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Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
Covenant Family Day
Today is our Covenant Family Day.
First, let’s be reminded that by redemption, our lineage has changed. Now we have become members of God’s household – Ephesians 2:19
Every child of God is now a member of the household of God. Every believer is now a member of the household of God.
Can I have you say with me, “I am now a member of the household of God.”
That is why at new birth, old things have passed away, behold all things are become new – 2 Corinthians 5:17
You are not permitted to share the woes that may have bedevilled your natural lineage till date. You are no longer part of that spiritually. That plague has no legal right on your life. You have become a peculiar person – 1 Peter 2:9
You were there before; you have been translated from that realm into His Kingdom – Colossians 1:13.
So the negative things they go through is no longer your portion. Your lineage has changed.
You are now a member of the household of God. That mentality will change everything about your life.
I am not operating today where my natural lineage had been operating. I left that place long time. When I gave my life to Jesus, I became a member of the household of God, so I can’t share their hereditary disease. No, I am off it. I can’t share the plague of untimely death that might be there because my lineage.
You know every revelation is revolutionary in nature. Understanding is not a make believe stuff, it is a reality. Know where you are today and know where your lineage has always been.
How many understand what I am talking about? Your case became different when you met Jesus.
Our Choir used to sing, 🎶“since I met my Saviour, my life has been so new”🎶: something happened, a new you emerged and a new day dawned on your life.
That is why every generational curse, spell and enchantment, associated with our biological lineage has no more hold on our lives.
🎶Jesus set me free and I cannot be bound. I shall not be bound.🎶
However, God is committed to saving us and our biological household.

Noah, Abraham, Joseph and Esther were all instrumental to the salvation of their household.
Through Abraham, in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed – Genesis 22:18
Noah built an ark to the saving of his own household. We are God’s lifeline to our biological lineage.
Joseph fed Israel, preserved posterity when God gave him the opportunity.
Esther took her life in her hand and went for the salvation of the Jews and God honoured it.
We saw how the household of the Jailer was saved – Acts 16:30-31
God is interested in the rescue of our biological household. We saw Cornelius, he called all members of his household and his kinsmen and his near friends. The Holy Ghost fell on all of them, they well all rescued – Acts 10:24, 44
-Therefore, through you, every generational siege ravaging your biological lineage comes to an end today.
-Every siege of hereditary disease tormenting your biological lineage ends here today.
-Every siege of mediocrity, sitting down on the destinies of innocent people in your lineage clears off today.
-Every plague on the young and the youth in that lineage that makes them operate as vagabonds, haters of God, haters of good people, involved in all manner of crime, that siege clears off today.
-Every diabolical curse ravaging that family by some wicked men in generations past and still working till now, clears off finally today.
-Every marital spell over anyone’s biological lineage clears off today.
-Whatever won’t let you go, goes for you finally today.
-Any manifestation of those things in your life as a believer are today declared illegal and the end is finally here.
-Every family represented is delivered from the bondage of hell.
-Every unsaved soul in your lineage, in the name of Jesus, I decree their salvation today in the name of Jesus Christ and so shall it be.
We are partaking of this Communion today; it is a family meal.

Jesus gave it to His disciples, so it is for members of the household of God.
-As you partake of this Communion whatever does not belong to your lineage in Christ clears off your life finally.

Hebrews 9:13-14
-As you partake of this Communion today, I see everyone’s inside, purged of every evil work to serve the living God.
-You will be surprised at your new way of thinking.
-After this Communion, junks will have no access to your mind.
Proverbs 4:23 – Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life; we are kept by the power of God and the Blood is the ultimate expression of God’s power
“I will bring one more plague, Egypt can’t hold you back anymore” and He did, they were in a hurry to let them go.
-As you partake of this Blood today, whatever is corrupting your mind, in the name of Jesus, is purged by the power of the Blood in this Communion.
Satan fell from the heart, he said in his heart, “I will exalt my throne like the throne of God” –Isaiah 14:13
-Whatever is organized to result in your fall by dirty thoughts, by the Blood of the Lamb today is purged away from you.
Thank You Jesus, in Jesus name.


