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Ways to Make money on Campus as an Undergraduate

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How to survive campus financially as an undergraduate in Nigeria

Have you ever been to a university environment, or polytechnic or college of education? Are you an undergraduate in one of them or do you have a friend(s) in any higher institution?

If yes, then I’m sure you will be able to flow along with this article.

Being an undergraduate in a Nigerian institution is not something so easy unlike primary and secondary school where life is much more easier and comfortable for the students.

In many homes in Nigeria, when a child graduates from secondary school they are assumed to be adults who can now live without parents and cater for themselves.

The parents may or may not assist with registration in school and also getting hostel for their children, not out of wickedness but to make them realise they’re no longer babies.

If you’re opportune to come from a wealthy home, you know your monthly allowance won’t fail (those are the big boys and girls on campus) but for the ones who come from middle-class homes even though their parents send money, it might not be sufficient all through the month, and this has made students realize the need for having something to do to bring in money regularly.

Due to this need, many students get involved in different things just to make money, both good and bad things. Let me quickly brief you through the things students do

The bad things that students involve in to make money

1) The female students go after rich boys in order to collect money from them. Some sell their body and get money in return, and some innocent girls in need get introduced to it by bad roommates or colleagues and they end up falling victims.

2) Some students steal the properties of their roommates, or even steal from colleagues in class or at walkway. Some make it their business to steal phones and bags of students during exam period because students won’t be allowed to take their belongings into the exam hall so they leave them outside. Some others might steal goods of marketers due to the large population of students who might be buying things at a time.

3) Male students are usually the ones involved in Yahoo, they make alot of money through dubious means and are always flashy and this would also attract other boys to join them.

4) A very common one is duping of parents, many students do this without considering it as bad, they increase their school fees, hostel fee, money for handouts etc to collect extra money from their parents.

The good things that students involve in to make money

Alot of students have side jobs they do alongside schooling and they make their money from it.

1) Home lessons: intelligent students get home lessons where they teach primary or secondary school students and get paid.

2) Selling or products: products like perfume, jewelries, cream, clothes, shoes etc are things students also sell.

3) Use of skills: many students have learnt one or more trades and sell their skills when they get to school, things like baking, sewing, makeup etc some others are comedians and they go out for programs where they do MC, some others are skillful and talented on the musical instruments, they could play I’m shows and get paid.

Some also volunteer as ushers in programs. The list is endless, students do alot of skillful things to make money.

4) The intelligent students offer to do assignment for their colleagues and get paid, the talented artist draw diagrams in assignments for their colleagues.

5)Run a farm: The law of seed time and harvest time is another secret that students make use of, not just Gabby’s law😀😀 They plant and nurture the crops and when it’s time for harvest they’re sure to make money. While some others go into livestock rearing, they make their income.

Many Nigerian students are involved in one thing or the other for their upkeep.

The truth is, even if your parents provides all you need, you’ll get to a stage where you begin to realize you’re no more a child and can’t depend on them for everything.

That’s the responsibility call, though some side jobs are time consuming and demanding, but students know how they blend the activities together in a way that it doesn’t affect their studies.

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