What Agric Business can I start with #100,000 in Nigeria?

Vegetable Farming In Nigeria; What You Should Know - ENI BEST


Good day everyone, as we draw the curtain of 2021, and we looking forward to a prospective year 2022, it is time to start planning yourself in advance and ahead, for the next line of action. Some people have been reaching me privately through the email, telling of their intention to venture into Agriculture, but they need direction on the right moves to make and they need knowledge one what to do, but there seems to be a constant question coming from the majority and that is; what Farming Business can they kickstart with #100,000 in Nigeria of today? Well; this is not a difficult question to answer, as an Agric consultant, I have been privilege to set up farms for various people in Nigeria, and in various aspect of Agricultural Business line, so I will handpick few and yet lucrative business venture you should consider in Nigeria today, which will not cost you too much to establish and run successfully.

Agriculture is one of the most lucrative Business industry across the world not just in Nigeria, food production and food security is not just a national issue, it is a global issue of utmost interest to all sundry, so today, I will show you good potential proven Farming Business line you should consider for you Agric investment, and most of them can be kickstarted with #100,000.

Lists of Farming Business you can start with #100,000 in Nigeria today

  1. Poultry Farming: Nigerian eat birds more than anything else, we have an ever growing population, more than 5million are added annually, and before any other major need, is the necessity of food, that is always the first thing, it is however painful to submit that many Nigerian are not looking into Farming and Food production, looks like we have a population of consumers and not producers, making the supply to be extremely low to the demand. If you are looking at venturing into a profitable Business line in the Agric industry in Nigeria, then Poultry farming is a major line of interest for you, this entails the production, breeding and raising of birds, (chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, duck, geese and co) including their eggs. To get started with poultry farming Business, follow this link. Christmas is approaching right, that is even one of the best times for Poultry farmers, and this is one of the greatest profiting seasons for most poultry Farmers, as the yuletide increases the demand for animal protein, of which poultry is a major source.
  • Rabbit Farming: It will actually surprise to know that rabbit farming is now a big business in Nigeria, with a lot of farmers trading in rabbit deals, making serious money from that Business line. Rabbit are lovely creature and they are sweet to behold, they are friendly and often raise as pets, but many people also raise them for meat, which is the ultimate goal, in Nigeria today; we have hybrid and exotic rabbit breeds, which are most sort after, I have been farming rabbit in Nigeria for 5years now, and I can tell you, this business is very lucrative, it is a silent money making venture, there is serious money in rabbitry.  There are two sides of the market of rabbit, we have the breeders market and the meat market, the both seems to be growing in demand daily, especially as the awareness of the health benefits of rabbit meat grows, it is a white meat, with low cholesterol fat, high protein, making it healthy for consumption than most white meat.
  •  To get started with rabbit Farming is not hard, you just need to get the right knowledge, rabbit are easy to breed and they have a short gestation period, of 30 to 33days, to get started with Rabbit Farming Business in Nigeria, click here. It will surprise you that you can start your rabbit farming with just 3 animals, two females and one male, after few months, you will have abundance of rabbit all over the place, as they multiply so fast.

  • Pig Farming: Pig Farming is yet another major lucrative Business venture in Nigeria right now, all geared towards making animal protein available to the people, pigs are lovely animals, they grow fast and well, provided they are under the desired condition that powers their growth and development with quality feeding. Pigs are easy to breed and you do not need much capital to get started, I actually start with 5 pigs, and as at now, I have over 50 pigs, considering the ease of breeding them and the rate at which they multiply, I can say pig farming is very lucrative without any doubt.
  • Another amazing thing I noticed and love about pig farming is the fact that, people are demanding for pig so much, the market is a huge one, both for consumption and for breeding, it will also interest you to know that people come from outside Nigeria to buy pigs from here, this is how lucrative pig farming is, you can start small and grow it with time, click here to learn more.
  • Grasscutter Farming: This is a silent money magnet, you really need to be informed to know that people are making serious money in Nigeria, even from ventures you least imagine, do you know a governor in one of the states in Nigeria, started his own grasscutter farm with #20 Million? My friend set up the farm for him and they had to go to neighboring African counties to get enough volume of grasscutter needed to power the farm investment. So we don’t even have enough grasscutter in Nigeria to meet up with the ever increasing demand for Grasscutter in this country.
  • Grasscutter are lovely creature, and just like rabbit, they are non-ruminant but with ceacum and they feed a lot on fibre and other cheap feed supplement, the only difference is, grasscutter has a more complex body structure compare to rabbit and their own gestation period is 5month, click here to read more on grasscutter farming.
  • Fish Farming:  Fish is a white animal protein, considered as sea food, which is highly nutritious in protein, Nigerians eat fish a lot and painfully, we still import a lot of fish and fish related products into the country, because we don’t have enough fish in Nigeria to meet the ever increasing demand for fish and fish based products in Nigeria, you can start a small fish pond with less than  #100,000 and make good return from it, there are diverse market and demand for fish in Nigeria, ranging from the restaurants, hotels, schools, market, and many more, I love what some Nigerian youths are doing, the process barbeque fish by the road side in some strategic locations and sell it daily, especially in the evening and late night, this way they make daily income from fish farming business, let me also shock, do you know people smoke and dry fish in Nigeria, package and export it to European countries?
  • There is so much fortune in fish farming Business, but you must be willing to learn from an expert to save your investment, click here to get started.
  • Vegetable Farming: Do you know Nigerians eat vegetable daily? From various types of vegetable that is sort after daily, it is a pity that the youth have not wake up to such a huge potential like this, the shocking part is, vegetable are leaving Nigeria for U.S weekly and folks are earning in Foreign exchange, yet an average Nigerian graduate will say there is no job, he is broke, and there are plenty opportunity all around looking for you to come and maximize them; I remember the story of 4 guys in Lagos, who decided to start cultivating the alluvia soil by the water shore in Lagos, they make vegetable available to consumers on a daily basis and the attraction is that, they make it fresh vegetable, so when people come to buy, they pluck and sell, many restaurants began to patronize them, before you know, they grow into massive wealth, they had an interview on A.M express and when I watched it, I was touch deep inside,  there are many things you can do in Nigeria to make good decent money.
Vegetable Farming In Nigeria; What You Should Know - ENI BEST
  • You can plant ugu at the back of your house, even when you cut the leaf and stem, the rest will keep growing, immediately people know they can get form you, big market will reach you and you will be surprise at how much you are making.
  • Cassava Farming: The funny thing about cassava in NIGERIA right now is that, everything about cassava is useful and is money, from the stem, starch, the stick, the tuber, and even cassava peels are now selling in large quality to various companies that use them as raw material for feed ingredients and other things too. Currently a stick of cassava sells for around #500 to #700 per one, but I was surprised when someone on our Agric whatsapp group ask for 100,000 cassava stick, that means, even from the stick alone, you can make a fortune.
  • While many people think garri is the only thing that comes from cassava, this is incorrect; there are so many things about cassava that can fetch you serious money right now. Another thing is, cassava is highly demanded, there is such a massive market for your cassava, it is not even hard to cultivate, you just need the knowledge, major parts of Nigeria favour the cultivation and growth of cassava, you can learn more on how to get started here.
  • Maize Farming: Just like the case with Cassava, Maize is all encompassing, it as diverse usage too, infact in Nigeria right now, we do not have enough maize both for human consumption and livestock feed production, let us not even talk of industrial processing and raw material usage of maize, it is painful to see how young Nigerians who are the leaders of tomorrow take lightly the issue of maize and it utilization, there is such a sporadic growing market for maize, do you even know till now, Nigeria still import maize?
  • Eve for livestock feed production, we do not have enough maize yet, many times I go to the feedmill to process animal feed, and I won’t be able to get maize, because it has finished or they have not gotten maize yet, as it is now scarce, these are the areas that should interest you as an investor in Nigeria Agric industry, there is a waiting market for your product, both fresh and dried maize, though I recommend dry maize here, because you will make more returns with dry maize than the fresh one.

