-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘THE NECESSITY OF DIVINE DIRECTION’.
Dunamis International Gospel Centre.
Combined Service, Glory Dome.

Psalm 82:5
This morning before we receive the anointing, we are looking at:
It’s our month where we are connecting divine direction in order to overflow in glory and overflow in grace. Our objective this morning is to understand why it is necessary to have direction from God. Why is it necessary to hear from God?


There are vital, indispensable necessities of the physical life such as eating, drinking, bathing, walking, resting after work… These are vital, indispensable necessities of life. You have to eat, you have to drink water, you have to bath, you have to walk, you have to rest when necessary. Nobody begs you to eat or to drink except something is wrong. Now, physical life can actually be endangered when the physical necessities are ignored.

When somebody is not eating as he should or drinking or bathing and so on and so forth, physical life is in danger, it is in jeopardy; life is physically doomed and as it is in the physical, so it is the spiritual. It was Morris Cerullo of blessed memory who said, “all truths are parallel.”

In the spiritual, there are vital indispensable necessities of the spiritual life that the spiritual life can’t do without like studying the Word, praying, hearing God – very, very indispensable. A person’s life both spiritual and physical and career can be doomed because he couldn’t pray, study the Word and he couldn’t hear God.

We are going to be looking at examples of people in scripture who heard God and how necessary it was for them to hear God. I’m going to look at five examples very quickly:

1). Abraham.
Abraham through hearing God moved his life from stagnation and frustration to celebration (Genesis 12:1-5). Beloved brothers and sisters, the truth of the matter is, nobody would have heard that Abraham existed if he didn’t hear God.

Also in Abraham’s case, if you look at Genesis 22:1-17, through hearing God, Abraham was able to do the right thing by offering the ram instead of his son Isaac when it was time to offer Isaac. You know, the first thing Abraham heard from God was to go to the Mountain of Moriah and God will show him one of those mountains there where he would offer his son.

Abraham got to the Mountain of Moriah, he lifted up his sword to slash his son and God said from Heaven; “hold it, don’t kill the boy. Now I am convinced that you fear me.”

Question I will ask you is: supposing Abraham didn’t hear God at that point and the only thing he heard was the last thing he heard; “go and kill your son.” Isaac would have gone for nothing.


That is why it is not only necessary to hear God yesterday, it is important to hear God today because God can adjust instructions based on conditions. He gave an instruction before but your condition, the situation of things around now makes Him to adjust the instruction.

There are people who say they heard God but they did the wrong thing they heard from God because God is saying something else now. I am telling you the necessity of hearing the voice of God. Isaac could have been gone for good if Abraham did not hear God. There are many pastors in ministry today, there is so much frustration in ministry because the last time they heard God was 20 years when they were entering ministry. After that, they heard nothing again and they have been working with old instructions meanwhile there is a currency of instruction they are not aware of.
– I prophesy to somebody here today, your ears shall be opened and you shall hear what God is saying to you now!

2). Isaac through hearing God, Isaac was able to avoid the error of travelling in the wrong direction (Genesis 26:1-4). God perceived in His heart that he was trying to make a move towards Egypt. God saw that he was having a temptation; “Nigeria is so hard, let me move to America.

Nigeria is so tough, let me move to Germany. Everything is so bad, let me move to UK” and then, Isaac was contemplating and God who saw the heart, He said; move not down to Egypt. I know that everybody is getting green card, everybody is doing visa lottery, everybody is moving now, people are checking out. Don’t make that move.

Dwell in this land which I will tell you of. Sojourn in this particular land where there is dryness and I will be with you here and I will bless you, for unto you and unto your seed, I will give all these countries here and I will perform the oath which I sware unto Abraham your father (Genesis 26:1-4, 12-14).

If you can hear God, you will be envied where others are pitied. Beloveth, don’t achieve motion based on situations; achieve motion based on revelation. Let revelation fuel motion. If you are ever going to make a move in life, let it be because God said something. Don’t let circumstances cause you to make moves.

I met a man in the UK about 7 or 8 years ago and that man had lived there for thirty something years, he was 60 something years, a professional and this man said, he was ashamed to go back home because he had nothing to go home to meet after thirty years and there was nothing in the UK. He had no house there after thirty years; none there and none at home.

