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-Pastor Paul Enenche at Early Will I Seek You on ‘VICTORY OVER ENEMY CONFRONTATION’, Glory Dome.

Someone give the King of kings and the Lord of lords a big clap and a loud shout of praise. Please be seated this morning.

Good Morning Everybody. Are you all okay? Anybody looking for your trouble? The Lord will deal with them in Jesus precious name.

Psalm Chapter 3.
Shout the loudest amen!

Every time the enemy comes against the people of God, he came literally for a turnaround for the people.

Every time the enemy comes against the people of God, the enemy experience negative consequences and the people experience positive outcomes.

What happens when the enemy comes against God’s people and they pray:

1. Help from the Lord.

2. Shield from the Lord.

3. Glory on the people (…thou art my glory). What the enemy thought he was coming to do against you ended in help, shield, glory.

4. Lifting for the people. So out of many confrontations come promotions, out of many fights come the flight.

– I prophesy to somebody here today, your lifting is coming out of the battle, the glory is coming out of the stress.

5. Sustenance from God. For as long as God is a constant in your life, you have no fear for your future, the enemy notwithstanding. For as long as God is a constant in your life, you have no fear for the future, the enemy not withstanding.

6. Vengeance on the enemy. (…He has smitten their teeth bone).

7. Deliverance for the people, that word, Salvation from the Lord is an all inclusive word that includes deliverance for the people and that is from the Lord.

8. Blessings from the Lord.

So the enemy came one way and you got help, you got shield, you got glory, you got lifting, you got sustenance, you got deliverance, you got blessing and the enemy got vengeance.

Stand up on your feet. Lift up your hands and just appreciate God for this multi-dimensional blessing from heaven. Lift your hands and appreciate Him, honour Him, adore Him.

John 11: 41
– Father, thank You for a new day. Thank You for all You are going to do today. Be glorified Lord in Jesus name.

Psalm 103:7
– Father, we ask for the move of Your power and glory today like never before. Help us to see the drastic manifestation of Your acts like never before, Lord in Jesus name.

John 2:11
– Father, give us revival of Your glory in our land in Jesus name. Bring us to the point where all flesh shall know that You are God.

Joel 3:14
– Father, give us a harvest of souls like never before. We trust You for the rescue of multitudes in the valley of decisions this week oh Lord in the name of Jesus.

Joel 2:17
– Father, spare our land. Oh Lord, deliver our Nation from total collapse in the hands of destroyers, oh Lord in Jesus name.

We are going to pray those 8 points very, very quickly in the face of the enemy confrontation. Lift your hand and say;

– Father, I receive help from You today against every confrontation and conspiracy of the enemy in my life. I receive help for my life, for my family, help for the Church, I receive now in the name of Jesus.

– In the name of Jesus, I receive a shield of divine protection and preservation for my life, for my family, for the Church, for this Church (Dunamis) against enemy confrontations and conspiracies, I receive it now in the name of Jesus.

– Father, I receive the release of Your glory in the face of enemy confrontation for my life. In the face of enemy conspiracy, I receive the release of Your glory on my life, on my destiny, on my assignment, I receive it now.

– Father, I receive divine lifting in the midst of enemy conspiracy and confrontation of my life. I receive divine and supernatural lifting in this season now, I receive it now in the name of Jesus.

– Father, I receive sustenance for my life, for my family, for my loved ones in this seas.

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