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Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG London Festival of Life 2021, tagged ‘A New Dawn’

I remembered one of the first things I said twenty-five years ago, when I said somebody should shout Hallelujah and they shouted at London Arena, I think we were about two thousand people then. I remembered saying to them this was not a bad Hallelujah for London but I wanted a heavenly Hallelujah. I want you to shout Hallelujah that God will hear in Heaven.

Where I come from my children have a saying that if you want your blessing to be bigger than that of your neighbor, let your hallelujah be louder than that of your neighbor. Let somebody shout Hallelujah!

Twenty-five years have gone as if it were just twenty-five days, it was a wonderful time twenty-five years ago when we had the first Festival of Life (FOL), we were about two thousand maybe a little less but it was a time of great excitement that we could even get about two thousand people to pray all night in London was a miracle then, God was present with us.

We started at 7:00 pm, when it was 4:30 am, I asked the people if we can, they shouted no so we went on for another one hour and when it was 5:30 am, I asked can we go home now?

They still said no I said well, you are sitting down and I have been standing so I am going, that is why I am sitting down tonight so that maybe if I ask you around 6:00 am can we go home now you will say no. Glory be to God.

We are going to pray and the reason is because I wasn’t thinking about twenty-fifth anniversary of the FOL when we were thinking of the theme for this year’s FOL, a lot of themes were flying through my heart when He dropped the theme a New Dawn.

I have studied the theme, gone through the Scriptures, looked at it from all manners of perspectives. I find that the more I looked at the topic the more I realized that God is saying something to someone, a New Dawn not just for you as an individual, a New Dawn for your family, nation, a new destiny, I believe that in every man’s life, there is a day that you never forget and many times it is long after the day has come that you realize that something happened the night before.

For example, the day you got

married, it takes a while to remember the food you ate before you went to bed the night before that was the last meal you ate as a bachelor or a spinster. The day you dedicate your new house and you are moving in, a lot of celebration, it takes a while for you to remember there was a meal you ate the previous night which was the last meal you ate as a tenant. Very crucial things we don’t appreciate, do you know this is a night somebody will never forget?

I remembered then it was our neighbors who came to beg us that any time we have FOL we should please finish before 6:00 am, they had their own reasons, they didn’t know what we were enjoying, we may not end as soon as you expect tonight.

Dawn basically means daybreak. Why do they call it daybreak because daybreak is a combination of two words, ‘Day’ and ‘Break’. It means there is a break from the past, a break from night, darkness and the arrival of the day.

New means the opposite of old.

New Dawn
New Dawn means there was probably dawn before and now here comes a new day. The real definition of a New Dawn implies that there was a day before, then night and then another day because between every two days, there must be a night. This is good news for someone who is going to have a New Dawn because it means your night season is about to end.

Psalms 30:5, says weeping may endure for a night, joy comes in the morning it means there is someone listening to me, for you specifically, your season of sorrow is about to end.

Luke 7:11-15, the Bible tells us the story of a widow in a city called Nain, who was going to bury her only son, this widow knew joy before.

She knew joy the day she got married, she knew joy the day the son was born but then her day came to an abrupt end when the husband died. She kept on managing with the only son, then he died. If you talk of someone in a night season, it was that widow, but as she was going towards the burial ground, the one who is called the Bright and Morning Star was coming from the other side and when light collides with darkness, darkness must give way.
Let me start by decreeing into the life of someone, even before I finish preaching, your own New Dawn will come.

Genesis 18:1-14, tells us the story of a man and a woman who had known sorrow consistently for at least ninety years, unknown to them, as they woke up that day, they did not know that their weeping was about to be replaced with laughter that was to last forever.
May I decree into the life of somebody, the joy God will release to your life as a result of this meeting will be an everlasting one.

The Bible spoke, Isaiah 35:10, talks about everlasting joy.
I am convinced beyond all doubts that there is at least someone listening to me who will never weep again.

However, Dawn could mean understanding like when you say it dawned on me, I suddenly began to understand.

Luke 15:11-24, tells us the story of the Prodigal Son, he was comfortable in his father’s house, he left home with a lot of money and he began to enjoy life then his night came when he spent everything, now he knew hunger to the extent that he was willing to feed swine and even join the swine in eating but somehow his wages didn’t include the food of swine. The Bible says he came unto his senses, it dawned on him, I shouldn’t sit here, I should go back home, he went back home and things were never the same again.