Now, the cheapest place to get a house is abroad; UK, US because you get it on credit – mortgage and then they are removing the money every month. You can be paying for thirty years. Here you have to buy it raw now. Yet after thirty years, he had nothing. Your success is not in a destination, it is in a revelation. Your fulfillment in life is not necessarily in a particular location. It is in a revelation.

How many moved their destiny out of relevance, everybody wants to go to Canada. Supposing your life assignment and destiny is in Nigeria and they gave you free residency permit in Canada or UK, what is residency permit without destiny fulfillment, what is green card without a green light to fulfill your destiny? What do you want out of this life? It is very critical that you don’t move by sight; move by light. If only you will agree to move by light and not move by sight, you will gain your height. Some people are wondering why things are not working, why are things so tough? Why is it that they are either in a wrong business, location, connection? Something is wrong somewhere.
– This month, you will hear God and hear Him clearly!

The blessing that we saw in verse 12-14, we’ll never have seen it. Isaac sowed in that land and received in the same year… If Isaac had moved to Egypt, that blessing will never have been seen (Psalm 133:1). There is a place for your commanded blessing. There is a location for your commanded blessing and if you are in another location, you’ll just waste your life.
– You will not be wasted!

3). Prophet Samuel, through hearing God, he was able to pour the right oil on the right head. He was able to escape the trap of assumption. Through hearing God, he was able to do the right thing, he was able to do the will of God (1 Samuel 16:1-13). Men look after the outward appearance; people look at countenance; God look at content.

There are many people who married container; fine, tall, dark, good colour, money, he can walk “gengenlously” and then when they got married, they realized the walking step couldn’t help the marriage. People are busy looking at container but I’m looking at content. People are busy looking at the moment but I’m looking at the future.

Supposing the oil was poured on the head of Eliab, what would have become of Israel? – Disaster, destruction. Many of us poured out oil on the wrong heads and that oil can represent anything. You put your money in the wrong business because you didn’t hear God. When God said to Samuel, get to the house of Jesse and I’ll show to you, Samuel hurriedly concluded that. Many of us move by assumptions because of bankruptcy of revelation and when revelation is scarce, assumption is abundant.
– You will never miss it!

Lift your right hand and say;
“In the name of Jesus, I receive grace, I receive direction. I shall not miss it. I will not miss it. I cannot miss it in the name of Jesus!”

4). King David. I have so many things to tell you about King David. May years ago, Papa Oyedepo preached a message titled: “A Conqueror trait secret” and that secret was a secret of receiving direction from God using David. Every single time you’ll hear David enquired of the Lord. When the Amalekites attacked him, he enquired of the Lord (1 Samuel 30:1-20).

David escaped many traps and snares of the enemy by direction. There are many people who died before their time, not because the devil was too wicked. Not because God was not merciful but because they failed to hear.

The most striking one for me for David happened in 1 Chronicles 14:8-17. Every time you get a fresh mantle, the enemy will attempt a fresh battle. New levels; new devils.
– Every devil looking for you in this 2022, they only came to die. Every witch and every wizard who came to try a prophetic declaration, an announcement over your life this year, they only came to die!
– I prophesy to somebody here, you are about to get a master breakthrough. Where the devil think he wants to engage you in warfare, it is your place of master breakthrough!

One thing you must give the devil an award for is tenacity. “Where are you coming from?” “To and fro, from Job to Job.”
– I speak to someone by prophecy, Jehovah shall go before you in the battle in this season!
Look at your neighbor and say;
“Please don’t depend on human experience. Experience can fail but direction can’t fail.”

Many of us, experience finished us; the experience of somebody or our own previous experience and God is saying to you, “it is not so. You don’t know what mystery the enemy is employing at this time. Let me give you a different strategy, it is the same enemy, same location but there has to be a change of strategy and approach for this particular situation.”

Many people entered the trap of marriage; marriage to method, tradition, approach and because of that they ended up in frustration but David broke it by direction and revelation.
– You will break it in the name of Jesus Christ!

5). Paul the Apostle. This to me is one of the most striking cases of direction in the Bible; direction and also taking direction for granted.

Paul the Apostle was a man that from his call (Acts 9:3-10) received his ministry by divine direction and continued the same ministry by divine direction.

Acts 16:6-7
It is possible for the Holy Ghost to forbid a person to preach the Word. As good as preaching the Word was, there was a place where he couldn’t preach because the Holy Ghost said, “don’t preach here.” Is not true that we want to preach everywhere and the Holy Ghost said; “don’t preach here? One place, God told him they won’t accept my witness here, move. How many times do we waste energy doing what we thought was God but God was not in it?

