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Aside from selling your rabbit when they mature, there are several ways a rabbit farmer can make money from rabbit farming business.

Many farmers concentrate only on meat as a source of income from their rabbit farming, well this shouldn’t be so.

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There are other ways a rabbit farmer can make money from rabbit farming that can be explored, this, you will learn here.

In this how to make money from rabbit farming guide, we will be looking at different ways rabbit farmers make money from rabbit farming business.

You will be surprised to understand that, unlike in other livestock, every aspect of rabbit farming is income-generating.

how to make money from rabbit farming business
You heard that right; even the urine is a source of income.

Ways of making money from rabbit farming are quite numerous but because they are less farmed animals, most people don’t pay attention to them.

Here are different ways to make money from rabbit farming business;

The easiest way to make money from rabbit farming is by rearing a Fast-growing rabbit breed
I can bet that’s Not what you expected to hear?

But before you click the existing button, hear this

If you want to make money from rabbit farming business, your first step is to get a fast-growing rabbit breed.

The reason is that they will mature early enough for you to sell them fast.

They give birth faster also and the new ones can grow to maturity within few months after which they are ready to be sold.

Their circle is fast, the same way, your circle of making money will be faster.

The return on investment is fast, you can get your money back within 6-7 months of investing in fast-growing rabbits, if you can create your own market and be the master of your own sales.

That’s how the money comes, while other rabbit farmers struggle to meet up, your rabbits mature within months and are sold.

Your investment and profit in the bag within a short period of time.

The mathematics is simple

The faster your rabbit matures, the faster you make money from rabbit farming business.

So, which rabbit breed is best for rabbit farming in terms of growing fast and making money?

The New Zealand Rabbits, American Chinchilla and Good Harlequin are fast-growing breeds.

Dutch is unique and kept for its good mothering ability (Most breeders keep them as backups and foster others)

how to make money from rabbit farming bsuiness
So as a farmer who is looking at making a profit, your farm should contain a consortium of:

Fast Growing breeds
Good mothers
High littering breeds
Disease resistant breeds
High adapting breeds
I can tell you as a farmer that no breed combines perfectly all these qualities.

Therefore, most farmers utilize many breeds to produce Hybrids (Which are more vigorous and combine these characteristics in a certain ratio)

There is a fast-growing “breed” in Nigeria (Developed by Eurolap in France) called HYLA.

Hyla is not yet classified as a breed, by ARBA. It’s a HYBRID developed from other fast-growing breeds.

Hyla is fast-growing breed and can achieve as much as 3kg+ in just 4 months.

Selling rabbit urine
Surprised? I guess not, for those who are aware of the uniqueness of rabbit urine.

Rabbit urine is rich raw material for liquid organic fertilizer and is used in producing vegetables, fruits and other plants.

But how can one make money from rabbit urine?
Great, by selling them, A Kenyan rabbit farmer and agro-entrepreneur, Carolyne Chebet explain in her video, how you can generate income from rabbit farming.

You can collect rabbit urine, mix it with compost and allow them to ferment for days; fermentation helps to convert the mixture to liquid fertilizer.

Another way to make money from rabbit farming is by selling your rabbits when they mature.
This is the major way most farmers make money from rabbit farming business, but there is more, you can train your rabbits to maturity, sell and make money.

What you have to note here is that you don’t just sell because your rabbits are mature, you should always monitor the market.

how to make money from rabbit farming business
Every market has time the demand for a particular product is high, this time is when you do more of selling.

Don’t sell all your breeding stock, there should be ones left for the continuity of your farm.

You can make money from rabbit farming business by selling processed rabbit meat
Many people do not know that rabbit is more nutritional than goat meat, beef, pork and chicken.

The meat of rabbits with all its qualities is good for consumption. Rabbit meats can be processed in many ways. The meat is acceptable and easy to prepare.

You can either defur by burning the fur, scalding and removing it manually or skinning the rabbits.

Rabbit meats can be prepared in many ways, some of which are:

Pepper soup
Sausage etc…..
Rabbit meat can go 2 meals for a medium-sized family (Imagine how many kilos of chicken you would have to buy to do that).

Live weight of 2.5kg can be sold at an appreciable price depending on your market.

You can also make money from rabbit farming business by selling the rabbit fur
Selling rabbit fur is one of the many ways to make money raising rabbits.
Rabbit hair is called FUR, It is also called cony, coney, comb or lapin. It is most commonly used in the making of fur hats and coats and is considered quite valuable today.

The fur of rabbits is another angle of money. After skinning the rabbit and selling the meat, you can sell/use the skin for other purposes.

The skin of rabbits is used for:

Home Decors
Australian seal, Baltic leopard, Baltic tiger, Baltic black fox, Bluerette, French cony and Meskin are all products of rabbit fur.

You can also sell the Hocks: The hocks of rabbits (with the fur) are used as key holders when painted and coloured.

You can also make money from rabbit farming by selling waste products from your rabbit farm
You see in rabbit farming business; you can sell anything and everything at any point.

The waste products of rabbits are not waste at all. All wastes from Rabbits can be easily recycled into another system.

Rabbit poo: In many places, you are not allowed to call them poo, dungs, shit or wastes because they are too qualitative and expensive to be tagged as such.
Rabbit poo serves as manure to plants, both the urine and poo are extremely good for planting crops, i have used them on my vegetabke and the result is absolutely amazing!

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