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In any nation, there is a need for leaders. Leaders to coordinate and enhance the affairs of the occupants of the nation. Everyone may have the ability to rule; but certainly, everyone cannot rule, to prevent chaos and conflicts. Even in animal kingdom; there is a leader, revered by other animals. Though, all the animals are fierce and have the ability to combat each other but they show deference to the ordained king and leader of the animals, the lion.

If this form of organization is exhibited by the animals, the lower creature, it is imperative for human, the higher animals, to have a more coordinated and a more specialized form of governance. Leadership is one of the characteristics of humans; there are forms and systems through which leaders are appointed.

The mode of choosing leaders in the past used to be by: affluence, superiority, family history and other noble accolades. Anyone from these criteria is fit to be a leader of his or her locality.

As the earth evolves, changes erupt as a result of education; this has greatly affected the mode of leadership selection. In this modern and civilized world, where everyone is educated and well oriented, the obsolete method or system of choosing leaders are now jettisoned. There are different forms of choosing leaders and forms of government.

One of such is the Republican system of government; the government of the people, for the people.

A republican system of government is the system of government that vests the power of sovereignty in the people; that is, people rule directly or indirectly. In this system of government, the people give power to leaders they chose through a free and fair election to represent them and serve their interest.

This system of government recognizes the interest of the masses and operates in accordance to the whims of the masses through the representative the people gleefully chose to be at the hem of their affairs. This system secures the interest, right to life, liberty and property of the people. In this system, leaders are selected based on the wills and perception of the people through an electoral process.   


In every system of government, there are distinct features that define the system. These features identify and portray the image of the system. There are basically three (3) characteristics of a republican system of government. These characteristics are:


  1. Fairness: the system was built on love and kindness. It is believed that the laws made by the representatives would be fair and humane; as their appointment was based on love. They were appointed to serve with the eye and mind of the masses.
  2. Common welfare: one fascinating feature about this system is that; it satisfies the interest of the masses. Its policies favor the masses.
  3. Freedom and prosperity: In this system, people have great freedom to whatever they feel is good for them and not, in anyways, distort the peace of the community. All the policies constituted are meant to facilitate a prosperous lifestyle for the masses.

The republican system of government is a system where the appointed leaders gain the love of the masses. They are open and easily accessible to the masses.

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