It won’t cost you a fortune to cultivate few acres of land for maize plantation, especially the raining season maize, you can even plant maize two or dry times in a year, as we now have fast growing hybrid maize.

  • Yam Farming: We all love YAM and eat Yam, but so you know some wise people make millions of Naira from Yam business annually? Honestly, Yam is one of the most effective and less costly Agric business you can embark on, it doesn’t cost you much, you can even get labourers to cultivate and do the hard Job for you, while you surpervize and harvest your yam at the end of the day, we do not look into all these direction, that is why majority of Nigerian youth are crying of no money, no Job, no this and that, do you know, if everybody in Nigeria today start cultivating yam, there still won’t be enough yam for consumption?
  • Do you also know that yam products are used in the livestock industry in no small way? Do you know there are many industrial use of Yam? Do you know in NIGERIA today, we export Yam to UK? Yam farming is one aspect you should really look into, it will give multiple fold returns, if you are patient and willing to go into it, you can click here to get started.  
  1. Sheep, Cattle and Goat Farming: This is the final on our list today, and is because there are a lot to discuss about it; do you know that Nigerians eat more meat than fish and all? One of the major features that are common among Nigerians is ceremonies, and for every major ceremony, either Cow, goat or sheep will be slaughtered, this is a must, apart from that, the daily consumption of meat in Nigeria is increasing, I mean ever increasing; this is the honest truth. I remember during the endsars protest last year, Lagosians had to go to Ibadan to get cattle, sheep and goat that they will slaughter in Lagos, it is painful to see that only northerners are serious about this Business line, and that is why there has been an increase in Fulani herdsmen and farmers clash, people in south west need to wake up to this Business too, that way we won’t depend on northerners to supply us ruminant animals again.

RUMINANT ANIMALS are the most easy to raise, they are not so demanding on the farmer, they don’t cost you a fortune to sell up, but if you sell them at the right season and time, you can actually make a fortune from it.  When i wanted to start sheep farming, I met with a friend in Ibadan and he told me, how he imported some breeds from Kenya and sold it during the Muslim festive period for as high as 2million naira per one that is sheep o, not even cattle yet. Can you imagine?

There is huge money in this business line, and it doesn’t cost so much to feed your ruminant animals, you can also get them cheaper form the north, and raise them up here, sell at the next festive season or end of the year, you will make good income from it.

I remember buying some young uda sheep for 30k each, I raised them to the next Ileya and sold them for 150k each, there are ram that go for 300k, 500k and even millions.


I also want you to know that in Nigeria, to meet up with the food demand and value chain, both sheep, goat an cattle are slaughtered on a daily basis, so you can imagine how may will be needed in 5years time, if our population increase by over 5million per year? You and I need to look into this production line to be able to maximize it.

Written by : Mr Matthew Tolulope, the CEO of Matex Farms Holding, for consultancy services, farm setup and recommendation, you can contact me on 07066784204.

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  1. Thanks for the break down on farming which am very much interested into .my question is that is advisable for someone to kick start these project while staying abroad?
    2) can I get someone to manage it for me bcus I have a acre of land for farming project but I am not around in d country what advise can u give me ?
    3) which of these farming can u advise me to start with ?

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