For years, Christians believed that if you are sick and the doctors try and nothing seems to be happening, as a Christian you should say maybe this is a curse that God wants me to carry, many Christians died because it never dawned on them that God is not the author of sickness.

It took a while before it dawned on us that Acts 10:38, talks about how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil for God was with him, it took quite a while to fully understand that passage because the moment you understand that passage you will be able to tell the devil, take away your sickness, it is not my cross.

Sickness is not of God, you need to fully understand because, with that understanding, you will become fully whole. If sickness is of God, how come Jesus went about healing all that were oppressed? Oppressed of the devil. How come His Father went about with Him and everywhere Jesus went there were healings, God the Father was there saying I back you up.

Until you get that understanding that sickness is not my portion, you might get to a stage when you begin to surrender to the oppression of the devil, you may get to a stage when you begin to agree that what is happening to you is as a result of old age, the Almighty God never said that once you grow older, you will become sicker.

You need to fully understand, when you go through the Scriptures, everything the Bible teaches is that God is eager to heal you.
I believe God is talking to somebody, in particular, you are going to have a New Dawn.

Luke 13:11-17, Jesus Christ clearly told us that the spirit of infirmity is a bondage of the devil, He came and dealt with that spirit of infirmity because He is the healer.

It is true that some sickness and disease can be traced to sin because if you continue to live in sin, you are working in the domain of the devil.

When you read stories like mark 2:10-12, when they brought in a boy through the roof, Jesus was eager to heal him but He knew that sin would be an obstruction so he forgave him first. He is still the Saviour, He is still forgiving sin today, if there is any in your life that could block your healing tonight, in the Name that is above every other name, I decree, be forgiven.

We discovered something more interesting in John 5:2-14, it tells us the story of a man who had been sick for thirty-eight years, that is good news for those of you who have been sick for a long time, a New Dawn is coming now, Jesus healed him first before he even spoke to him about sin at all.

He just went to him and said will you like to be healed and he began to say stories and Jesus Christ said let us forget the stories it was later He said you have been made whole on credit, go and sin no more. God wants to heal you.

I am decreeing in the name of the One who sent me, this FOL will bring healings to countless people.
Before I finish talking there will be someone here because one beautiful thing about the healing of God is that you don’t even know when it has happened, for someone now, it has already happened.

We are talking about dawn being understanding, you know that for a long time, we were deceived into thinking that holiness and poverty go hand in hand, they quote to us that money is the root of all evil, it has been quoted several times but what the Bible said is that the love of money is the root of all evil. They said if you are really going to heaven you need to be poor, you will be amazed that, that was around the time I got born again.

In those days to be a true believer, you are not expected to have more than two trousers and maybe two or three shirts, if you have a car, it must be pretty old, to ride in any car other than Volkswagen, I am talking about those days I got born again, you will look like a backslider.

Fortunately for me, I listened more to God than to men, in those days I bought a new Toyota Camry, people thought I was backsliding but somehow I knew then that you can be the richest person in the world and make it heaven and you can be the poorest man and go to hell.

What will determine whether you get to heaven or not is not how much money you have. Somehow I got an understanding, it is written in 3 John 1:2, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.

Maybe because I was a mathematician I was able to put that down mathematically, God says your prosperity will be in direct proportion to your holiness. The closer you are to me, the more your soul prospers, the more you will prosper materially, it is what is written.

The more your soul prospers, the healthier you are to become, I saw that I grabbed it, if you have seen that before now, congratulations, if you haven’t, you better grab it now.

Don’t let the sacrifices of Jesus Christ over you be in vain because I read in the scriptures that the reason He became poor is so that you can be rich.

The devil was aware that we will not be able to spread the Gospel as quickly as we ought to if we don’t have resources. If he can keep us poor then we won’t be able to move as fast as we ought to.

In the Name that is above every other name, poverty is going to leave you alone.

What God said is that you are not to fall in love with material things, 1 John 2:15, don’t let possessions possess you. He is not saying don’t have, He is saying whatever you have should not become your controller. Are your possessions possessing you?

Remember what He did to Abraham? Abraham, take your son Isaac, your only son whom you love and go and sacrifice him to me, God doesn’t eat children for breakfast but He wants to know, Abraham have you now fallen in love so much with Isaac that He is taking my place in your life.
God wants to know if anything has taken His place in your life, as soon as that is settled, He will prosper you.

The truth of the matter is that God is not in any difficulty prospering His children, He has no problem making you millionaires or billionaires, that is no problem with Him at all. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the bank in heaven is never closed.

