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What is The Billion coin (TBC)

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The Billion Coin is an alternative to the paper currency; as the world evolves, several developmental ideas sprout up to improve the daily life of people. The Billion Coin is a cryptocurrency, which simply means it is a digital or virtual currency. It is a direct opposite to the paper currency. There are other cryptocurrencies in existence; the likes of bitcoin, onecoin, litecoin, have been in use since the days of yore. Though not as popular and demanding as the conventional currency, the paper currency; it is location specific.

The Billion Coin was launched on 21st of March, 2016; it is currently finding its space in the global market, competing heavily with other cryptocurrencies in the world. The Billion Coin is basically used for financial transactions just like how the paper currency is used for financial transactions. The Billion Coin can as well be used to buy items and pay for services, provided the recipient is willing and oriented about the use of The Billion coin.

The fascinating feature of The Billion Coin is that the value is directly proportional to the number of its users; the more the users the higher its value. The advantage of this currency over the conventional money is that it is of equal value; irrespective of the status of the holder or the country used. It is flexible and has a smoother platform of operation.

The value of TBC increases everyday by 1-5% and its value doubles every two weeks; TBC is currently one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world. It is currently gaining a warm welcome in the world.

The problem hindering the universal acceptance of cryptocurrency like TBC and others is the World Bank and other financial institutions. TBC is a coin that is mined by private investors; these investors thought of how to improve trading and lessen the gap between the rich and the poor because anyone can access the TBC and it has equal value universally. This led to the development of the cryptocurrency; the use of TBC globally will greatly affect the value and acceptability of the paper currency because people would warmly accept TBC. The use of TBC would greatly reduce, if not totally eliminate the use of paper currency, thus, making financial institutions like World Bank helpless and irrelevant. To nip this menace in the bud, financial institutions are greatly campaigning against the use of TBC and other cryptocurrencies for global transactions.

They call the TBC and other cryptocurrencies disparaging names to deteriorate the relevance of the TBC in the society. They go as far as sponsoring unscrupulous bloggers and journalists to write down the idea of TBC and other cryptocurrencies; they portrayed the TBC and other cryptocurrencies as Ponzi, scam and other repelling and offensive terms. All attempts are to deter the use of the TBC for trading; currently, it is illicit in most countries. This has greatly reduced its acceptability as most people are afraid to face the wrath of the law by using the TBC and other cryptocurrencies as a means of trading and other financial transactions.

However, looking at the idea of TBC, it looks like a good prospect that will balance the gap between the rich and the poor, and make trading more flexible. This is why the value of TBC increases on a daily basis. Despite the threat from the opposing law, people still deem it right to express their franchise with the use of the TBC.

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