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– Bishop George Bloomer at RCCG The Americas, 25th Annual Convention tagged “A New Beginning” || Day One

* I have come to tell you that vaccine is not going to stop this virus, the only thing that will stop it is the people of God bowing their knees in prayers.

I remember getting on a plane to Nigeria and it was as if Corona does not exist. They were still washing their hands and wearing masks but the hospitals were not overwhelmed, there weren’t bodies on the street or body bags piled up.

The cemeteries were not overflowing because the children of God were seeking the face of God.

I believe that God has given me a word that is going to be a blessing for you tonight. I want to talk to you a little bit about the theme of this meeting: A NEW BEGINNING

Father we bless you and thank you. From the rising of the sun to it’s going down, Your name is a strong tower that the righteous run into and are saved, their bodies are healed, wealth is transferred, their minds are regulated, their marriages are restored that is the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we pray tonight in the name of Jesus that showers of blessing will fall from heaven and minister to your people.

Give Him praise, praise will destroy yokes, praise will move God off the throne.

Isaiah 43:19
God is about to do a new thing and I am telling you that the glory that is about to be revealed, nothing in the past, no move of God before will ever be able to compare with what God is about to do in our lives.

Genesis 1:1-3, John 1:1-3

The Bible teaches us that God never had a beginning, He always was, there was never a time when God wasn’t and never will be a time God isn’t. God will find it hard to understand beginnings because it is something He has never had. But He is God enough to create time which gives us a starting point and an ending point so we can have beginnings.

When you start saying God will do a thing, the truth of the matter is that He did it before the beginning. You may have had a beginning from your entrance into the earth but you have always existed in the mind of God and you came from God and you are going back to God.

Sometimes, we are seeking a new beginning simply as an escape route. When I was in the world of sin, the whole time I was a drug addict and using crack and smoking heroin, I was trying to do one thing – I was trying to experience what I experienced the first time. I was looking for a new beginning.

The children of Israel found themselves going in a circle in the wilderness for 40 years because God was trying to get 400 years of slavery out of them. Only two out of the millions entered into the Promise Land because God did not want the old mentality to enter into the new environment, It would have destroyed it.

Mark 2:18-22

The skin represents people or flesh, the wine represents the Spirit. People can hold on to traditions and prevent the spirit from flowing simply because they were taught something.

Isaiah 28:1-16

I want to minister to you tonight from this topic: STOP THE STAMMERING TONGUES. New wine in old wine skin. I want to talk to you about that saying “line upon line, precept upon precept”.

I am reminded of an old band ballad, The setup was a bar that was filled with patrons dancing and having fun, and then stumbles in an old professional drinker. One that can hold his drink until He can’t hold it anymore. The bartender recognizes him and knows that He can’t send him home without an Uber and tries to get him to stop. What he is asking for is one more! One more! I believe this is where the Body of Christ is at the moment.

This is where our struggles begin, The Bible tells us that some time ago, God came down and saw a building that was been built up to the sky by people who were of one speech and one language.

God said if I do not cause confusion, they will actually do what they set out to do. Where I am going with this is that it seems as if we have returned back to Babel. Very few people know what we are speaking about when we are preaching and many of the men and women of God in this last evil days have become very intoxicated, intoxicated with every kind of intoxication.

In order for us to get a new beginning we have to get rid of the old mentality.

The Scriptures tell us that: Preachers, Pastors, Prophets, Bishops are intoxicated and the only thing that they can bring out is vomit – old stuff.

Line upon line, precept upon precept is not good instruction. In fact, it is talking to the congregation from a drunken state, talking to the congregation as if they are babes or idiots.

Isaiah 28:7-13 (MSG)

Line upon line, precept upon precept upon precept is how drunken leaders lead their congregation. The text says to us that our congregation comes to us for higher learning and instead of teaching them that, we are mimicking them.

Many of the leaders in this day and time are drunk – drunk with power, drunk with arrogance.
Precepts is going to your children and saying to them “I am your mother or I am your father and you must do as I say”. All authority and no relationship. The reason why the Church in America and all over the world are in dilemma today are precepts without relationship coming from individuals who are intoxicated from the power of the position.

The only time we see God speaking with precepts is when the children of Israel has backslidden from God. The Bible says He is going to speak with a “stammering tongue”.

There is an attempt of the enemy to take the word of God and twist it and make the truth out of a lie and make a lie out of the truth.

For one year and eight months, this virus has been on the land. Before the virus came there was no prophetic word that warned us of the time and the date. Because we were going into 2020, everyone deemed it as a year of vision that great things will happen and lo and behold we came to February and this thing began to wipe us out; A Global pandemic.

I have come to tell you that vaccine is not going to stop this virus, the only thing that will stop it is the people of God bowing their knees praying. I remember getting on a plane to Nigeria and it was as if Corona does not exist. They were still washing their hands and wearing masks but the hospitals were not overwhelmed, there weren’t bodies on the street or body bags piled up. The crematoriums were not burning over and over again but the children of God were seeking the face of God.

What is going to stay this virus is when the children of God call on God.

The New Beginning is going to be a rise out of the African nations, people of God rising up with God on their head and worship on their mouth, praise as their lifestyle. A lifestyle dedicated to fasting and seeking the face of God. Not listening to politicians to understand what is going on but to understand that God is going to supply all their needs.

I have come to understand that my God is powerful because how is it that in Lagos where there are 20 Million people and many of the houses do not have refrigeration, running water or space: there are twenty people living in one room and five of them are sharing a portion of the mattress. They can’t do social distancing but they can call on the name of God.

The God that I saw in Kenya, Nigeria, Congo and parts of Africa, we are about to see in United States of America, if the preachers will only sober up.

The new wine is the Holy Spirit, the old wine skin is your flesh, behavior and habits. If you want to see God do a new thing in your life – Change!

I d idn’t know how backslidden I was until corona came. I wasn’t drinking, smoking or doing women, I just had my relationship with God on auto or cruise control. I was intoxicated with my success and accomplishments. On that morning when they shut down town, I was there in my house, alone by myself when God stepped in and He said “your drunken days and stupor are over’.

I want every pastor, every leader, intercessor, praise and worship leader to go to spiritual rehab. Cleanse yourself from the intoxication of celebrity and success and stop bringing it to the pulpit.

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