Matthew 6:28-33, says just seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things will be added, that us what He said.
In Psalms 35:11, the Bible says God has pleasure in the prosperity of His people.
When Solomon put God first, God blessed Him so much the Bible said at a stage he said I don’t want to see silver in my palace, when silver comes, put it in my backyard, only gold must come in here, in addition, he got wisdom, long life, peace, Solomon never fought a single war and he was the richest in his days.
In the name that is above every other name, you will prosper if you just get the understanding that God has no plan for you to be poor.

If a New Dawn comes, you will get to the stage where you will tell the bank manager to behave or you will take all your money and if you take your money you know what will happen to your bank. If you receive that say Amen.

I am fully aware that some of you can not see how that can possibly be but please take note, I am not just talking to you for the fun of talking to you, I am prophesying into your future, I have said things before, those of you who were with us from the beginning you can look back and see some of the things I said then that sounded hundred percent impossible because, at that time when we were so few, majority of us were illegal immigrants, I said that one of these days, Royalties, Prime Ministers will come and worship with us, they said Amen. In a gathering of immigrants but I thank God I saw a clip that showed how many of them had already come.
Let me assure you, not long from now, you will be lending to nations.

A New Dawn could also mean a new vision. When somebody has been trying to explain something to you and you have been struggling to understand and all of a sudden the understanding comes, you say I see! Meaning now I get the point that means there is a link between a New Dawn and a New Vision.

That should be easy to understand because when daybreak comes, there is light then the ability to see becomes easier, you can see things more clearly particularly early in the morning. In other words, this New Dawn we are talking about is about bringing New Visions to some people.
Proverbs 29:18, says where there is no vision people perish.

Some of us have no vision of greatness, that is one of the ways the devil has cheated us in the past. We feel that what is a Christian doing wanting to be Prime Minister?

It took quite a while for you to even see a Christian who wants to be a counselor but there is going to be a New Vision because when your vision is limited, you can make very costly mistakes.

Genesis 27:1-33, the reason Isaac made the mistake of blessing Jacob instead of Esau was because the Bible said his vision was dim. When your vision is limited you can make very dangerous mistakes.

When your vision is wrong, you are in danger, you may not believe what I am telling you but in one of the Nations you know the RCCG is in more than 190 nations of the world, that one takes vision that a church could start in Africa and spread throughout the world, that takes some vision.

In one of the Nations you can interview the natives and ask them, when you grow up what do you want to become and you will be shocked at what they say, one boy said, ‘I want to be like my father’ interesting, who is your father? ‘he is a night guard’.

So you are telling me that all you want to be is a night guard when you grow up? He said yes.
One girl said ‘I want to be like my mom’, what is your mom? A house help. When someone’s vision is that he can never be anything other than a messenger you know we have a problem.

Is there anyone among you who believes that with God’s help, you can become the greatest?

When your vision is wrong, you can be in danger.
Genesis 13:14-18, you will notice that God said to Abraham, enlarge your vision and I will enlarge your coast, whatever you can see you can have.
My beloved children, please listen to me, you can take over the world for Jesus Christ, we have enough numbers even as small as we are if only we can enlarge our vision.

In Numbers 13:25-33, the spies that Moses sent to go and spy the land before they moved in told Moses the land is flowing with milk and honey but there are giants in the land. What do you expect? If a land is flowing with milk and honey, that kind of land will not produce dwarfs, there is plenty of food, milk and honey giants should be there.

You want to take over the world for Jesus Christ, you need to know that there are giants in the land, there will be opposition. I have heard children of God quoting the Scriptures, the wealth of sinners are laid up for the just, so you expect that the sinners will just walk to your house and say take my money?

If you are going to possess your possessions, you need to realize that there will be a war to fight.

That is what Caleb and Joshua said in Numbers 14:6-9, they said we know that giants are there but if God be for us, they will be bread for us. It takes a clear vision to say we want to take the Gospel to Libya, Iraq or Iran, whether you believe it or not, we are in those nations.

As a matter of fact, by the last count, we have more than sixteen branches in Libya. Are we fighting battles there?

Of course, you don’t expect that we just walk in there to take the Gospel of Christ, you have to war on your knees, you have to fast, pray, our God is ready to back you up, you have to call on Him.

A New Dawn of understanding, we want to win the United Kingdom for Jesus Christ, it is going to happen but you have to tell your stomach not to stand in the way. I told you this is a special FOL, this one will change your destiny because it is going to change your understanding, your vision, it is going to bring you into a New Dawn.


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