-The good news is that a change has come to your entire household today.
-Every wayward child will come back home.
-Every runaway son or daughter will connect back home.
-Every runaway husband, wife will find their way back home.
-Every turbulence in your lineage clears off today.
That man said, for 15 years, the siege of death was broken in that family.
-Every siege of death in your lineage is turned to a testimony today.
Prayers: Whatever you desire from the Lord’s table, please call for it.
Thank You Jesus, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
One of the mysteries of the Communion is the empowerment of the believer to live like Christ.
-Therefore as you partake of the Communion today, sin shall have no more dominion over you.
-The power of sin shall not get a hold on any aspect of your life anymore.
-Every true repentance of the heart today will lead to an ever growing transformation in your life.
-In the same vein, whatever cannot be found in Christ that is tormenting anyone here clears off at the instance of this Communion
-Every sickness and disease clears off today.
-Ever terminal disease so called finds their way out of your life today. In the name of Jesus Christ.
And so shall it be in Jesus name.
This is declared the flesh and the Blood of Jesus. As you partake of this today, be empowered to live like Christ, spirit, soul and body, in Jesus name.
-Well, the good news today is that you have escaped.
-The good news today is that your case is different from your traditional family lineage.
-The good news today is that God has sent you as a lifeline to that your family and in the name of Jesus, your family’s testimony begins today.

-Your family’s testimony begins today.
Good news: as at the time of this report, 368 new home cells were birthed yesterday. And now update is 17,124 new home cells this year.

That is your God and my God at work. That is Jesus, the head of the Church at work and that is the rewarder on duty. So everyone involved is sure of their open rewards.

Help me say, “Thank You Jesus.”
For everyone that is giving to the Transport seed, no one in your generation shall be stranded.
Everyone being carried today, will carry others tomorrow. That tomorrow is far, distant time. That tomorrow is this year. As you put your heart to what is been taught, your story like a dream the night.
Wisdom key: everyone that has the means to be in Church and is been carried by the Church, make your transport cost a seed, that is how to responsible as a Christian. Make it a seed, it is to show responsibility.

You can carry two, put 2 costs together for you Zone and make it a seed. Don’t watch this thing.

I wasn’t watching, I was busy working. I have been busy working and it has been working for me and my family forever. I love to take responsibility, that is why I am not a liability today.
A young lady met me yesterday, among our new graduates. She said, “Sir, I have been on your scholarship since I was in 100 Level. I have finished now and I am in the First Class range.” I said, “sure.”

Did you ask for her name? No.

God knows her name, I laid hands on her and said, “not only will you be in First Class in school, you will be first class in life.”
Life is about taking responsibility, please don’t wait to be carried, you are not crippled.

You go to work on your own, take responsibility. Smile with your converts and say, “Church is carrying people for free”, don’t say I am carrying you and make it a seed. God knows.
-You will never be stranded in life.

As a reminder, ‘Walking in the Newness of Life’ will be a very good text for this time.
‘Conquering controlling spirits’ that control you without any resistance.
‘The Blood Triumph’, that sets free.
These materials will help you.
-The week is your week.
-Everything is working for you supernaturally.
-This week is declared a family testimony week for you.
-Any concern in your family is turned to a testimony this week.

It is the week of our Youth Alive Convention. It shall be a season that none of the youths that participate will forget in a hurry.

The power of God that engenders excellence will come upon them. Every session shall be a most powerful session. Please push in your youth to be there. It pays to start early! I met Jesus at 15, I have been hearing from Jesus since I was 16.

The things He told me at 16, at 17, at 20 are still working in my life today.
The things I learnt in a conference is still working in me today.

Allow them to grow in grace and in the nurture of the Lord and you will have rest for your life in Jesus name.

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