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-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
Third Pre-Shiloh Encounter Service

  • God owes you nothing.
  • Does He owe you a job?
  • Does God owe you preservation?
  • Does He owe you protection?
  • Everything working in your life is a gift.
    We live in a Kingdom that operates in mysteries. That is Kingdom secrets. Mysteries are not mystics; mysteries are simply Kingdom secrets. The secrets of God are with them that fear Him and He will show them His covenants – Psalm 25:14, Job 29:4, Job 1:3
    Secrets! God has secrets and unto us who are saved, is given to us to know the secrets or the mystery of the Kingdom of God – Mark 4:11
    To others, they are mere stories, “what are they talking about?”
    The preaching of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but it is the power of the God to us who are saved – 1 Corinthians 1:23. It is so real, that they are confused.
    We understand that praise is one of the hiding places of God’s power – Habakkuk 3:3-4
    The earth was full of His praise, then He revealed the hiding place of His power through the mystery of praise. All those fellows that took delivery of their miracles, they tuned in to thanksgiving as commanded in order to take delivery of their desires, because thanksgiving is the only acceptable covenant signature for taking delivery of your parcels from Heaven.
    Philippians 4:6, 1 John 5:15
    He hears what we pray but He delivers the answer through the mystery of thanksgiving.
    Let me tell you how the Holy Ghost helped me to catch the heart of God.
    “God, even if you don’t do anything more, You have tried”: 🎶🎶E ba mi gbe Jesu ga ooo, Oba nla, Oba to ga ni (Join me in lifting Jesus high, He is the Almighty King, most High King) 🎶🎶 Years ago, I said that.
    “You don’t need to do anything to be God. You are God, whether You do anything or not.”
    Do You know how much things He did? Did God owe you your breath? It’s a gift.
    He owes you a job?
    God owes you nothing. Everything working in your life is a gift.
    Does God owe you preservation? Does He owe you protection? God owes you nothing.
    You say, “He has done not done anything”: You woke up this morning, you don’t know how many angels He dispatched to watch over you against the arrows of the wicked, flying from your village and from your community.
    Your most valuable asset and my most valuable asset is Life that only He gives and only He can preserve.
    You say, “He has not done anything”
    Salvation is an election of grace. It is not that you are very smart, that’s why you got saved. You are in God’s predestination agenda. He chose you and me before the foundation of the world. What did you do to be chosen? Some are very brilliant but they can’t receive salvation. Their brilliance took them away from the Saviour and they are suffering day and night pretending to be okay. Everything about you is all of grace. Everything about me is all of grace, so be ye thankful.
    He said, “let everything that has breath”, you don’t need to have any other thing, “praise the Lord”, because He is the One that is holding your life in place – Psalm 150:6
    Without your life, what do you have? What is the ambition of a dead man? What is his vision, what faith does he need? It is the end of the end.

God’s power is unleashed through the mystery of praise. You want to see the power of God?
Psalm 92:10 – I shall be anointed with fresh oil, through the mystery of praise.
It is the hiding place of His power.
-You won’t miss that forever in the name of Jesus.
The sacrifice of thanksgiving is an altar of supernatural turnaround – Psalm 116:17
I will secure His attention when I offer unto Him. The thing is not here, I know it is mine according to Your Word…then you secure His attention.
“Make them sit down in 50s”: there was nothing on the ground.
Thomas must have been saying, “Master, you are spoiling the show today. For them to sit down, where is the food?”
Phillip said, “I told Him we don’t have anything, but…”
Jesus: Father, I thank You. Baskets of food landed from Heaven, right before them. Food!!! They ate and ate.
I can’t see it but I thank You because it is there.
When they opened the tomb, everybody had to put mask because he was already stinking. Jesus said, “I thank You because You have heard Me.”
The sacrifice of thanksgiving, an altar of supernatural turnaround.
Lazarus come forth: with his stinking body, Lazarus came out of the grave – John 11:44
After you have made your demand, then switch on to thanksgiving. You secure His attention for delivery. We are not going into long range teaching…you are going to see the hand of God raw in your life.
