Watch the friends You keep!


“Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners” (1 Corinthians15:33).
You must be careful in having friends, even in the house of God. Are you surprised to hear that? Well, the fact remains that there are ungodly Christians and many unwittingly make friends with them in church. Those you run with or move with in church matter because they can either take you up or pull you down. So how do you know the right friends?

Any relationship that brings you closer to God is good for you. Through such an association, you pray more, you learn the Word of God more and you do the things of God more. Now, I’m not just referring to a numerical increase in the activities you’re engaged in but also your ability to do them better. This is the right kind of relationship.

The right friends don’t just help by their advice, as they may not even know better than you do. The fact is, your relationship with them causes you all to gather around the Word.
The Holy Spirit causes you to share the Word with them and they also share testimonies with you. This kind of relationship helps you to think right and develop the right character.

But when you have the wrong friends you’ll keep moving backward and there would be no spiritual advancement. Soon, you’ll discover that you’re not as excited to be in church services, study your Bible and evangelize any more. The colour is gone out of you and that brightness of the Spirit has disappeared. You’re no longer acquainted with the move of the Spirit and you can’t even find the love of God manifested in your life anymore, all because you’re with the wrong folks and have become one of them.

You’ve become a dangerous person for any other person to get close to since you’re just like the rest of the ungodly bunch.
The only time you’re involved in sharing the Word is when there’s an argument; then you assume the role of a supporter of God.
I counsel you today, be careful of the folks you keep as friends and the relationships you maintain. Take out time to assess your friends, whether they’ve been a blessing to you or otherwise; then make the right decision.

Bishop David Abioye.

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