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-Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

Day 4, Evening Session, Destiny Recovery Convention
Some doors are traps in disguise.


Esther 2:15
The story of Esther is the story that every vibrant Bible scholar should be very aware of. The story of Esther.

The summary of the story of Esther is how a seemingly ordinary person can experience ordinary lifting by the help of God. Very quickly, like we have done in the other character studies:

What was special about Esther?

1. Esther was a person of quality physical appearance -Esther 2:7
Esther had this going for us that she was a person of quality physical appearance: beautiful personality, beautiful person.

2. Esther was a person of unusual opportunity.

She participated in the contest that was held for the replacement of the arrogant Queen Vashti. There were many ladies in the land but they said, “look for this and that quality of character of person.”
And Esther was a person of unusual opportunity (Esther 2:8).

For those who may be thinking we are running ahead of time, I am sure you are familiar with the fact that the king had a wife by the name Vashti, the Queen of the Persian empire; then she offended the king in such a terrible manner when the king said, “come”, she refused to come.

It was a rebellion, a stubbornness and the people in the land said, “this cannot be allowed to go on, otherwise rebellion will explode in the land and let’s get a replacement for her.” So they were looking for replacement and Esther was among those shortlisted for the contest. Unusual opportunity!

3. Esther was a person of quality personality – Esther 2:9
There may be people who have good physical appearance but they lack any personality that is pleasant. She was a person of quality and pleasant quality.
“She pleased him” – she was a person of quality and pleasant personality.

4. Esther was a person of quality character – Esther 2:15
When the turn of Esther came that she should go in, Esther required nothing.
5. Esther was a person of quality spirituality – Esther 4:16
When it was time to wait on the Lord because of the situation in the land, she said, “I am going to go to the king which is not according to custom and if I perish, I perish.”

There are many other things that went for Esther, but we will look at that later, but what was the battle Esther had to surmount?

Where was she? What was the condition she was in? What is the background of the whole thing?


1. Esther was a woman of double challenges of being an orphan and a slave in a foreign land (Esther 2:7)
The meaning of that was a person of minimal possibility and minimal breakthrough because of her status.
Maybe you are here seated today and there is something like that, that you are facing double ‘wahala’, double palaver.
She was an orphan.

2. Esther was faced with an opportunity that could end in adversity – Esther 2:12
The opportunity to become Queen was also connected with the possibility of adversity. Those women that were recruited for interview were passed through scrutiny for one year, 12 months.

They gave them oil of myrrh, things for purification. That was hazardous enough. Before they would be presented to the person that would scrutinize them before the person presented them to the king: it was 12 months of stress. That is not the challenge.

The major challenge – Esther 2:13-14
If there were 1,000 of them that came for the interview, everyone that had passed through the scrutiny for 12 months: one by one, you are presented to the King overnight. If the king chooses you as Queen, you remain in the Queen’s palace with the King.

If he did not choose you, you are not returning back to your father’s house, you are not marrying another man, you are kept in the house of the women for the rest of your life.

The King has seen you, no man is permitted to near you. That is disaster ooo. Every young lady wants to marry. To hell with seeing the king! God forbid.

“She is called no more until the day of her death”: she is living in widowhood, she is alive in the house of the king but she is not the wife: Without a husband, without a child for the rest of her life.

So that invitation was a confrontation of destiny.
Maybe this may answer somebody here today: NOT EVERY DOOR IS AN OPENING.

No, some are traps in disguise. Church Gist. You don’t just rush into every door and you think, “Oh Praise God, I have a breakthrough.” There are doors that are traps in disguise.

Until God opens the door for you, never over celebrate any door because some are traps in disguise.

When I saw it, I said, “what!”: I am not married. You ask the king for everything you want because after that you can ask for nothing more. No man will ask for your hand in marriage: Marital destiny over, maternity destiny over, your potential as a mother gone, your possibility as a wife gone. You came into an open door that was a trap.

That was why Esther must be very rugged, she must be very spiritual. When that invitation came, she must have done everything possible, “Lord, I am already a slave. I am already an orphan. I cannot be a widow, I cannot be childless. I am already in this condition, something must change in my life. “

-I stand here by the anointing of the Holy Ghost to prophesy upon everybody here today, whatever is a trap that the enemy has organized for your life, for your destiny, for your marriage, for your children, that trap is broken. The trap is broken (Psalm 124:1-7)

3. Esther was faced as a victim of vengeance from an adversary of the Jews, by the name Haman – Esther 3:4-9; 1Samuel 15:1-9 Esther 2:5; 1 Samuel 9:3
-In the name of Jesus, I refuse to be a victim of my father’s battles; I cannot die or be destroyed because of the actions of my father and forefathers, in Jesus’ name.


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