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WHAT GOD TOLD ME AFTER LEKKI ’98 – Pastor E.A. Adeboye

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The higher you go the more careful you must be. The higher God raises you, the more humble you must be.
– The plan that God has concerning you will come to pass in Jesus name.

I told you the story of what happened after Lekki ’98, you remember that great gathering. Millions of people gathered at Lekki for the first Holy Ghost Congress, crowds as far as the eyes could see.

Decision cards filled by those who gave their life to Christ were so many, a car couldn’t carry it. After that occasion, one night I was in the Camp thanking God because I had never seen anything like that before, you are a great God for something like this could happen in Nigeria of all places. Suddenly, I heard between 2am and 3am in the night.

“Son, bend down” I bent down quickly because I didn’t know why He will ask me to bend down by 2am in the night. The Camp was a jungle then.

The Camp whether you know it or not was built in a place that used to be the Headquarters of witches and wizards, maybe one of them was flying past. I bent down and

He asked me to draw the figure of a man and I did, zero for head, one line for the body, line here line there for legs and hands. He told me to stand up and clean what I had drawn.

By this time I was trembling because I knew God was about to say something serious.

He said “Son, you are thanking me for what I have done, if you ever forget who is in charge I will wipe you out like you wiped out what you have drawn.

Nobody will even remember that you ever came into this world”. So when people say to me “Daddy you are so humble” do you think I am mad, you think I want to be wiped out? I hope you are listening? God said to King Saul ‘you were nothing.

I made you King and I sent you on an errand, you went there and began to do what you like. Okay, go back to where you are coming from’. When God has promoted somebody and He drops that somebody, you don’t just go back to the ground.

You go below. Before God picked up King Saul, at least he was a normal farmer’s boy. As soon as God dropped him, an evil spirit came into him. He became a mad person.
– What you will do to cause the Almighty God to drop you, you will never do it again.

Pastor E.A. Adeboye at RCCG February 2022 Thanksgiving Service


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