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Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor at RCCG Annual Holy Ghost Congress 2021 tagged ‘THE SIEGE IS OVER’, Day 4 Afternoon Session

2 Samuel 4:1-4
I want to speak to you today on what I have called Mephibosheth

Mephibosheth means shame.

Mephibosheth was trapped, restricted and surrounded by shame. It was like a siege. His father and grandfather died and he became a cripple all in one day.

– Every siege causing you shame is going to break today in Jesus name.
– God is about to move you from where you are to where God wants you to be.

Proverbs 15:15, 2 Samuel 9:1

Mephibosheth was staying in Lodebar which means Place of Nothing but God remembered him.

Do you have someone in your bloodline that God can look at and because of them show you mercy?. When mercy comes, shame goes. Probably God can look at you and because of you have mercy on your family.

– As God remembered Mephibosheth, God has remembered you in your shame, in your rejection, in your pain.

Some five years ago, I was preaching here in our Church, right here at Word of Life. As I was preaching I saw a lady at the altar who was kneeling and praying silently, she had tears in her eyes. There was money in her hand and she put the money on the altar and knelt there crying and praying. I noticed some people trying to pull her to get her out but I told them to let her be.

She stayed right there all through the service. I knew within me that she was bitter of soul, there was a heavy thing in her life. The next Sunday she asked if she could talk to me for a few minutes and I said I don’t mind. I would listen to you. She said she has consistently applied to get into Law School for five years, it’s now a shame.

She can’t face her family. It was so bad that is why I stayed at the altar, all the money I had I put it on the altar and said to God if you don’t do it just kill me. She said take this shame from me. She said she got home still crying. At 5am on Sunday which was seven days after she started praying that prayer, she heard a knock on her door and her cousin came in and said “please forgive me, your not entering law school is my fault”.

The God who saved your soul will deliver you. The God who saved your soul, that same God will heal your body. That same God will lift you from where you are to where you ought to be.

Isaiah 61:7, Joel 2:25

There is a mighty spirit of restoration taking the place of shame.

That lady spoke to me on Sunday, her cousin came to her early Sunday morning. On Monday she got a letter that had been hanging for five years. How can Africans be this wicked, why don’t we love ourselves? It was now useless because the letter was written five years ago.

She looked at the letter and looked at her life and the pain was so heavy but the era of restoration had come. A year and half after that she got engaged because during this time she couldn’t get married.

Six months after she got engaged, she got married. Now she has gone to Law School and done everything she wanted to do.

– You don’t serve a dead God, you serve a living God.
– Shame is lifted from your life in the name of Jesus.

A brother came to me and told me his mother died and they didn’t tell him until after the burial. He asked one of his younger ones “how could you have done this?” and they said “ if we had told you what would you have done?

You don’t have any money to contribute”. It’s not going to be so for you anymore, the days of shame are lifted from your life. The devil cannot stamp shame on your life.

Genesis 41:14, Esther 10:2-3

– There is a breakthrough with your name written on it.

We don’t serve a dead God, we serve a God that can lift you and no one can bring you down.


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