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Racksterli Review 2021

Racksterli is an investment program in Nigeria, which has paid a lot of people, people have earned millions of naira from this program, I have also been a beneficiary from the racksterli investment program.

Racksterli started about 2years ago, and a lot of Nigerians have invested and earn money from the program,  it was founded by a celebrity in the fitness industry, called Blackgold, the way the program work is very simple and flexible, all you need to do to make money from it, is to share post to facebook, whatsapp and other social media platforms, you can also earn money on racksterli by referring others.

Sometimes ago, Davido a popular Musician in Nigeria also endorse racksterli, which make many people to believe in the program and invest their money into it, so as to earn money on the lonrgun.

The good thing about this program is, they make it so flexible for Nigerians, that they can run it at their own comfort zone, anywhere from their mobile phone, racksterlin runs 9 different packages, by which people can invest and earn bigger returns after a month.

Below are the packages available in racksterli program;

  1. Standard package – 14,000 to earn 21,660 in 30days.
  2. Premium package – 28,000 to earn 44,460 in 30days.
  3. Platinum package – 56,000 to earn 88,920 in 30days.
  4. Gold package – 112,000 to earn 177,840 in 30days.
  5. Diamond Package – 280,000 to earn 444,600 in 30days.
  6. Ruby package – 560,000 to earn 848,388 in 30days.
  7. Emerald package – 1,120,000 to earn 1,690,000 in 30days.
  8. Pearl package – 2.800,000 to earn 4,177,340 in 30days
  9. Jasper Package – 5,000,000 to earn 7,379,600 in 30days.

Above are the packages available in racksterli to any interested investor, recently they change their name to Goldomc.

A lot of people have been asking me, is Racksterli a scam?

No! It is not  a scam, I also invested and got my income from the program, and I know many people who got big money from that program too, so it is not a scam.

Racksterli Investment Office

(91) · Internet marketing service
Chevron Drive & Alternative Rte Lekki
Open ⋅ Closes 7PM.

But the next Question on the mind of many people is; what exactly is happening to Racksterli right now?

The CEO of Racksterli said, they are in big financial crisis at the moment, that the best they can do is to make a refund to every investor, that is to return the capital invested, and this will take some period of time, as it can not be immediately, you can also follow update via their social media handle and via your email address, with which you registered with the company, but as at the time of writing this review, racksterli is no longer paying, so you should not make any investment at the moment, if there be further update, it will be published and updated here.

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