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My father my father enough is enough .lose this rope of delay in my life from now on..let it catch fire in Jesus name

2: My father ,cloth me ,my future with the garment of glory.Answer all my enemies to shame in the name of Jesus

3: My father where ever they have tied my glory in 2021 I lose myself in Jesus name

4:My father , who is assigned to claim my life but appearing like an angel,lem them die by fire

5:My father any one assigned to set me up and destroy me .set them on fire in Jesus name

6:My father every spirit of foolish pity around my life,be consumed by fire,today is a day of judgement

7:My father any one assigned to take my life,let their lives be taken before the raising of the sun today in Jesus name

8:My father any strong man from my father and mother’s house plotting to snatch my life and destroy me ..they die by fire in Jesus name

9:You enemy of wickedness dancing to my down fall,what are you waiting for dance into madness in Jesus name.

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