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I once shared a story of my NYSC story, when my batch got to the family house, we felt a big displeased about the things we met on ground and many could not keep their dissatisfaction.

However, when the time came for us to take over from those ahead of us, those of us in office knew the weight that came on us, it was more than we thought.

Having observed a generation that sees everything wrong with the fathers, having observed some Christians who believe that the fathers should be replaced immediately, it is important we note the consequences of such actions. I will try to list a few.

1) Should the fathers exit the scene now as many are expecting, Nigeria will be islamized in less than a decade.

The presence of these men and their stature both socially and spiritually because of the values they have built over the years is one reason many wrong agendas can not be pushed, of which many Christians knows nothing about.

These men are defending more than you think.

2) Should the fathers leave the scene now, the next generation that should take over from them still need more years to be prepared to be able to shoulder the kind of responsibility they are shouldering without cracking or breaking down emotionally.

3)Most attacks against the church are silently sponsored by those who think the influence of the church is too much. While I understand that some Christians do have concerns, I also know that there is no smoke without fire.

4) The attacks they have been able to withstand over the years, we are nowhere close to being able to handle such hostility. It takes a lot of stamina to handle criticism from those you are praying for and defending without breaking down.

5) No generation that curses their fathers and hates their mothers ever do well when they become fathers and mothers.
I hope this small piece of mine will help any brother or sister who feels the fathers in the body of Christ are not relevant anymore. Pray to God to use you, but stop waiting for someone else to leave the scene before you become relevant.

Written by Pastor Femi Lazarus.

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