposed to go to Jamaica or Brazil. You should know that. If on the way He says you are supposed to go to Brazil, then turn back. Access to His plan is your birthright just like access to the plan of your biological parents is your right.

Only the spiritual can unveil God’s plan because it is spiritually unveiled. 1 Corinthians 2:14. Not only those who walk in the spirit, those who create an environment to access it through desire. Proverbs 18:1. It requires a quiet environment to discern the ministry of God without mincing words. We saw a graphic demonstration in the life of Elijah. God was in a still small voice.


The world is so noisy, so lousy and now there are things you plug in your ears young people. You are so suffocated with information that are not relevant so to hear the voice of God is difficult. When God delivered this mandate, you know what He said? Seek a quiet place I want to talk to you. God does not talk in the midst of loud noise.

I met one of those false prophets many years ago and it was not far from the Barracks so there were a lot of soldiers lined up to collect vision and the man was seeing vision for them. I was grieved in my spirit so I went straight to him “stand up, carry your things and go”. I took over the mountain like Caleb. All the customers were watching, what kind of short prophet is this one that has no rod and has no beards. That is not long ago, it’s just 1983. If he is anywhere now he will be remembering me, the man who chased me from the marketplace. That’s what it takes to access vision. I don’t care how clear your dream is, it is the way you think it’s right.

Many people have run after dreams into doom. Following God’s plan for your life gives you a majestic ride through life. When you are committed to God’s plan, He is committed to going before you. When God goes before you, all the gates and barriers lift up out of your path.

Then He goes with you and He works through you. Philippians 2:14. The journey is always majestic when you are following God’s plan. We need to get to a point where we know the voice of our shepherd and be able to distinguish it from the voice of the stranger. You can’t miss the voice of your biological mother, if you hear that voice, it is so innate in you. That is how you should know the voice of the Spirit otherwise you stand to be deceived.

Because Satan can also appear as an angel of light, we need to know the Biblical proofs of a true vision. Vision is a combination of two levels of communication. He shows pictures when He desires to do it and speaks to interpret it. John 5:19-21,30. He sees and He hears so He was in the center of the will of God. We need seeing eyes and hearing ears to work in vision and revelations. Vision shows us what the objective is, revelation shows us how to go about it.

When a vision is from the Lord
1. Every true vision comes along with peace that passes all understanding.
Psalm 85:8.

2. It is accompanied with joy.
His voice comes along the channel of joy. Psalm 89:15. Access to the path of life is accompanied with joy. Every vision comes with fullness of joy, regardless of the circumstances surrounding it.

So when there is no peace and joy, check it. It is Satan appearing like an Angel of light.

3. Every true vision comes along with divine enabling.
Judges 6:14.

He supplies the strength required to see that vision come through.

4. Every true vision is accompanied by favour.
The path is never hard. Others may see it as hard but not you, there is usual grace around your life. Strange order of supplies as you go, open doors of favour on the path.

5. Every true vision secures protection
Whether it be for industry, for ministry or anything, walking in God’s plan guarantees your security.

6. Every true vision manifests in liberty of spirit.
Paul went to Jerusalem by force and he also testified about the series of things that happened to him there. Wherever the spirit of God is there is liberty, if there is no liberty then it’s not God leading. There is a raw liberty of the spirit. T.L. Osborn was here in 1999 while we were moving to complete the building for the dedication and he said “David how will people get here?”. I said they are already here. Liberty of the spirit. Tension free on the inside.

The good news is : no more trial and error in your life. The reason we can’t see it is that we are beclouded by the environment we surround ourselves with and we have deafened our spiritual ears by creating so much noise to block every voice from heaven.

7. Every true vision guarantees supernatural breakthrough.
Everything around you culminates in breakthroughs that no human skill or strength can make happen. The fact that we are more than conquerors as individuals will be proved in the open this year.

God reserves the right to interject your agenda by stepping in unannounced. This is what to do. When you are confused on what to do, go to Him. Revelation 4:1. So we have those two major fronts of accessing God’s plan. He may unveil it at will or you may go to enquire for it.

Whichever way you are responsible to access God’s plan for your life and nobody else. Being baptized in the Holy Ghost gives you access to that plan for the end time mission of the Holy Ghost among other things is unveiling of vision to young men and dreams to old men. Whichever way, charging the way forward for God’s people and showing them the race God has set before them. Joel 2:18.

Vision and revelations brought us here and it is now getting to 41 years. Brought us on course with God’s agenda and pursuing after God to bring it to pass. Nobody had to plan any of this, that is God’s responsibility. Whatever He tells you to do, when it’s time for any of His agenda He brings it to pass. Every vision is tied to an appointed time. When you miss it, you will be struggling and swimming against tides. Our times are in His hands, not our hands. Don’t run ahead of God, don’t be behind schedule. Be sensitive in the spirit.

Most giants in Bible history are visionaries. Abraham had so many breakthroughs that He had his own army. Moses, there was no prophet in Israel like Moses. God personally buried Him. Think of Isaac, the envy of the world powers of his days. God turned him into a wonder by walking in the vision of God. Think of Daniel who had an understanding of visions. Think of Paul “I went up by revelation”. He was a man of visions and revelations.

There is no plan of yours that can ever match the glory of my plan. 1979 God told me ”your future is in my plan not in your plan”. I wish you could know that. Your plan does not guarantee a future. Jeremiah 29:11 (RSV). God may ask you to stay in a wilderness because He wants to make a city of it through your hand. That is God. He knows what you hate and that is where His plans for you. Satan made you hate it so you can miss it. Some ministers felt our ministry would die in this place.

They wanted to see who would follow me to the forest, they left them in town and came here. There is nobody I spoke to, to follow us from town. Just let it be God’s plan. I saw wings in the sky and I said to God what is this and He said “these are aircraft with you inside bearing the everlasting gospel to the hidden nations of the world”. It can give any infidel headache.

That was back in 1982, aircraft were like witchcraft. He will build Himself a 50,000 sanctuary, we never had to believe God for it. He did it in one year without waiting for our budget. Pursue after God, He is smarter than all of us.
– He will surprise you this year.
– You will never find yourself doing what God has not sent you.
– Your life will never know setbacks.
– You will not find yourself in a town God had not sent.
– You are entering your gushing realm this year.

Prayers: Lift up your two hands and receive the Jesus order of hearing and seeing capacity.
– All your mockers will join you to celebrate your God this year.
– Your slow motion is over, enter into divine speed.


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