Can you imagine somebody wanted to preach and Holy Ghost is saying don’t preach here? There are people we laid hands on, we are not meant to lay our hands and there are people who got their lives complicated by some people they tried to pray for. One day, Papa Oyedepo said they went to Japan and began to preach and the anointing of the service was so heavy the interpreter was crying while interpreting and all of a sudden, he felt God is leading them to Japan.

Somebody already provided a building, facilities, everything was ready. The need was so enormous. While he got ready to move, God said, “even though the need is massive here, you are not the one I’m sending there.” Building is ready, people are ready, anointing was heavy. He said that was when he realized that we should not mistake a need for a call. It is possible the need is accurate but are you called to meet that particular need?

Jesus saw the man at the Beautiful Gate because that was the Temple He was preaching and telling people, destroy this Temple, I will raise it in three days. He saw that man, the crippled man, he didn’t branch near him to touch Him for prayer. He moved, He saw the paralysed man and healed that one. He passed and entered the Temple as if He was not the Messiah, He passed until He resurrected and left but the man was healed later by somebody Jesus imparted whose name is Peter.

Why did Jesus not heal the man? Two reasons: not you and not now. Many of us think it is we all the time and we also think it must be now all the time. As good as good things are, there are good things that God will ask you not to do by virtue of His own will.
– You will not miss your direction!

Acts 18:5
This was a man that was familiar with leadings but listen, as familiar as Paul was with leadings, he took a decision that almost killed him before time. On your spiritual journey, never be overconfident at any time of anything. Paul took a decision that almost took his life before time. What was that decision? “I must go to Jerusalem.” (Acts 20:22-24). The Bible says His commandments are not grievous.

Acts 21:10-14, Romans 9:3, Galatians 2:7-8, Romans 11:13
The moment Paul arrived Jerusalem, he was carrying a man by the name Trophimus whom they saw and when he entered the Temple, they shouted help, people help! This man that is troubling us all over the world has just appeared and now he has brought Gentiles into the Temple to defile the Temple. That was how he was carried.

Before then, some people told Paul that the Jews have been planning for you. They are waiting for you. So you know what? Scrap your head and do all the rites of purification. Paul that was a celebrity among the Gentiles, here he became a nonentity, scrapped his hair and entered into the Temple. They almost kill him, then the Centurion, the leader of the band arrived and rescued him because he heard that he was a Roman citizen.

Paul, the fact that you are Pharisee before does not mean your ministry must be with the Jews. You are not the one to determine where to minister to. That is one mistake that some people make; “Oh I was formally of the other religion and so, I have repented now. So God is leading…” It is not compulsory but Paul was insisting. When they dealt with him, they dealt with him (Acts 23:12-22)
– You will never miss it!

Beloveth, learn from Apostle Paul that if you know how to hear God, you can also miss God if you get overconfident of your abilities.

1). You must hear God to avoid the traps and snares of destruction. It is critical that God speak to you to avoid the traps and snares of destruction.

2). To avoid running life in the wrong direction. We must hear God, we must receive from God so that our lives are not run in the wrong direction.

There are so many people, what is wrong is not the devil, it is just that they are facing the wrong direction. They are pursuing the wrong thing expecting to arrive at the right destination.

3). To avoid pouring energy and effort in the wrong direction.

4). To avoid putting or investing resources in the wrong endeavours. It is necessary to hear God, not every business is your business.

5). To avoid the tragedy of the wrong association. Many people have been destroyed by wrong association, wrong hands laid on heads, wrong oils poured on people.

I was going to associate with one man, I will not go into the details, many years ago to the point of I want him to come and then one night in a revelation in the night, I saw the man standing and I saw a big snake standing by his side. The same height with him, same size and head and the man looked at me and said, “see this snake, we are together. I’m close to him. If you need anything from him, let me know.” I said, “What! You and the snake are together? On your mark, get set, move!

I woke up in the morning and told my wife, I said this is what I saw concerning so and so. It is not like an African man that you will say it is black magic and I told my wife, God loves us so much. He doesn’t want us to connect and associate with the wrong person.

There are people who stepped on some altars and dried up that altar. There are music ministers who sing everywhere, even a herbalist can invite them, they will go.

