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  • Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr. At Midweek Communion Service.

  • Our Father tonight we give you the praise and the glory for all that you have done, for your faithfulness towards us. For granting answers to our prayers we give all the glory to your name. For the testimonies of your hand, we say we are grateful. Tonight Lord, our eyes are upon you again, we ask that you speak to us. By your word let our lives be changed and transformed. We give you the praise and the glory in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    Our series of teachings in our Mid Week Services for this month has been on understanding the power of vision. We have come to recognize from God’s word that we serve a God of plans and purposes. Isaiah 46:10, we discover that the plans of God are detailed concerning the redeemed. Jeremiah 1:5, Galatians 1:15.

God has detailed plans and purposes for the redeemed. Ephesians 2:10. Every child of God is ordained by God with a plan from God. It means that there is no such individual that is a child of God that can be described as a biological accident.

Your arrival on the earth is proof of God’s plan concerning you. The journey towards the fulfillment of this plan begins from discovery. Jeremiah 29:11-13.

The plan is with God but the journey towards it begins with discovery. This discovery is what we refer to as vision. When a man discovers the agenda of God for his life, that individual is now operating in the realm of vision.

  • My prayer is that for each one of us, the plan, the purpose and the agenda of God for our lives each one will discover it and each one will pursue it.

It is the discovery and pursuit of the plan of God that makes giants out of common men. Joel 2:11 paints to us the pictures of a mighty army, the end time army, the people of God in the last days. It tells us that each one of them will be in their lane and none of them will break their rank. They will walk practically in the paths ordained for them.

They will be men and women of vision. The giants of end times are men and women who are walking consciously in the pursuit of the plan of God for their lives. These last days are the days of great giants in the body of Christ. Isaiah 60:1-3,8,15,22.

That is the programme of God for the end times. That means that you and I are born in the best time. Where God is raising giants. For that to be our experience we must discover and line up with the purposes of God for our lives.

Why do we need vision?

  1. We must commit our ways to the Lord for our glorious destiny in Christ to be realized.
    The word of God makes it clear to us that every child of God has a glorious destiny (Romans 8:29-30). But we discover that for that destiny to be realized we must commit our ways to the Lord. Psalm 37:5. We are also made to understand from scriptures that if we are going to see this plan of God actualized in our lives then we must understand according to what we see in Proverbs 16:9, for any individual to see the actualization of that plan, it is not a product of our mental capacity. It is a product of our access to divine direction. Following God’s plan is the key to fulfilling one’s life. Jeremiah 10:23. Our brains are too small to dictate the pathway to our future. It will take access to the plan and guidance of God to see that future realized.

Proverbs 3:5-6


  • May God direct your paths.
    God servant has said it over and over again that by revelation he received this word that your future is not in your plan, it is in His plan. It is not what we decide that determines our destination. It is us following His plan that gives us a glorious destination.

We must secure the plan of God for our lives because that is the pathway to our glorious destiny.

  • No one here will miss their glorious destiny.
    No matter how good your plans are, it can never match God’s plan. The plan of God for your life is far more glorious than any plan we can concoct for ourselves.
  1. We should also remember that God will only back up His plans in our lives and not our plans.

The backing of God is secure only for His plans not our plans. A case study in scriptures is the life of Jonah. In Jonah we have this account of how that the Lord spoke to Jonah and gave him a clear instruction to go to Nineveh and preach the preaching that He bid him.

The Bible tells us that Jonah boarded a ship and began to go towards Tarshish. Nineveh was God’s direction but Tarshish was Jonah’s decision. Following his decision brought him to calamity. The Bible tells us that they were in the boat and a storm arose.

They began to find ways to lighten the boat, they threw all of their goods away and still the storm was not calm. Jonah said “I know what is wrong here, I am going the wrong direction and because of that all of you are in jeopardy. Throw me over”.

Everything went wrong as long as someone in the wrong direction was there. Jonah was thrown overboard and the storm ended.

After the fish swallowed him he repented, all manner of calamities occur when a man is walking his own way. It was inside the belly of the fish that Jonah prayed a prayer of repentance.

The fish carried Jonah to where he should go and vomited him there after three days and three nights. The Bible says Jonah entered the city and as soon as he entered and began preaching what the Lord bid him, everyone repented.

Everyone turned to the Lord, the greatest of revivals. Animals fasted, if you know anything about animals they don’t fast. Animals will always look for something to eat. This one human beings, animals, nobody tasted anything.


The greatest of revivals by simplest of obedience.
We must understand that if you and I are going to see the backing of God, it is in following His plan for our lives. Romans 8:31. The backing of God is the security of destiny.