“You have been running around all this time, see your situation”: stop that nonsense. I don’t have a situation, I have a solution. I have Jesus at the centre of my life, balanced solution provider for all human needs.
On the other hand, our sacrifice of praise is a story changer.
Hebrews 13:15
The Lord commanded Abraham to offer a burnt sacrifice and he rose up early in the morning – Genesis 22:3,5
He wasn’t going sorrowing, “I know Him, He always knows what He is doing.” He was on a worship adventure when Heaven changed his story and received a generational sworn blessing forever. That blessing is still speaking in the natural Israel today and speaking in our lives who are spiritual Israelites, loud and clear. Out of his loins are arising kings in various endeavours of life up till today. It was a sacrifice of praise that changed the story of Abraham forever. It is a covenant story changer.
-May each one of us here today, receive grace to remain steadfast on the altar of sacrifice of thanksgiving and the altar of sacrifice of praise. Continually!!!
It’s only a mental case that will score 80 per cent and be crying. Okay what do you want to score? What do you want? A minus. No
Crying: “What happened?”
Response: I expected 99 per cent.
They will just hand you straight to Aro (Psychiatric Hospital), because there is no other way to treat the case.
If you check the percentage of grace at work in your life, you won’t be down for a moment. I said, “God does not owe you anything” and then you have everything, what are you talking about?
Say with me, “God owes me nothing.” Your entire existence is a gift.
You survived school, not all that went in there came out. It is grace.
All the people on drugs are on the road, just driving, yet He didn’t let them run into you. Thank God you are on the right track, what if somebody went on the wrong track, heading straight for your head. He kept them when they were coming, He said, No. He is the One that has kept you and me.
Let me ask you this question: How much is the percentage of your life to things.
John: The percentage of your life to accomplishment?
When He removes anyone’s life, what remains? You will say, “He has not done anything”
Whatever we cannot see with our eyes now, He is waiting for us to appreciate what He has done already. So celebrate Him for the evident grace that is on your life and then whatever remains is added without having to sweat over it.
-May you be addicted to a lifestyle of thanksgiving and praise as your Church has been since inception.
Everything here works, because we have succeeded in retaining His presence, with die hard attitude and praise…that keeps everything working in season and out of season.
In the year of lock down, when it was opened, we didn’t get what we got when it was locked down. We had, at His command, 10,000 Churches in the year of lock down. God keeps working in season and out of season.
Get out of connectivity that constantly murmurs and grumbles: “How are things?” Well, in our Church we must say it is all fine but let me tell you the truth. We have been friends for long, it is not fine.”
“Don’t say it is fine. Tell me the truth”
Evil communication.
-I pray that you are leaving the month of November registered in the realm where everything keeps working in the name of Jesus Christ
King David never lost any battle. We saw thanksgiving and praise as the secret behind his ever-victorious life.
Psalm 34:1 – I will bless the Lord at all times, in season and out of season
Psalm 92:10
I have found David my servant, with his addiction to thanksgiving and praise and with my holy oil have I anointed him – Psalm 87:20-23
He will always find someone in praise, no matter which corner of the world you are. He will always find someone who is genuinely in praise, whose gratitude is genuine, whose celebration is real, He is not faking it. He will always locate them and anoint them with fresh oil, above their enemies.
That’s why David never lost a battle.
Psalm 89:20 – I have found David on the altar of the sacrifice of thanksgiving and the altar of the sacrifice of praise. And with my holy oil I have anointed him, because it is the hiding place of my power. The enemy shall not afflict him anymore. I, God will beat down his foes before his face, I will plague all that hate him.
Psalm 89:24

  1. Thanksgiving is acknowledging God as the One behind every good thing in our lives.
    John 3:27, James 1:17
  2. It is ascribing all the glory to God for where we are today – 1 Corinthians 15:12
    Where you are, where I am is not our making, it is the grace of God in manifestation.
  3. It is the recounting of God’s goodness and loving kindness in our lives – Psalm 103:1,3-5
    You are bouncing every day like a 10-year-old, how? Are you that smart and you have complete knowledge of the body system? No, grace.
