Fried Rice and CHicken with Egg
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Nigeria is blessed with many unique features ranging from religion to culture, societal system, geographical location, language, economic power, human population and then FOOD.

If you ever find your way to Nigeria, one of the things you must look forward to enjoy is good food, Nigeria has a lot of food delicacy, both foreign and local ones.

If you are in Yoruba land, Igbo or hausa, you will be surprise to discover the food range across these 3 tribes varies, there are so many options to choose from, for instance; I am from the western part of Nigeria, the yoruba tribe and we have quite a number of food that comes from the yoruba people; these includes, amala and ewedu, iyan ati egusi, tuwo and gbegiri, eba ati ila, eko ati akara, moimoi, ekuru, eko.

The food liest is honestly endless, but today, I want to ask my readers, what is your favourite Nigerian meal?

Like i said earlier, we have many food in Nigeria, which are both local and foreign, what i mean by foreign is, food that was not originated originally from Nigeria, some of them are copied from other part of the world, though they have become our daily meal ow, making it look as if it came from Nigeria, but it is not from here.

Some of these food includes, Chinese rice, Jollof rice, Fried Rice, noodles, indomie, shawarma, Tea and Bread, Cake and Wine and lots more.

Let us see some of the food that is commonly found in Nigeria today, especially at various events and ceremonies;

Nigerian lady eating Fufu and Okra soup

So those are some of the Nigerian common food in occasion and party, but to me, they are our daily food in most eateries aswell.

My Favourite Nigerian food is Fried Rice and Chicken, especially peppered chicken with some dodo and fish sauce.

Most Nigerians eat Rice, both Fried rice, jollor fice and other form of Rice delicacy during festive period, especially Christmas celebration, that is when Rice is always available in almost every home with Christmas celebration comes Rice and chicken which as become a culture in the Nigeria of today.

What is your own favourite Nigerian delicacy? Kindly drop a comment below.

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