We thank God for the successful Completion of Shiloh2021


To God alone be all the glory, God has done it again, Shiloh2021 has been successfully completed, the annual ingathering of Winners Chapel, a prophetic feast indeed, has come and transformed many people all across the world, with notable, tangible testimonies to show.

I bless God that I personally attend this year Shiloh and as always, God came down to manifest himself in the midst of his people, like he use to do, it was powerful and incredible, the word of God came in an unusual way and lives were transformed to the glory of God.

We also thank God for his servant, Bishop David Oyedepo, who is a Voice of God to our nation and generation, he is the voice of God for the world in our generation, God as used him mightily at Shiloh2021, and we pray the Grace of God upon his life will continue to be on the increase in Jesus name.

Incase you missed shiloh2021, I highly recommend that you get the sermon, it will bless you; there are so many revelational teaching that liberate and empower you to be indeed, more than  a conqueror, another aspect of Shiloh that is so powerful and touching Is the testimonies, the things that God as done in the lives of people, it’s almost unbelievable, yet undeniable; the manifestation of God’s power and the prosperity Grace speaking evidently without any iota of doubt, is so massive, in the testimonies recorded, we also have those of barren women who are not fruitful mothers of children, the lord has turned their lives around totally, to God alone be all the glory.

There was a striking testimony that touched me in no small way, there are many, but this particular is so touching to me, it was the story of a lady who said, she keyed into Shiloh sacrifice and serving God in the church and the Lord as transformed her life completely and now she own a private Jet of her own, it was amazing because I know how much it cost to own a private jet and to sustain the ownership too, like God’s servant use to say, a little one in our midst is turning into a mighty nation, God is set to do mighty things in our midst and its fast becoming a winners world indeed, to Jesus alone be all the glory.

Without any iota of doubt, winners chapel under the leadership of Bishop David Oyedepo as transformed the face of CHRISTIANITY in Africa and the world at large, everything is speaking to evident the fact that he is truly called by God and sent to our generation, look at the ease of smooth running the ministry has enjoyed, and also the magnitude of expansion the ministry as experience, and it is an annual thing, this year is always an improvement on the previous one, God is working mighty things in the midst of his people.

We give all the glory to God; can you imagine a church building 1050 church auditorium in a year? These are projects running into several millions of Naira, they are not cheap projects, they are very expensive projects, yet the lord is making it happen in their midst cheaply, God is amazing!

It can only be God, and that is why I encourage everyone reading this post, to get the sermons of shiloh2021, it will do you so much good, it will transform your life and empower you to fulfill your glorious destiny in Christ, Bishop Oyedepo is God’s choice servant for this generation with a special assignment from God to help you fulfill your destiny, liberate you from all oppression of the devil, empower you to lay hold of your glorious inheritance in Christ.


We are indeed more than a conqueror, I was glad to see so many sons of the prophet, from Pastor Paul Enenche to Pastor David Ibiyeomie, Pastor Femi Emmanuel, Pastor FEB Idahosa, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, Pastor Korede Komaiya and so many more, who left their ministry and assignment to be at Shiloh, am sure they have been imparted, renewed and refreshed to go and do more exploits for God in their ministry too, To God alone be all the glory, Amen.

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