At the end of the day, they are only making noise. Why is that we are only hearing frequently that Somebody’s song was sang and the dead was raised. We need to hear that frequently or somebody had an encounter by a particular song. All we are hearing is singing without impart, without lives changing.

To avoid the tragedy of wrong association, God will show you in a dream, in a revelation or an audible voice or even the witness of the Spirit, this person can’t be your friend. That person can’t lay hands on you. You know if you put a Jonah in your ship, it will sink your ship.

One employee that is wrong in your organization is enough to close down the business.

6). To avoid existence in confusion and uncertainty. What can I do with my life? To avoid that, we must hear from God

7). To avoid functioning in assumption or living by experience.

😎. To avoid existence without expectation. You are looking forward to nothing because you didn’t hear anything from God. To avoid that, we need to hear from God.
– You shall not miss God!

For the information of every member of Dunamis Church, the whole of the month of January is dedicated to hearing from God. What is the profit of hearing God?
– I announce to you today, before this month is over, your ears shall open and your eyes shall open and your understanding shall open and you shall both know and hear and experience what God wants you to do with your life!

1). Be His sheep (John 10:27). Don’t assume you are a Christian; you are a Christian. Be genuinely born again (John 10:3-4).
– You will know His voice from today!

It is the privilege of sheep and of sons to hear God.

2). Be desperate for His Voice (Hosea 6:3). If you desire direction from God like you desire water or food, David longed for the waters of the well of Bethlehem and he got it. God will leave you to do without what you are willing to do without. If you are willing and ready to do without hearing from God, He will leave you without hearing Him. It is when we come to the point where I can’t do without this matter, I will stand upon my watch and I will watch to hear – that’s desperation what He will say (Habakkuk 2:1).

Coming up as a Christian, every time I needed direction on a critical issue, it is a desperate three days fast, that is food eliminated, water deleted. “Lord, what are you saying?” In fact including the date of marriage, after I found who to marry, when is the right time for this wedding to happen.

For He makes all things beautiful in His time. It took a waiting on the Lord for direction. People are marrying without asking God. We live in a very careless generation, so people are just living recklessly and things are just happening dangerously but that will never be your portion!

One of the things that I feared most in life was to miss God. So as a young Christian, I was very desperate. “Lord, any other thing can happen but please, don’t let me miss You” and you will not miss God!

3). Be connected to the Spirit. Hearing from God is a function of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit was not only given to us to give us a prayer language, the Holy Spirit was given to us to give us direction (Romans 8:14). So the sons of God are privileged to be led by the Spirit of God (Luke 4:1, 1 Corinthians 14:2).

When you are speaking in tongues, you are speaking in an unknown tongue. You are speaking mystery (Hidden secrets). Inside that secret may be who your wife or husband is and if you continue to pray with expectation, the time will come where your spirit man becomes radiated with revelation. At that point, you flow effortlessly with tongues and interpretations.

If you know how to pray abundantly in the Holy Spirit, it is hard to miss direction.
Stand up your feet!

Lift up your hands and just appreciate Him for the Word. Father, thank You for Your Word to me today.

Pick up your bottle of oil and lift it up. Begin to speak to God what you are trusting God for; fresh fire, fresh oil.

Psalm 92:10
– Speak to God and tell Him what the anointing is to do for you today.
Father I speak into these bottles of oil; I speak fresh oil, fresh fire, fresh healing, deliverance, restoration, breakthrough (1 John 2:20). I prophesy that by this unction today, every one in need of direction, revelation, everyone looking for an instruction on what to do with your life or the next step to take, they are hereby released in the name of Jesus!
– Every spell of confusion, frustration, lack of direction; I declare it destroyed now in the name of Jesus!
– I decree the release of needed direction, needed revelation, needed liberation and deliverance right now!
– It is our year of overflowing grace and overflowing glory. By the reason of this anointing in your life, family and destiny, grace shall overflow and glory shall overflow!
– Every family, location, venue, address, individual, where this oil is poured, the theme of this year shall answer!
– That water that I saw flowing; healing water, liberation water, deliverance water; your portion of it is released now in the name of Jesus!
– Every other thing that is a bondage or a yoke in your life that has not been mentioned, by reason of this anointing, it is broken!
– HIV positive is becoming HIV negative. Hepatitis positive is becoming Hepatitis negative. SS is changing into AA. Cancer is dying right now in Jesus precious name!


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