  • I pray that each one of us, in this season, may we secure access to clarity of God’s plan for your life.
  • May you begin to enjoy divine backing.
    That is what occurs as you and I begin to engage with God, as we begin to follow His plan, we begin to see the fulfilment of His mighty hand in our midst because He backs us on that journey.
    How do you access God’s vision?
  1. Be spiritually watchful
    Habakkuk 2:1-3. The vision is preceded by watchfulness. To be watchful means to be on the lookout in your spirit understanding that God is always desiring to speak. Many times men are not prepared to receive. We must understand that our spirit man must be on the lookout. The lookout refers to a post of observation. Usually in a security setting, you have a post of observation. The person is standing there to watch what is coming. You and I must have our spirit tuned in to watch what God is saying per time. Habakkuk said I will be on the lookout because God is sure to speak when my spirit is in tune.
    Revelation 4:1
    Come up, come to the place of observation. Come to the place of sensitivity. Come to the place of anticipation for what it is I am set to say. You must understand that until God finds a man that is ready to hear, He is not ready to speak. He speaks to those who are set to receive what He is set to say. So you must position yourself on the lookout tower to see what He will say to you.
    2 Corinthians 4:18.
    We have to be on the lookout not for what is physically discernable. We must be on the lookout for the things of the spirit. The spirit man must continuously be in anticipation for what God is set to say.
  2. Continue to study in search of relevant facts.
    We have come to discover as we saw earlier that God has a plan for every child of God and we also discover from scriptures that the plan of God is also available in His word. We can keep studying and searching for facts, facts not only concerning God’s plans and purpose but also how to pursue what God reveals. Daniel 9:2. We keep studying for facts. In our search we must be cautious because not all knowledge is helpful. 1 Corinthians 8:1. We must be cautious of what we expose ourselves to. It is those that have proofs that we are permitted to follow. Hebrews 6:12. It is those who we can see the evidence in them, it is those who we are permitted to follow after.

2 Timothy 4:3
People will be looking for all manner of things here and there and they will drive themselves towards confusion because they are not set to follow the set pattern. Jeremiah 6:16-17. Your life should not be subject to experimentation, live absolutely by precision.

It is not everybody that you should be studying, check their lives to determine whether the fruit of their lives is what you desire. You must be cautious, it is not everything that is readable that should be read. Be cautious in your study so that you are not led astray.

  • No one here will be led astray.
    As you study for facts, you are building yourself towards the plans that God has for your life.
    What are the biblical proofs of true vision?
  1. God goes before you.
    When a man or woman has located and is in pursuit of vision, one of the greatest evidence is that God goes before them. John 10:4-5. When God is the one leading you and your direction is from the Lord, God goes before you. Isaiah 45:1-2. When God goes ahead of you, He organizes things before your arrival.

1 Corinthians 2:9. He prepares ahead of you so in the journey you are meeting God’s preparation because you are walking in God’s direction. That is what happened to Joseph, no matter what they tried to do to disorganize Joseph, God has gone ahead. His brothers wanted to kill him, so they could see what would become of his dreams.

God has gone ahead of the plans of the wicked to organize it for his good. They took Joseph and sold him to slavery. They took the blood of a kid and poured it on his garment to show to his father that his son is already dead. Joseph was a man of vision. Zechariah 9:11. They put him in a pit and then he came out of the pit.

They sacrificed a lamb to testify of his own death but it was a replacement of his own death. God was organizing for his construction. They sold him to get him out of the way but their plan got him into his place. Egypt is where his place is. God used their plans to orchestrate his placement. Potiphar’s wife orchestrated his demotion to prison but it was the place of his promotion. A man of vision cannot be frustrated because God is ahead. Before they could get to the pit, God was ahead. Before Potiphar’s wife could organize, God had gone ahead. God kept going ahead for Joseph until the ultimate plan for his life was fulfilled.

  • I have good news for you: as you begin to walk in the path of vision, no matter the anger of the wicked the plan and purpose for your life shall be fulfilled.
    God goes ahead that is why He said all things work together for good because God is ahead. There is no way the enemy can outwit God. All you need to do is to follow the path of vision. As you follow the path of vision God will be ahead of you preparing the way for all things to walk for your good.
  • That will be someone’s experience here in the name of Jesus Christ.
  1. God goes with you.
    Not only is He ahead of you, He is with you. Matthew 28:20. Alway is not always. Alway means all the way. As you are on the way, He is with you all the way. When God is with you nothing can block your way. Psalm 24:9-10. When a man is walking in vision, you find that man walking with God beside Him. So everything on his path begins to respond to God’s presence. Doors are not permitted to be locked, they clear off. Everlasting doors are not supposed to move but when God came, it shifted. It is just like the Red Sea. Sea is not supposed to move for men, men only move over the sea. When God came, the sea moved out of the way. When God came, Jordan moved out of the way.

When God came, mountains were skipping like rams. The earth began to tremble at His presence. That is what happens when you are following divine plan. God is with you. Hebrews 13:5-6. When God is with you, there is nothing to fear.

You can’t be walking with a lion and be afraid of a dog. The size of a man does not determine the respect that man gets. When a man is walking with a lion, the one that is full of muscle will respect him.

When you are with God, there is nothing that will successfully confront you. They shift out of the way.

  • No more defeat for you.

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