What does it mean to be the Light of the World?


Scriptures: Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Matthew 5:14 (KJV).

When the bible calls us Light of the world, what does it means? Who are the light of the world and how can I operate as the Light of the world?

Some of these questions on the mind of believers will be answered in this article today.

Jesus is the one speaking in Matthew 5:14, he was talking to his disciples and those that believe in him, he says; ye are the light of the world.

What does it mean to be the light of the world?

It simply tells us that the world is in darkness, so we have come as light, we have come as solution to the confusion and destruction of the world.

And who are the “we”, believers, Christians, those who have accepted Jesus as their lord and savior, those who are redeemed by the blood of the lamb, they are the light of the world. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, you are the one the bible is talking about.

Those who have received and believe Jesus, who are following after his word and his ways, who desires to please him and serve him, they are the light of the world, that is what the bible says, but not everyone who are redeemed are walking in the reality of the light of the world. This is due to ignorance, many don’t know much about the lord, his ways and his agenda, The word of God is our manual that directs us, inform us and make us know the will of God for us, you must read your bible daily as a Christian, if you want to be the light indeed.

It is God’s desire that his people should be in charge on the earth, the bible says in Isaiah 8:18, “I and the children the Lord as given unto me, are for signs and wonders in Israel, from the lord of Host who dwells on mount Zion’’. Also in Isaiah 60:1-2 the bible says, Arise, shine for thy light is come and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee, for behold the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people but the LORD shall arise upon thee and his glory shall be seen upon thee.


This is God’s desire for his people that the greatest men in our generation should emerge out of the church, the people of great influence and power that matters should be from the saints.

But there are requirement that makes for this reality, it doesn’t happen on its own, there are demands that we must align with, in other for this to become a reality in our life.  Every child of God carries inside of them, the seed of greatness, because like begat like, your heavenly father is the almighty so you cannot belong to the all “low” place of life, you are rather meant to be an high flyer, and it is for the sake of the kingdom, it is to advance the cause of God on the earth.

The World as always been in darkness, it is not new, it happened in the time of Joseph also, the king had a dream, yet nobody was able to demystify the dream he had, until Joseph was sort after, who had the gift of interpreting dream, after he had interpret the dream, he did not stop there, he went further to tell Pharaoh, the solution, he didn’t just diagnose the situation, he gave a therapy. This is what it means to be the light of the world. When people are confused in your field, as a child of God, the spirit of God on your inside must tell you what to do, you cannot be lost in confusion, when you have the holy spirit, he teaches you all things, he shows you things to come, he guide you on what to do, he shows you the moves to make, this is what it means to be the light of the world.

Christians are asset on the earth, we are the solution to the chaos of the world, we are the illumination of the world, you are not at disadvantage for accepting Jesus, rather you have come into a world of endless possibility, because there are no limits to the destiny of God’s people, the bible says, the part of the just is as a shining light, that shines more and more unto the perfect day (Proverbs 4:18).

How Can I be the Light of the World?

  1. Be Born Again: This is the first step to operating in the light, you cannot have light if you don’t have Christ, the bible speaking in John 1: 4 it says; “In him was life and the life was the light of men”. If you want to walk in the light, you need to accept Jesus as your lord and savior, then he will come into your life and teach you the way you should go, how to live and he will make you the light of the world. There is a transference of the Life of God to you at salvation, when you receive Jesus, you receive the Life of Christ, The bible says, as many as believed him, to them he gave power to become the sons of GOD (John 1:12). You are empowered to live as the light in a world full of darkness; this is one of the beauty of accepting Jesus as your lord and savior.
  2. Have the Mindset of the Light: This is very important, after salvation as a believer, the next most powerful thing you must have, is revelation, the revelation of the word of God, especially pertaining to your new status in Christ is very vital, it is what empowers you to change levels and operate as the light of the world, this is very important, you must have the right mindset, the right understanding of the world of God, the bible says, you are the light of the world, believe it, because mindset determines lifestyle. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he, what crosses your mind, determines what crosses your life, you must fill your mind with the right thoughts always. We have establish the fact that been the light of the world means, been a solution to the problem of the world, been a blessing to humanity, been a source of relieve and comfort to the world, begin to think like this, so that it will become your reality, until your mind receives it, your life cannot experience it, what you receive in your mind matters.
  3. Be planted in a Church: There is so much that happens to you, when you belong to a church, you cannot be the light of the world, without been in a church, when you are planted in the house of the Lord, you are bound to flourish (Psalm 92:13). When you start serving God, that is when his life enters into you, it hinder the default selfish nature of man in you, and gives you the selfless nature of God, this is what empowers you to be the light of the world, Kingdom service makes us to be very selfless, and that is how we can impact our world, it starts from the church, your service to God, and your role in your church, towards the advancement of the kingdom in that place. The things of God cannot be accomplished by wishing, you must follow the protocol in other to get it right and not corrupt the motive at the end of the day, it is In church, you learn the word of God, which equips you and empower you to grow in the lord, the outflow of your growth as a child of God is the light that you dispense in the world. For instance, someone who as grow in the lord will find it easy to love his neighbor at home, at work, he or she will also find it easy to forgive and not hold grudges in his heart.
  4. Think as a Solution Provider: This brings us back to the power of the mind, God as declared you the light of the world, it is now time to make sure of your mind, think way out, think solution, think value addition, think production and not just consumption, be an innovative person. Even at your place of work, think of what you can do to add value to the progress of the organization, let the company move forward when you are there, don’t join them to forge papers or engage in any dubious things, this is not how to be the light, be establish in righteousness, integrity and good character, be trustworthy, this is what makes you the light of the world indeed.
  5. Serve the Lord: This is the way to been the light, you need to serve the master, and the easiest way to do this, is in your church, serve God and the interest of his kingdom. Your church is a platform to serve the Lord and receive the reward of serving. In the kingdom we are built up by service. If you are not adding value to the kingdom by your service, you will not be useful in the world. When you serve The lord, he service the needs of your life, he makes all things beautiful for you, he makes all things to work together for your good. There are many things you will learn serving the Lord in the church, that will help impact you positively and equip you to serve the your generation effectively in the world, for instance, you will learn integrity and righteousness, if you get a Job in the bank, the same thing follows, you remain trust worthy, you don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you, because you are representing Christ even at your workplace.

I believe you have learn many things from this post today, I pray that God will grant you the understanding to walk in the light of his word in Jesus name, God bless you.

Written by Pastor Matthew.


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