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One of the subtle deceptions of the devil in these last days is to present God as a wicked God who folds his hands to watch bad things happen to good people who love Him.
This will be very convincing especially to shallow minded believers who will denounce Jesus and say that they really don’t believe in what they read about God in the scriptures.

But the truth of the matter is that God is a good God and there is no wickedness in him. The presence of crisis in your life right now does not connote the absence of Christ and His ability to deliver.

It is time to teach the church that it is possible for Lazarus to love the lord and still be sick. Dorcas may love God and still die. Elizabeth may serve God faithfully and still be barren. Your situation is not an indication of God’s love for you.

Today’s kind of gospel without the sufferings of Christ and the glory that is to follow is a great illusion. But in all these, the God that has called us by His name shall always make a way of escape for us even when we suffer.
Scripturally, the devil has a three-fold mission which is to kill, steal and destroy. So wherever evil abounds, the devil is definitely at work.

Did God leave us vulnerable and undefended to the attacks of the devil? No. God has given us his Holy Spirit and power to dislodge all the powers of hell. But the challenge is that a lot of believers are waiting on God to do for them what God has given them power to handle. Use the power given to you in faith and authority, declaring to the devil boldly that there is a bloodline around you that he must not cross.
God is forever faithful and there is no wickedness in him.
I hope this helps someone.

By Bishop Okwudili Eze.

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