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Topic: We Are Perfect In Christ

Author: Pastor Abraham David

For by the one offering He has perfected forever and completely cleansed those who are being sanctified [bringing each believer to spiritual completion and maturity]. Hebrews 10:14 AMP

Some people say they are not perfect; it is okay for a person who is not born again to say I am not perfect, but wrong for a child of God, the one who is genuinely born again to say I am not perfect; if you think you are not perfect, it means you either are not genuinely born again, or you are ignorant of what Christ has done for you. In Christ Jesus, there is no imperfect person, all of us are perfect, that’s one of the things that make the new testament a better covenant with better promises.

Jesus is perfect, so when you are in Him, you are clothed with His perfection, this means you are swallowed up in God’s perfection; and since you are in God’s perfection who is Christ, you are seen by God as being perfect because every time He looks at you, the one He sees is His perfect Son, Jesus Christ.

But, you need to understand this which I believe is the main thing that’s confusing many, being made perfect in Christ does not being your character or the manner in which you live your life is perfect; by the nature of God which you now have, you are perfect, but your characters are not perfect yet, that’s why you now need to keep building yourself in the word, and keep doing the word of God so that you can become perfect in Character.

All of us who are in Christ are perfect by nature, we have the same perfection that Christ has, but in characters and the way we conduct ourselves daily, we are not all at the same level of perfection with Christ, each one of us is at a different level of perfection; God knows this, that’s why He gave gifts to the Church: the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers to build us and help us come to that state of perfection, not in nature, but in character.

Therefore, stop confessing imperfections, that you are not at the level of perfection that you desire to be in character doesn’t mean you are not perfect, it only means that there’s more work to be done, the work of renewing your mind with the word, giving yourself more to the word and the Spirit of God, and doing the word all the time. Confessing perfection will help you become more conscious of who Christ has made you (a perfect man or woman), and yield yourself more to the word to help you become more like Jesus in character. But if instead of confessing perfection you keep confessing imperfections, you will become more conscious of your human nature and your weakness, and this will only make you manifest more imperfections and weakness.

My precious Father, you’ve made me perfect in Christ, now I am a perfect man in character, my relationships, and in all that I do. I live above sin, and I am a very good example to others of a perfect man, and I help many make decision to live perfect lives by your grace at work in me, in Jesus name. Amen.

Further Study
Hebrews 7:19; Hebrews 10:1-14


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