    -Many who are here today, as the Lord lives, if Jesus tarry, you will still be alive and bouncing at 90. You will be alive and jumping at 100, because a good old age is our heritage in redemption.
    Because the labourers are few, so God is out to preserve everyone serving Him in one capacity or the other and prayer is a lifelong service platform. Even when you don’t have the capacity to run around, you have the capacity to pray up at all times and share with those who come to visit you, “that see what the Lord has done for me: I don’t merit this. My little ones, you need Jesus.” Right there, you will still remain a fisher of men till the end of time.
    He said, “even in old age, they shall still bring forth fruits” – Psalm 92:14. We have that heritage in the Kingdom.
    -I pray no one here will miss out of it.
    When thanksgiving graduates to praise, the stage is set for wonders without number – Exodus 15:11
    He does fearful things in the midst of praises. You can’t be truly thankful and not become praiseful.
    Psalm 100:4 – Thanksgiving usually graduates into praise when it is genuine and heart rooted.
    It is time to get praise songs and begin to celebrate God with it, on a personal note, making melody in your heart to God and stirring the wonders of God in your life.
    -You will never miss it in Jesus name.
    When praise graduates to high praises, we invoke judgement on all oppositions on our path – Psalm 149:6-9
    There is a Word that triggers them to high praises, like you are having now. You are praising with the understanding of the wonders inside praise.
    Psalm 149:9 – That means this right applies to all the Redeemed. Every child of God has this right: to invoke judgement on their enemies through high praises.
    For instance, thou shall not suffer a witch – Exodus 22:18
    -Any devil bewitching your life, that is holding back what belongs to you, as you get into high praises today, judgement will answer on their heads.
    The devils may never give up without vengeance. Until God came down and slew all the firstborns of Egypt, Pharoah won’t let go – Exodus 12:12
    More often than not, God executes judgement before His children can access their inheritance.
    Exodus 4:23 – I must free my sons that are out to serve Me.
    It is by high praises we execute the judgement that is written.
    -Anything that won’t let you go must go down. Anything resisting your inheritance in Christ must go down for you.
    All those miracle conceptions, it is just God crushing the opposition. You can’t tell who has gotten sick, who has been slain among them now.
    With all your heart, with the understanding that you are executing judgement through high praises.
    No one hunting my life from the region of darkness will escape. I have known that long time, 1973
    Isaiah 54:17 – “…every tongue that rise against you, You shall condemn”, don’t wait for Me.
    🎶🎶I am dancing unto the Lord, dancing Hallelujah🎶🎶 – You better clear the way.
    🎶🎶I am dancing unto the Lord, dancing Hallelujah. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, dancing Hallelujah 🎶🎶
    When David danced with all His might, his mocker who happened to be his wife paid for it. How much more your enemies? His wife could not escape – 2 Samuel 6:23
    High praises: dangerous zone. It is a dangerous zone for the enemy. When it is time to dance, don’t just stand there and be like Queen Elizabeth returnee. It is not the kind of praise that you are sleeping while you are praising.
    🎶🎶I am dancing unto the Lord, dancing Hallelujah🎶🎶, then dozes off.
    How many heard me talk about High Temperature praise? Cold water can’t melt wax. Not warm water, hot temperature. Boiling temperature, the praise that you know that you praised. Not the one you are not sure of what happened.
    Not “see my leg”, after dancing Olympic order of dance. High temperature, it melts your enemy like wax.
    Psalm 68:1-2. Let the wicked perish at His presence, provoked by high praises, because God indwells in the praises of His people – Psalm 22:3
    Violent praise will provoke violent response from Heaven. They were shouting hosanna, He entered into the Temple and flogged them out – Matthew 21:13
    It wasn’t, “excuse me, can you go out?” He took a scourge, He didn’t even ask them, “what are you doing here?”
    Matthew 21:12 – He chased them all out.
    -Everything buying and selling inside your life, inside you, around you, in your business, in your body, under high praises, they shall flog out today.
    Give God thanks. What a good God we serve, what a wonderful God we serve, blessed be your name Jesus. Thank You today, thank You forever. There is none like You. Glory to the Father, in Jesus precious name. Hallelujah.

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