Way Maker Version by Michael Smith brought Hope and Comfort to Many during Covid-19 Pandemic


Way Maker was originally written by Sinach, a Nigerian Songwriter, the song is so anointed and inspiring, it has been on the billboard in U.S for over 3months, this drawn attention of most Gospel Artiste in United States to the song, and a number of people have produce their own version, Michael Smith also did a cove for Way Maker, which had over 100million views on Youtube already.

Amazingly, his version also secured the No.1 Spot on Billboard Christian Airplay Chart for the past three weeks. So many of his fans globally have watched the video on youtube and even thanked him for producing the record.

Majority of the feedback on Michael smith’s performance of the song came from facebook, during the live streaming which he did severally from his studio in Tennessee.

Michael W. Smith performing “Waymaker” for the first time at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville

He referred to the feedback as “amazing, saying; “I feel like I am in a stadium with 100,000 people turning in from all over the world, as I  read the comment, I see the love and excitement people are showing for the song, and how it has brought hope to the world”.

People from Africa, Italy, China, all over the world are connecting together in the spirit of the song way maker, having received so much feedback globally, Smith decided to record the song in foreign languages, which he started with Italian.

He said; “We observed what was happening in Italy and decided, we could so the song in Italian, and immediately, I thought of Vanessa Campagna (is backup singer who accompanies him on ‘Waymaker’. We have proceeded to record in Portuguese and Spanish.

Smith said there is something special about Waymaker, I didn’t write the song he says, I heard the song from my daughter who was going through some trials, she asked me, if I have heard the song, I said No, she played it for me and I recorded it.


The song was originally written and produced by a Nigerian Gospel Artist ‘Sinach’ and it was released in 2016, her Music Video posted on youtube now has more than 160million views, multiple artiste recorded the song after Smith version came out.

Most people react to a new song like a stranger sound, which they are not interested in listening to, but the case was different with Way Maker, as many people received it even without knowing the lyrics yet, Smith’s live version has been available for a while, but he was asked to record a radio version, so that it was be placed everywhere.

Smith is one of the topmost sorts after Contemporary Christian Music artiste in the world, he has won three Grammy awards, 45 Dove Awards and he has sold more than 50 million albums, this is his 36th No. 1 Song.

In April, he traveled to New York to Join Pastor Graham Franklin, for a special Easter Sunday service in central park. Pastor Graham runs a Christian organization that set up and operates Coronavirus Hospital in Park, because New York was a Covid-19 Hotspot, many felt bad about Smith’s journey but he considered the trip very important.

Smith explain his experience, as surreal, said he had to wear Nosemask throughout the time at New York, even when he knew many people in the tent had the virus, yet he felt no fear, fortunately, he never felt sick, after returning home, he led 100 members of a local church choir in a virtual performance of Way Maker.

Indeed, Covid affected live performance, church services and worship centers were closed down, but the song came as a great tool that bless and minister to many people all over the world.

To carry on with the Ministration and reaching out to God’s people all across the world to led them in worship, Michael smith continue Saturday show on his facebook page and youtube channel, he was able to carry people along through the hard time of the pandemic through Music.


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