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-Dr (Mrs) Becky Enenche
Day 3, Evening Session, DRC 2021

*As a result of sacrifices that have been made in the lives of people in terms of mobility and transportation.
*Right from where we were medical students

The Lifting Power of Giving and Sacrifice
Genesis 8:20-22

We are going to look at some scriptural references, some scriptural examples of people who were givers and how it affected and influenced their lives and if time permits us, we want to look at how do we go about this giving of a thing. It looks like a mystery.

Now we see in the life of Noah that Noah was a giver. I believe that his heart and his love for God was also the reason why he was a giver to God and I believe that is one of the reasons why God distinguished him among his generation to deliver him from the flood that happened in his days. That singular act when Noah came out of that Ark at the end of the flood, he looked around and the whole earth was vacant, no animal or human being in site, only him, his wife, his children and the 2 by 2 animals that God instructed him to put in the ark.

Beloved, it has alwasys been my suspicion that Noah had in mind that he would make a sacrifice to God when God told him to take the animals 2 by 2 and he must have taken an extra pair if not probably there are some animals that don’t exist on earth. Because the Scriptures tell us that after he came out he took those out of the animals that were with him, clean animals and then he offered them unto God as a burnt sacrifice. God saw it as a sacrifice because under notmal circumstances, there is no other provision in view and he yet he could release what was with him. Noah’s life of sacrifice was a very vital key in his life.

2. That sacrifice ensured that there was no shortage for him or his family after the flood. Those animals that went to God, then the other animals that were with him were released to the open space, and they multiplied and they over filled the earth because one man decided to give.
3. Immediately after this sacrifice, Genesis 9:1, 19. This man sons came out and they were blessed. Noah and his sons are your progenitors, we are here because one man was a giver.

4. Abraham. Genesis 14:20. Until that point no mention about tithe was made in the Bible. How did he know about it? How did he know about giving God a tenth of what he had? How did he come about it? It came out of love. It came out of a heart of relationship. You cannot claim to love God and not be able to give to God. Your love and the genuineness of your love is characterized by your ability to release to him when he demands of it. There are many times we pretend to not hear what God said, binding satan.
Abrahan gave to God out of what God has given to him in that battle. If you are a man and a woman of love for God, you will not struggle with giving to God. Abraham undoubtedly became the symbol of blessedness in the Scriptures.

3. Job.
Job sacrifice continually. He sacrificed all the time. That sacrifice moved him to a drastic level of financial supplies and provisions and then he went further to be involved in taking care of other people. Job 31:16-18. We do some crazy things in my family. I’m not saying its a doctrine, but you cannot bring rice to our house and we didn’t tithe the rice. If ten bags came, then one whole bag left. We went for evangelism on saturday, when we finished from that village, we bought about 16 to 29 bags of rice and shared it for the villagers. We saw how poverty stricken they looked. We wanted them to have something to eat.

About 3 weeks ago in another village where we had evangelism, we also bought rice and sent there and they shared for the people. You don’t eat your morsel alone.

4. Solomon.
As soon as he was king, he offered unto God a 1000 burnt offerings and from that day, his story changed. Everything about his life shifted. At the time he gave the 1000 burnt offering, he had just become king. It wasn’t like when he had abundance. 1 Kings 3:4. Stop that gimmick, let your relationship with God be genuine. Give out of love not because you heard that if ‘I give God, he will give me,’ like a business transaction.
Before we came to Abuja as a matter of fact, from University days, you have heard God’s servant preach it several times, that in those days, he would enter a taxi and he would pay for another person he just preached to. I think he shared it in the Fellowship so all of us started doing. You preach to them, I preferred going from Naraguta hostel to students hostel in JUTH with those mini buses. So from Bauchi road Campus, we will take that bus and go, because it gave me the opportunity to preach to all the people in the bus: it was a greater crusade. Church Gist. Many times, you would end up and then pay everybody’s transport fare. Students! How much were you taking? I know my Dad was giving me like 300 Naira a month: that wasn’t very great right? But by the principles of giving and sacrifice, I was never in lack, not one day in need. If by today, God decides, I am convinced that we will not need to take our personal money and buy an aircraft to own one. No, No. The sacrifices that have been laid as far as movement, mobility and transportation into people’s lives over the years is enough to buy many aircrafts. From that time.
I remember that the first car that we had: it was time to deliver our first child and an elderly woman came and said, “God told me to give you my car in case your wife goes into labour in the middle of the night. So you will have what to use to take her to the labour room. So they dropped the car and left.” She was sharing car with the husband or whatever but that was the only car that she had. After the delivery, the car was with us for about 2 to 3 weeks, one week to the time of delivery and then like 2 weeks afterwards…that was the car we used to go to the labour room. God’s servant took the car back and the elderly woman said, “God didn’t say I should give you to collect it back.” Please excuse me, we were not yet Pastors. I want you to understand this, it is not because we are Pastors today that something comes to us because we gave. Please take note of it: we were not yet Pastors, we were just serving God and above all we were just givers.
-The Lord is about to transform somebody’s life and destiny.
It was that car that we sold, then you remember our famous Volvo that we sold, that we gave 1000 (Naira) for one year as the payment of it. It was the sale of that old car that cleared off that balance. God is about to do something in your life that your whole generation will be amazed. From that Volvo, it was given out to another Pastor whose Volvo was in a worse condition and it has been from one giving to another to another.
God is about to transform your life.


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