Ways to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing Blogging


The Quickest Way To Earn From Blogging Is Through Affiliate Marketing.

Let Me Show You How/Why.

First I Am Assuming-

You already know what affiliate marketing is.
You know what blogging is.

So why is affiliate marketing the quickest way to earn through blogging?

To understand this, ask yourself, What is the most popular way to earn from a blog?

Answer: Adsense or Media Ads.

But what is the problem with this method?


1. It is discouraging as you can get rejected multiple times

2. They take a long time to even think of applying and getting approved

3. It is too much work; You articles must be quality, You must have some number of traffic. Some number of content, etc.

4. It takes another long time to start earning and even if you earn at all, it would be peanuts.

5. You have to learn several concepts.

So what do internet marketers looking to make money early do?

Well, they use their blog sites for affiliate marketing.

To successfully do this, you need


Product(s) or Service in your niche you want to promote.
A Money Page or money pages
A relating problem-solution
A Copywriting Formula

I call this the PAAD system (Pronounced as PAID) cos you get paid lol.

And I’ve used this system to generate 6-figure sales in less than 30days of blogging.


I’ll skip this part.
A Money Page: Most bloggers don’t even know what a money page is.

A money page is a page on your blog designed specifically to make money. It is different from your normal blog posts.

Unlike the normal SEO content on your blog with hopes that google ranks it. Money pages need two things, a great sales content and traffic.

3. I’ll skip this one

4. A Copywriting Formula:

There are lot of copywriting formula.., but once you find a product you want to promote, you want to create an emotion driven content for that product. there are several ways to do this.

One popular model, mostly used by Amazon affiliates is-

Best xxx product for xxx problem.

Other formula include something called the Big Idea and Unique Mechanisms, used by some of the best copywriters to generate millions of dollars in sales.

And anyone can use this formula as well.

5. Distribution: Skipping this

NB: I am skipping them cos, they are not something to be rushed over.

But Why Does This System work?

Because you are not just sitting down waiting for google to crawl you.

You are taking your guide (money page) to the face of people who needs it (problem-solution) And are able to pay for it or were even already planning to pay for it.

And the content you are creating are designed to sell.

Now here is something for you..,

I am organizing a free class on Friday (video and text) explaining in details how to combine blogging with Affiliate marketing to see quick results. (will break down all the concepts above)

And how you can get it to work for you even if you are a newbie.

I’ll also be exposing the lies and truths about affiliate marketing in Nigeria.


Send me a DM on WhatsApp>>>> https://wa.link/xo6wcq for access.

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