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If you are in Nigeria and you are inot rabbit farming Business, you probably would have heard of Bella rabbit world, a company that buys rabbit from people, at various age and offtaker rabbit in large quantity, they also buy rabbit poo and urine from farmers, they run various schemes and sell rabbit feed to their customers, recently a lot of people i brought into the business have been asking me, what exactly is happening to Bella rabbit world, and why they have not heard anything from him which makes many people unable to sell their rabbit and even confused as regard the state of our infant rabbit industry in Nigeria.

WEll, today i have an update for everyone, which is from bella rabbit world directly, this will let you know, what is going on with him, and what he is doing to handle the situation and move to the next phase.

In the last 6months, devil touched my life and what I stood for in this world to the level that I was brought down from the ladder of success to almost zero level. I silently fought the battle spiritually and otherwise, but I didn’t have headway. I had no option then than to switch off my phone and attempt suicide mission because I didn’t see any way forward out of my current predicament. I, Samson Olawale Ogunwole that was well known in raising people up then now became subject of ridicule. Bella that used to empower old women in rabbit industry with minimum of N200,000.00 every month from my monthly banking salary is now jobless with a failed company. All these thoughts made life to be worthless but thank God for few people that visited and counselled me during depression period. To worsen the matter, my company with over N90Million worth now became a company that Rescue Team struggle to mobilize just N3million for its survival. I now became an helpless man that was detained in police custody for almost a week for the kind of amount that I used to assist people. The more I think about my past achievements, the more I become devastated. Please, I never pray to beg for money in my life because I used to have abundance which I use to empower youths and old people but I need to accept fate for now. I, Samson Olawale Ogunwole, want to use this medium to inform you that the Rescue Team Group has mobilized the sum of N815,000.00 out of N3 million they budgeted to revive my company. Please, this request is very shameful of me and I don’t have any moral justification for it but I decided to swallow everything that I stand for to please beg everyone to assist me to stand again and put the devil into shame. My matrimonial home is almost collapsed if not totally collapsed on this same issue. Kindly help me out of this predicament with any amount so that my company can resume into full operation.

Please if you want to help me out financially,
you can credit Rescue Team Account of Mr Paul Olabanji
First Bank


May God bless you as you bring me out of this mess. You can also pchat me after crediting his account to show appreciation. No amount is too small.

Then as it today, 24th of September, bella send another message of hope, and here is it….

Good morning to our loyal Bella Feeds’ Customers,
This is to appreciate you for your prayers, financial supports, concerns and loyalty. With your supports, I am glad to inform you that the Rescue Team has bought a brand new Pelleting Machine for our factory while the Team expects more supports to refurbish 2 faulty Pelleting machines out of my 6 faulty machines in order to revive the company and give us opportunity to start repaying our dear Investors.

Words of mouth cannot express how grateful I am for this kind of uncommon help. In fact, this way out looks like a dream and beyond my imagination.

With relatively stable power supply, a gift of brand new machine and expectation to refurbish 2 faulty Pelleting machines for me, I can confidently say that the company will quickly bounce back better in a short period of time. The price of Rabbit Feeds will also crash in the country while the company will also have the opportunity to produce a wider range of other animals feeds beyond Rabbit Feeds. Prior to this crisis, Bella Rabbits World had almost perfected every arrangements to export Bella Feeds to neighbouring African countries that are already demanding for it; however, with your current supports, the company’s vision will be realised soon.

As the company bounces back with high quality feeds at a lower cost of production now, the price of animal feeds will surely crash and abundant regular feeds supply will be guaranteed to meet the market demand.

What I need from you now is your continuous prayers, loyalty, more financial supports to refurbish the 2 machines at CAPSFEEDS.

The Rescue Team’s achievement so far is as a result of your great love for me and uncommon Trust that I will never betray by God’s grace. Without you, I am nothing. Without your words of hope and assurance, I might not see the reason to come out of depression and drop the idea of suicide as a way out. You all brought light into my life when I needed it much. Although, a lot of people betrayed my trust in them. In fact, they were at the fore front of false information on social media that Mr. Samson has ran away from the country with Investors money. Above all, Almighty God has used my loved ones among my numerous customers and business partners to lift me out of the shadow of death and put devil into shame. I strongly believe that I will come out stronger than expected by God’s grace.

I also give thanks to almighty God that despite the current challenges facing the company, the demand and the eager to get Bella Feeds is increasing on a daily basis. As a responsible company, we don’t want to take your brand loyalty for granted; by God’s grace, in few days to come, Bella Feeds will be very much available in every part of the country at a very affordable price. Kindly bear with us.

More importantly, I still want to plead to those people who intend to help out in order to refurbish the 2 faulty machines which Rescue Team had taken to Capsfeeds for refurbishment but there is no available funds to pay. The total estimated funds is N3 Million for the Rescue Mission but the Team realized N1.7 Million plus so far that was used to buy the new machine even with a debt of N100,000 plus to settle CAPSFEEDS for the new machine.

Thanks for your love, support and concern.

This is all we have at our disposal for now.

We pray that God should help him to get back on his feet soon, I also believe by now, he must have learn his lesson,s Agriculture and Farming Business is not something you do with a lot of investors money, even if the business did not crash, larger percentage of your money will be going out to your investors and at the end of your Business year, you will be surprise that, you almost did not make any progress, because you have investors that take away the profits.

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